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  • val2160
    Gareth Knight (amongst others) can help to explain of why theosophy leads western mystery
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2011
      Gareth Knight (amongst others)  can help to explain of why theosophy leads
      western mystery seekers on the biggest wild goose chase of their lives (monism
      vs theism) and has done more to confused esotericists than any other belief
      system. It's in his Experience of the Inner Worlds. VT also goes into it in

      Knight writes: "Both Marxism and Theosophy have a great spurious appeal as
      seeming to answer many questions by this agile topsy-turveydom. Unfortunately
      both are wrong - though this does not alter the fact that Marxism as a political
      philosophy came to dominate a third of the world and Theosophical monism
      dominates much of modern occult though.

      "It is not our task to try to judge why certain particular nineteenth century
      philosophical ideas should retain such a hold in modern times, though in the
      case of oriental monism and occultism its influences spread because a whole
      generation of occult students sat at the feet of Madame Blavatsky and imbibed
      her principles even if they later rejected some of her philosophy. They later
      taught others and so the basic assumptions spread - with various modifications
      to and arguments about the superstructure, but with entire theological
      foundations taken for granted and accepted unchallenged.

      "The whole Western occult tradition, which had followed an underground course
      for centuries, burst out into the open, only to be thoroughly mixed, swamped and
      diluted with eastern ideas deriving from hinduism and buddhism. The true occult
      heritage of the west stems, however, along with the religion of the west, from
      Christian and Judaic tradition - or rather from revealed as opposed to natural

      "If one examines the points in western history where the occult tradition rose
      to the surface - in fourth century gnosticism, twelfth century holy grail
      tradition, seventeenth century rosicrucianism, medieval alchemy - one finds a
      Christian orientation, or failing that, a Jewish or Islamic, all three of which
      stem from the revealed religion of the old testament. It is important therefore
      that we draw a distinction between revealed and natural religion. In short,
      natural religion is man's approach to God, whilst revealed religion is God's
      approach to man".

      Steiner says that Jews ought to disappear  into the surrounding peoples. He does
      not say that the Germans ought to disappear into the surrounding peoples. On the
      contrary, Steiner frequently emphasized the ongoing crucial spiritual tasks of
      the German people, in stark contrast to the Jewish people, who have been
      obsolete for two thousand years. Jews have to abandon Jewishness, according to
      Steiner, while Germans have to embrace the authentic German essence and the true
      German mission.

      Indeed for Steiner and for some of his anthroposophist followers, nationalism
      itself is essentially Jewish. Not only did Steiner hold that Jewishness as a
      distinct identity has no place in contemporary society, and that those who
      retain a Jewish identity are promoting archaic nationalism; he posited Jewish
      identity as the basic template for nationalist particularity as such, or what
      Steiner called "national egoism." (Die Geschichte der Menschheit, 185) In 1918
      Steiner declared that "Jewish culture was a folk culture, not an individualized
      culture of humanity." (Rudolf Steiner, "Specters of the Old Testament in the
      Nationalism of the Present" in Steiner, The Challenge of the Times, 165) For
      Steiner, Jews were the paradigm of ethnic-racial regression and a symbol of
      those who refuse ethnic-racial progress:

      "The result is that those who will not become adherents of the Christ wisdom
      that brings into the human being the other element, acquired during the life
      between birth and death apart from the breathing process, wish to continue in
      their relationship to the Jehovah wisdom and to have humanity established only
      on the basis of folk cultures. The present clamor in favor of an organization
      consisting of individuals from mere peoples is a retarded ahrimanic demand for
      the establishment of such a culture, in which all the peoples represent only
      folk cultures, that is, Old Testament cultures. The peoples in all parts of the
      world are to become like the Jewish Old Testament people."

      (Steiner, "Specters of the Old Testament in the Nationalism of the Present", The
      Challenge of the Times, 166)

      "Christian yoga does not aspire directly to unity , but rather to the unity of two.  This is very important for understanding the standpoint which one takes toward the infinite serious problem of unity and duality.  For this problem can open the door to truly divine mysteries and can also close them to us....for ever, perhaps, who knows?  Everything depends on its comprehension.  We can decide in favor of monism and say to ourselves that there can be only one sole essence, one sole being.  Or we can decide-in view of considerable historical and personal experience-in favour of dualism and say to ourselves that there are two principles in the world:  good and evil, spirit and matter, and that,  entirely incomprehensible though this duality is at root;  it must be admitted as an incontestable fact.  We can, moreover, decide in favour of a third point of view, namely that of love as the cosmic principle which presupposes duality and postulates its non-substantial but essential unity."

      pp. 31-32, Meditations on the Tarot

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