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Re: Southern Cross Review Nr. 74/Racism

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    ... Hi Guillermo, I agree that racial integration has advanced very rapidly and when you write except for some people I assume you mean Mexicans in border
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 13, 2011
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "griromero" <griromero@...> wrote:
      > Regarding racism, synchronically, yesterday I read the following paragraph by M. Keltz:
      > "The widespread selfish use of these powers resulted in the Atlantean cataclysms, which began with warnings enough, as vast numbers of survivors of storms, floods and earthquakes began migrating eastward to Europe, Africa and Asia and westward to the American continents. Some of these migrants had coarser physical bodies that had densified too early in Atlantean times and these distinct races of peoples did not survive, while the souls that occupied these bodies were able to reincarnate into other surviving
      > races. Science has produced evidence of these extinct peoples, i.e., Neanderthal man. In these primeval times distinctions of race and racial qualities were important, and in the post-Atlantean Indian age these distinctions were reflected in the caste system. Nowadays race distinction, like the caste system, is grossly outdated, and such distinctions have meaning today only for the evil, and hence to evil or wrong purposes. In the distant future humanity will divide into two races, the good and the evil races. The horrendous acts against certain races and peoples in our time, including endless controversies surrounding issues of race, could be stemming from the stark fear and dread harbored, consciously or subconsciously, by the already-cast members of this future evil race, in regard to their being marked physically as evil, in regard to the inevitable fact that in future embodiments they will carry the "mark of the beast." To use terminology from the science of psychology, racism is a projection and a reaction-formation as conscious or subconscious response to this inevitability. However, while certain individuals are already markedly evil, most people today still have a choice."
      > What do you think people?, I am Mexican and very familiar with the USA where I have lived on and off for about 10 years of my life (I am 52). I can say that there, the racial integration is advancing rapidly, but not for all people. I can also see how bigotry and racial hatred are growing amongst certain sectors of that society. In Mexico race has never been a big issue, social and economic considerations are what keep us apart from each other.
      > Probably what Martha Keltz wrote at http://www.tcpubs.com/brunnen/articles/ is right, and we are witnessing the polarities of the divide between the "Evil" and "Good" races of the future.
      > In appreciation.
      > Guillermo

      Hi Guillermo,
      I agree that racial integration has advanced very rapidly and when you write "except for some people" I assume you mean Mexicans in border areas. This shows how meanings of words have also changed rapidly. "Mexican" is a nationality, not a race, so whatever prejudice may exist in that area in not really racial - although the term has carried over from the past. I live in Argentina, where the same prejudices exist regarding the Bolivians and Peruvians who come to Argentina, which is somewhat more prosperous than their own countries.

      > > That's the n-word thing; I've seen that NYT article; the publishers will now clean up Twain after pressure from the hole. Those who read Mark Twain uncensored are unaware of their own intellectual history and the racism implicit in their reading habits. Peter S will show the way to truth. Time for book-burning I guess.
      > >
      > > Tarjei
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