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Re: Happy Birthday PLANS!

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  • val2160
    ... about ... anymore ... bunch ... Also, Jefferson once said, I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know. So perhaps this is also supposed to be
    Message 1 of 26 , Mar 1, 2011

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      > wrote:
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      > > > Yes, I'm a few days late but then I figured what the hell-they are
      > still
      > > > a whole 'nother year older. Congrats PLANS
      > > > <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYYw59S1FAM&feature=relmfu> and
      > here's
      > > > to your forever altering your aspect to the Sun!-Val
      > > >
      > > That *is* nice of you Val. As I was also thinking nice thoughts about
      > them, I decided to check on Plans' web site to see if there was anymore
      > shit worth shoveling. And I noticed that in the upper left-hand corner
      > is a photo of Rudolf Steiner and in the right-hand corner Thomas
      > Jefferson. I understand that Plans is very critical of Steiner, but I
      > wonder why Jefferson holds the other place of honor given that Peter
      > Staudenmaier (bless him) claims that he (Jefferson) was a racist.
      > > O well, stranger things have happened.
      > > Frank
      > So in the right hand corner we have Thomas Jefferson representing the
      > State and all that's right in um, the area of rights. And in the left
      > hand corner we have Rudolf Steiner representing religion. PLANS is
      > there in the middle separating the two with, as I recall, a whole bunch
      > of verbiage.-Val

      Also, Jefferson once said, "I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know."  So perhaps this is also supposed to be  indicitive of an indivdual versus universal dichotomy? I doubt that was the intent-I think it's more about the framer of the Constitution versus the framer of Anthroposophy but you can always ask his whiteness, I mean his highness, I mean blessed be his name, I mean the PLANS webmaster what the framing of these individuals on their site means.-Val


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