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The Pentagon's Nazi Tactics and the SCs

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  • elfuncle
    We Are Not Your Soldiers -- Check this out: http://www.wearenotyoursoldiers.org/?page_id=212 In the past ten years, the military has spent more than $33
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2011
      "We Are Not Your Soldiers" -- Check this out:


      "In the past ten years, the military has spent more than $33 million to design, launch, and advertise an online military game called 'America's Army' that anyone 13 and older can play for free. In some instances, you even have to contact the local military recruitment office to play. In a survey taken by the game's creators, it was found that 60% of new recruits played this game a minimum of five times a week."

      This is a tactic adopted from none other than Adolf Hitler. Instead of playing video games, the Hitler Youth were doing combat exercises, they played with toy tanks and toy cannons, mock trench warfare and so on, so by starting around age 13 in 1934, they were the best trained soldiers in the world at 18, when Hitler started the war in 1939.

      I just peeked into the Unthinkable Facility to see what the Sugar Cherubs are up to. They're extremely interested in the Nazi era, but this kind of stuff eludes them completely. Instead, they find it very important that Hitler and Steiner were both interested in the arts(!) You go figure.

      I've also noticed that the "expert historian" over there is practicing name-calling and insults against any participant in the nonsense going on there, who thinks favorably of Steiner and his works in any shape or form, and that Frank has pointed this out as a classic example of DD's double standard. And I must admit I'm surprised that any anthroposophist, or anthro-friendly person, with common sense, puts up with that stuff. Never mind the Adorable Darlings, they're the kind of fodder most suitable for the Abyss. They'll probably get their handful with present company.

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