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Re: The dark side of Norway

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  • elfuncle
    This is total hogwash. For the real facts about Hamsun, read the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knut_Hamsun Beyond that I can t help you much,
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 14, 2011
      This is total hogwash. For the real facts about Hamsun, read the Wikipedia article:


      Beyond that I can't help you much, because although Hamsun is still a very popular and widely read author and very highly esteemed in literary circles, he has never been my preference. Some of his novels have been made into movies and plays, like "Hunger" in 1966, which I remember well: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hunger_%281966_film%29. My dad once gave me "Mysteries" to read, but I got bored with it and didn't finish. I've always preferred the 19th century icons Henrik Wergeland, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson,of course Henrik Ibsen, and I would also ad Alexander Kielland.

      But although H'amsu never had any appeal to me personally, it doesn mean he wasn't an excellent writer for those who like him, writing movingly about love and suffering. There is no Nazi ideology whatsoever in his authorship. His support for the Nazis was motivated by his animosity against the British empire. This made him an important token cultural propaganda tool for the Nazis, a trophy (he had earned the Nobel Prize for literature in 1920) and throughout the war they kept him in the dark about the brutality and immorality of Nazism by making sure that the only news he read was a Nazi propaganda paper, which painted the movement and its goal very rosy and idealistic. So when the liberation came in spring 1945 and Hitler was dead, Hamsun wrote an article eulogizing Hitler as a great fallen leader, the salvation of Europe or something. And some dumb national paper ran this piece of his on the front page, enraging the public. (See the wiki article.)

      So he was arrested, and some Freudian shrinks interrogated him and his wife, in their late eighties, separately about their sexual fantasies and practices. Now THAT'S the dark side of Norway for you.

      Another aspect of the dark side of Norway is the despicable and shameful treatment of "tyskerunger" (="German-kids") in the postwar years. The young girls who had been unfortunate enough to fall in love with handsome German boys in uniform were shaved and dragged through the streets and spit upon. (Well, it was in France they dragged them through the streets, in Norway they dragged them through the woods.) And their half German children were treated like vermin by teachers and neighbors throughout their growing years. The luckier ones escaped, fled the country. One of these was the former Abba singer Frida Lyngstad, born in 1945. Her mom fled Norway for Sweden when Frida was two, fearing reprisals. Now that's Norwegian ugliness in a nutshell.

      This dude who has written that apparently brainless article is only babbling in the wind inspired by the recent massacre in Norway. Not worth paying any attention to whatsoever. It's trash.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Frank Thomas Smith" <fts.trasla@...> wrote:
      > While a part of th world is commemorating the 150th birthday of Rudolf Steiner, another part, Norway, is celebrating the 150th birthday of Knut Hamsun - Norwegian writer and Nobel Prize winner for literature. How do I know this? From an article in "La voz del Interior" a provincial newspaper of the provincial capital, Cordoba - where I live (the province, that is). The author, Salomon Wainberg, writes the following opening paragraph: "Nothing is accidental, everything has an origin. The massacre in Norway - which is causing emotion in the world these days - has to do with the geometrical growth of neo-Nazism, fed during years not only by the extreme right, but also by the [Norwegian] governments..." I won't translate the whole article, in which he laments the truth of the phrase: "you reap what you sow". It seems that Hamsun was a first class Nazi, war criminal in fact, according to this author. He welcomed the invasion of Norway by Germany, even dedicated his Nobel prize to Goebbels. In 1945 in a newspaper article he praised Hitler as "a warrior for humanity". He was arrested after the war and had to pay a fine because of his connection to fascist party of Norway, run by Quisling. The latter was executed. Etc. Anyway, they're celebrating his on Norway now.
      > I don't know if all this is true, but what say you, Tarjei?
      > Frank
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