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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Viva los Republicanos

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  • JoAnn Schwartz
    Sorry, Cisco, but I call bullshit. To quote the Great Orange Satan; Was our military crippled in 2007? (here:
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2011
      Sorry, Cisco, but I call bullshit. To quote the Great Orange Satan; "Was our military crippled in 2007?"
      (here: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/11/21/1038814/-Was-our-military-crippled-in-2007 )

      Pentagon Budget in 2011: $712.655 billion

      With the failure of the Super Congress, the Pentagon is facing a $600 billion cut over 10 years, or $60 billion per year. That would be a $662.655 billion budget.

      Republicans and Pentagon officials are freaking out, claiming the cuts would "cripple" the agency.

      In 2007, the nation spent $603 billion on the Pentagon and the nation's wars. Adjust that for inflation, and the total is?

      $669.41 billion

      Was the nation's military crippled in 2007?


      Then they need to shut the f' up.

      Peace Out,
      "The vote you cast when you buy something is as important
      as the vote you cast in the ballot box."
      --- John Perkins

      Frank wrote:

      Due to Republican intransigence, here is what the committee's failure is expected to mean:

      "The Navy is likely to mothball 60 ships, including two carrier battle groups — a possibility that led Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert, the chief of naval operations, to testify that the cuts could "impact the fleet for 20 to 50 years." The Air Force might have to give up one-third of its fighters and a quarter of its long-range bombers, calling into question our nuclear deterrent. The Air Force chief of staff, Gen. Norton A. Schwartz, testified that the Air Force "may not be able to overcome dire consequences." And the Army is likely to have to give up nearly a third of its Army Maneuver Battalions — which is why the Army chief of staff, Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, has warned that the cuts would leave us with "an unacceptable level of strategic and operational risk." The cuts would also decimate the Marine Corps, leaving it "below the end strength level that's necessary to support even one major contingency," the service's commandant, Gen. James F. Amos, has warned."

      Viva los Republicanos!


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