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SouthernCrossReview Nr 75

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Dear Friends and Subscribers, The new issue of SouthernCrossReview is now online ready for you and yours at http://SouthernCrossReview.org. On the editor s
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2011
      Dear Friends and Subscribers,
      The new issue of SouthernCrossReview is now online ready for you and yours at http://SouthernCrossReview.org
      On the "editor's page" I relate one of those true stories that might or might not be true, or partly true, or not true at all.
      In the "Fiction" section R. Ariel Gómez offers a bilingual tale about life and death...and life. There is also another of Paul Holler's ancient Greek fictions.
      "Current Events": Bradley Manning, Pfc, U.S. Army – intelligence specialist, the guy they're really throwing the book at and who will probably spend the rest of his life in a military jail, unless....Some people think of him as a hero; I don't know, but author Chase Madar devises a legal defense for him which might, just might, get him off the hook.
      Andrew Bacevich tells us how much the U.S. Pentagon is really going to reduce military spending...or limit increases, or what.
      We offer two very interesting articles in the "Features" section this month. First "old reliable" (he's gonna kill me) Gaither Stewart reveals his personal testimony about his experience in the "Mediterranean World" which includes the countries undergoing revolts by their youth even now as we write. He is not particularly optimistic about the future, however.
      Then Tom Engelhardt compares the locals in Sarah Palen's crosshairs with the innocent victims in Afghanistan and Iraq who have been in the crosshairs of U.S. and NATO forces for years now – and wonders if a relationship exists.
      In "Science" Steve Talbott examines physics and Biology, one being the science of objects and the other the science of life, and councils that the twain should meet.
      In "Anthroposophy" are Rudolf Steiner's closing lecture about Imperialism and his continuing lectures on Karmic Relations.
      Don't miss this issue's expanded "Poetry" section, with offerings by new poets we have discovered: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, William Shakespeare, Juan Ramón Jiménez and Frank Thomas Smith.
      And the letters in "Letters" are worth reading.
      Frank Thomas Smith, Editor
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