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Re: Message to residents of The Unthinkable Facility

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  • val2160
    ... Frank ... any ... Read more at Suite101: Handwork in the Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum: How to Teach Children Knitting as Part of a Waldorf Education
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 25, 2011
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      > > > Well I found this on knitting and, as an aside, I apologize to Frank
      > for
      > > > using his name in a subject line:
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      > > No need to apologize, Val. Unlike Tarjei, I don't mind my name in any
      > line. I guess it's because I'm so humble.
      > >
      > > Frank
      > Cool! Here's another knitting quote:
      > Rudolf Steiner taught that play is the work of childhood. Unlike the
      > work of the adult world, play is internally driven. The reason Steiner
      > believed so strongly in handwork as part of Waldorf education was that
      > he saw it as uniting the inner world of the child with the external
      > world, a crucial step in the development of a mature human being.

      Read more at Suite101: Handwork in the Waldorf Homeschool Curriculum: How to Teach Children Knitting as Part of a Waldorf Education http://www.suite101.com/content/handwork-in-the-waldorf-homeschool-curriculum-a177381#ixzz1C3sfEOGB

      and another one (from the same article above):

      Knitting is just one facet of handwork in the Waldorf curriculum. As the student matures, handwork becomes increasingly complex. When speaking of handwork as part of the Waldorf curriculum, Rudolf Steiner stated that the purpose was not necessarily to teach a particular skill but rather to inspire a mindset of confidence and connectedness in the individual. Whether describing children knitting or young adults carving and bookbinding, handwork teaches a mindset that will last a lifetime.

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