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Our friend Theodor

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  • elfuncle
    I ve noticed that the Adorable Darling who is currently debating Sugar Cherubs in the Unthinkable Facility, fell for an old post by Theodor Grekenquist, who
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2011
      I've noticed that the Adorable Darling who is currently debating Sugar Cherubs in the Unthinkable Facility, fell for an old post by Theodor Grekenquist, who psychoanalyzed Rudolf Steiner, whereupon Theodor's trollhood was exposed by Diana, who says that Theodor is me pure and simple.

      But it's not quite as simple as that. Here is an extensive rant by Theodor from May 7, 2006, that was obviously not written by Yours Truly:


      To the best of my recollection, this particular post was trolled by Mike T, who later on ran off with, i.e. stole, abducted, another troll, namely one of our female moderators -- I've forgotten her name. A security breach obviously, it could have been a lot worse: Mike T could have abducted Theodor, for instance, or taken over the entire AT group. Trolling is gambling, and if you pass your trolls around for everybody to play, anything may happen.

      As early as January 30, 2004, however, when this group was less than three months old, in its infancy, moderator Sophia Anarchosophia, who has also disappeared from us, removed Theodor, threatened to ban him, and deleted his messages -- a serious problem for our current research into the origin of TG.


      "Fri Jan 30, 2004 12:18 pm
      Sophia <anarchosophia@...

      Theodor Grekenquist is a notorious troll who has been removed. Next time he will be banned. Two threads (the one beginning with Mike's misplaced message and the other one beginning with Theodor's trolling) have been removed from the public archives.

      Sophia (moderator")

      From Theodor's scattered biographical notes, we know that he was treated at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Dehli by Dr. Masaro Delitsu for his multiple personality disorder. Dr. Delitsu didn't cure him, but he succeeded in reducing his personalities from the original 25 down to eight. This made Theodor healthy enough to help other people, and Dr. Delitsu sent him to a colleague of his at Oxford in England, Dr. Herbert von Bisselkahn from Hamburg, and the two of them became personal friends. Dr. von Bisselkahn then taught Theodor how to counsel recovering drug abusers, and during this practice, Theodor was introduced to Dr. Rudolf Steiner's works through a patient of his. The rest is history, how he discovered the Waldorf Basement Files and all that. It's all in the AT archives.

      I miss Theodor. I wish he was here so we could help him write some new posts, perhaps next trolling season 2012. At the moment, his prospects don't look too good, because I hear he's had a severe relapse and his personalities have begun to multiply again, like a runaway process, a psychological virus of sorts. If you read this, Theodor, please get in touch.

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