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Etheric Heart Works

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  • dottie zold
    Morning Friends,   Had cause to consider today my back pain and I came to the heart at the center of the earth, as this is below the feet of the Soul in a
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      Morning Friends,
      Had cause to consider today my back pain and I came to the heart at the center of the earth, as this is below the 'feet' of the Soul in a sense. Pictures just forming in my thinking regarding not only the thought Frank Chester brings with 'we incarnate first with our hearts' and Lucifer's fall and the words in Genesis telling Lucifer 'and you shall now be under her foot'
      If we consider that the feet and the Magdalene we see yes indeed she has been raised, Lucifer has been raised in her, from below to above and this must have to do with the ascension of Lucifer in the sense that He too must return and beings he would have the most pain and suffering he too would have the greatest ascension when the time would, come and he would then take his place once again but in a new form, when we move through our development to the tenth hierarchy of the Good.
      Lucifer is the emerald gem that fell in ancient traditions. That emerald is directly linked to the heart. So Lucifer must rise in us..... so if he is rising through our chakra system we can note where we stand in each of our chakras, they are actually the 'roses' that speak to us in a way, it is a language that can not only be understood through our thinking, our experiences, but also can be seen on another, through the elemental nature in man... the body actually can and will show itself to speak  and this too is what DaVinci was painting when he was hiding various mystery elements in his painings in the body parts.....
      So this all leads me to where Lucifer is..... in nature as She is moving up through the bowles of the earth ..... got to be wondering if Anthroposophia is leading Luci as well.... must be must be I would think...
      Anyway, the heart at the center of the earth is gold but only when it is transformed into the new star
      My thoughts in this Sunday,

      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

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      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Time
      To: anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, July 16, 2011, 2:22 PM

      Now is today which will be yesterday and was once tomorrow.
      Time is nothing if not flowing into its own elements.
      Give and take time as you would a gift of roses to a loved one.
      They are all the red beauty of the world but will eventually,
      sooner than you like, wither and die. They lived a time,
      an instant, an eternity: it is the same.
      The earth is made of infinitely numerous specks of matter,
      each lovingly crafted and thrown together to form a solid
      living mass on which we can stride during the day when light
      pours on us, and lay our heads upon when the night spreads
      its warm dark quilt over our shivering bodies.

      The lone man is more alone
      than any icy star in the infinite heavens.
      He will shiver despite the quilt
      and the raging fire he has built
      by his side. Warmth can only come
      from the breath of human love
      blowing a breeze from the south: the heart.
      No warmth can come from the north: the head.
      Embrace the breath and feel its heat.
      Only then will the cool morning spring
      like a lamb in your loins.
      Keep faith with the lamb and the lion and the
      warm breath of the other sister or brother.

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