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talking about the holefolks...

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  • elfuncle
    Now they re sinking their teeth into photographs from Terje Christensen s book, En kulturimpuls slår rot (= A Cultural Impulse is Founded ), published in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2010
      Now they're sinking their teeth into photographs from Terje Christensen's book, "En kulturimpuls slår rot" (='A Cultural Impulse is Founded'), published in 2008 at the centennial of anthroposophy in Norway (1908-2008), with lots of rare photos of Rudolf Steiner in Oslo at that time and many other pictures.

      The book is a beautiful piece of work; Terje Christensen is, after all, an academic historian, although PS thinks that kind of scholarship is totally incompatible with anthroposophy, because it makes his repetitive "anthroposophists vs. scholars," that historians and anthroposophists think differently and are always at odds because the former are so dense etc. kind of silly.

      Terje Christensen is 82, so when he contacted me earlier this year about a fifteen year old newspaper article of mine, I took the opportunity to introduce him to Star Trek, which was a novelty for him. (Like I mentioned in my Star Trek article, the series was never aired in this neck of the woods.)

      Anyway, Zooey, Diana, and Pete have now discovered some of the photos in this book, which I incidentally mentioned in February 2009, when I showed some of these extraordinary photographs:


      It's especially the front cover photo they're obsessing over (see the link), especially that Rudolf Steiner is holding a little blond girl, which is supposed to be a clear demonstration of racism (white supremacy). Diana thinks the girl is very unhappy and uncomfortable about being held by Steiner, feeling creepy, that there's something sinister and ugly about it, and Pete suggests pedophelia!

      Now THAT's aggression for you. I guess Christensen and me and everybody else associated with anthroposophy is a pedophile Nazi too. That's the way they've chosen to play their game.

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