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Re: Hole-Quote of the Week with Comment

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  • elfuncle
    There are other holequotes equally hilarious, but they re not worth citing. PS goes into never-ending tomes, which is his wont, especially when wanting to spin
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 9, 2010
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      There are other holequotes equally hilarious, but they're not worth citing. PS goes into never-ending tomes, which is his wont, especially when wanting to spin himself out of an untenable position or when he sets out to prove that 2+2=5 as an intellectual exercise or out of sheer boredom -- or because he believes it to be true.

      Diana is pulling her Queen Victoria by saying 'we're not amused' so there won't be any lols from that corner anymore, thank Lucy. And they're all cranky and argumentative and totally irrational and illogical because in case you've missed it, PLANS has now been laughed out of court time and time again for at least a decade, and they've been stuck with huge legal costs, so their cantankerous imbecility is very understandable. Now they're putting their remaining small change on rapture-crazed, gun-toting Christian fundies beating up some anthros for them, but like I said, they probably have to get baptized first, memorize a bunch of Bible verses and praise Jesus all day long if they want some of that fundy-dough.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" <elfuncle@...> wrote:
      > In the Unthinkable Facility, Walden writes:
      > "To the Tarjeis of the anthroposophy, the very act of speaking Peter's
      > name could be risky when it comes to ensuring their own place as
      > important members of Steiner's future good race. Sadly, Peter's sorry
      > soul is destined to dwell forever with the rest of use hole-dwellers as
      > members of the evil race. Deep stuff. Just ask Harry Potter."
      > This is, of course, absolutely true. On future Jupiter (our planet's
      > next incarnation of manvantara), the holefolks will have remained behind
      > at a certain stage because they haven't advanced with world evolution.
      > But there's no eternal punishment, so they're not doomed. They're only
      > making extra obstacles and hardships for themselves by dropping below
      > the evolution of progressive humanity, retarding themselves.
      > On Jupiter, they will appear as nature-spirits, where they'll have some
      > moral responsibility in spite of not being able to have human forms. But
      > if they've also been mean and nasty and immoral as well as materialistic
      > -- and the Unthinkable Facility appears to be populated by such people
      > -- they'll become part of the swamp or marsh that progressive humans
      > will tread underfoot, and for those creatures the journey ahead will be
      > long and strenuous.
      > To learn about what it will be like to become nature spirits, the
      > holefolks should talk to gnomes and undines and such to learn all about
      > it. But if they change their ways and see the light and follow it,
      > they'll be part of progressive humanity, and their digestions will
      > return to normal already in their present physical incarnations. The
      > choice is theirs, and there's always hope [:)]
      > Tarjei
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