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  • Charlotte Cowell
      Taj: Absolutely, deceit is very romantic -- in fact, a powerful aphrodisiac.   Charlotte: Well, we re back to horses for courses as I find it a complete
    Message 1 of 114 , May 1, 2011

        Taj: Absolutely, deceit is very romantic -- in fact, a powerful aphrodisiac.

       Charlotte: Well, we're back to horses for courses as I find it a complete turn-off, trust is everything - deceit is in no respect the same as genuine mystery.

      Taj: I made a very strong effort to guide Diana into a Damascus experience as well an an Epiphany with lots of heavy Pauline Jesus stuff, I really did.

      Charlotte: You can lead a horse to water but....it's only right that he/she should only drink if they really feel thirsty, no mind if in the observer's opinion the need is beyond desperate. My guess is she 'knows' deep down but is suffering a lot for other reasons that make it almost unbearably painful to become more open. We all know that several people on that website have suffered - and are suffering - very sad personal circumstances. As have people on here - we all have our own way of dealing with things and guilt can be a terrible thing, it accounts for at least one crusade that's been launched from there.

      Taj: Devotion to spiritual study has its limits in a public circus with sworn enemies spying on you and spreading gossip about you all the time. 

      Charlotte: This is where I answer Dottie's claim about 'sensitivities'. We need to be much stronger, the armour of God is the ONLY protection against such enemies, but it's definitely true to say that one's' faith will be tested to an extraordinary degree - almost as much as Job's...

      Taj: That's why we've been forced to create the AT Counter-Intelligence Network. The Trolling Gazette was for voluntary recruits to our spy agency, a spy manual for Trolling School students. 

      Charlotte: I understand that sometimes it is only possible to face certain things with black humour, I get that way myself too, though not as often as I used to. I met some terrible, terrible 'trolls' - Christ haters - on Facebook and they sure do hit back with everything they've - trust me, I DO know what it's like, it is proper mud and s**t.

      Taj: Of course, one can pursue heavy esoterica also in a public forum like this one, but it means we have to be prepared for interruptions at any time, not only from enemies but also from anthro-wackos who suddenly pop up. 

      Charlotte: Actually, this doesn't feel like the place to pursue such a things - too many profanities by half - but it is good for people to make contact to help reinforce the over-arching spiritual cause, to fortify the group effort.

      Taj: Some wackos have in fact literally been released from mental institutions immediately prior to crashing the party at the AT. 

      Charlotte: THAT is pretty heavy....but in this case it is all the more important to keep the deceit to a minimum as they made need help 'getting out'. The door and the key are available but we need to keep the lights on in order for people to see the way forward out of the belt of lies, the sphere of illusions. The mantle of the Virgin is the only thing that can help - we're told this quite definitely.

      Taj: When I want to get deeply spiritual in my studies, I turn off the computer. Steiner once explained (in GA 177) that when electricity arrived, it actually drove spirituality out of human beings. 

      Charlotte: I agree wholeheartedly and 100% with this - i t's one of the reasons I'm having to quit the desk based job and why I shut down my Facebook account a few months ago. I'm still a PC addict but when I'll be working my way round to managing this better. The electricity, yep, it's not good, fact.

      Taj: So in cyberspace with ahrimanic elemental trolls and hostile holefolks from the Unthinkable Facility, you'll often have to lay your lofty astral-tripping aside

      Charlotte: I think it's perceived as lofty-ness, but actually it's more about down-to-earth turn the other cheekness where possible. If not possible, there are better 'weapons' to choose from - the light arsenal is infinitely superior, it just requires an immense amount of faith to use effectively. Light workers don't necessarily 'live long', there are martyrs for the cause in there, we know that too.

      Taj:  light-shy and demon-infested vermin from the deepest underbelly of the Abyss.

      Charlotte: let's just keep the doors locked against thieves, murderers and rapists, the biggest punishment is to be left on the outside.... 


    • elfuncle
      ... perhaps an Adorable Cherub, but I don t think he s really either. I think he s our first secular humanist fundamentalist. He expresses his views with such
      Message 114 of 114 , Jan 18, 2012
        --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "ted.wrinch" <ted.wrinch@...> wrote:
        > Tarjei has characterised Johan on WC as an Adorable Darling, or perhaps an Adorable Cherub, but I don't think he's really either. I think he's our first secular humanist fundamentalist. He expresses his views with such strength, and with such intransigence against all opposing views, that he's an oracle of secular humanism.

        He's supposed to be a riddle, an enigma, hard to define, impossible to understand. Obnoxious and irresistibly mysterious.

        > But, like Tom M, he seems unable to help himself throwing out interesting things amongst the chaos from time to time.

        Those are teasers, to keep them hooked and glued.

        > His latest post, accusing Alicia and Diana of being trolls (after accusing Janet Biel of being an eco-fascist!!. You can imagine Der Staudi's response :)) is one such and he references this fascinating Steiner critic blog that critiques the critics (this internecine warfare is starting to make my head spin). The authors are referring to our Diana, Alicia, Pete, and also another regular called Thetis Mecurio. Many of the abusive posts referred to as being on Alicia's blog have already been censored, as have these people, who have apparently been banned from the Alicias site, 'the Ethereal Kiosk'.

        He hates anthroposophy with a passion, he thinks it's extremely disgusting and reprehensible, dangerous and stomach-churning, Nazi and fascist and all that. Anthroposopphy is also eco-fascist, and Peter Staudenmaier is an eco-fascist agent for anthroposophy who is pretending to be a critic, and the others are his partners in crime.
        > An Open letter to all those identifying themselves as Steiner/Waldorf Critics.
        > 1. Do the critics generally approve of the aggressive behaviour of some critics towards people who've had negative experiences of the Steiner movement but whose methods may not be understood?

        Of course they do, no question about it.
        > 2. Do these people who apparently see themselves as gatekeepers of Steiner criticism actually represent the views of all critics?

        Their views are highly suspect.
        > We unfortunately have to report the fact that we have observed and experienced both passive aggression arising out of a self-protective "need" for anonymity which makes it very hard to call someone to account, and active aggression, which seeks to destroy that which it says it does not understand, by means of public mobbing behaviour.

        They are very aggressive, so he has to address that issue.
        > Either of these forces could have a very negative effect on anyone, but especially on families coming out of damaging scenarios at Steiner schools, where they experienced the schools' cultish, xenophobic, and often brutish behaviour.  Finding such aggression among those apparently `critical' of the awful behaviour of Steiner schools, could very well become a wounding force even worse than the original, due to the secondary nature of the wounding together with a reasonable expectation of finding, among those claiming to be critical of Steiner education, at least a fair hearing.

        That's the point: They're pretending to be critical of Waldorf while they're secretly working for its global dominance.
        > ...
        > It is shocking to have to flag up such behaviours in the critics, but it gets worse because in mobbing us, Alicia Hamberg has clearly positioned herself as a protector of Steiner Critics generally, with significant influence and the apparent power to "endorse" projects. In banning us and professing the need to warn others about us; she has acted as a Gatekeeper.

        There you go. They're Anthroposophists, Jesuits, Freemasons, and Fascists all of them, with gatekeepers and deceptions and a secret and dangerous totalitarian agenda.

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