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Re: WC Holding God

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  • val2160
    ... experience in my own self, or skepticism of which I am a great one. I do think however that to say that others have helped a movement through such
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 26, 2010
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, dottie zold <dottie_z@...> wrote:
      > I'm not talking about doubt as that's a requirement as far as I can experience in my own self, or skepticism of which I am a great one. I do think however that to say that  others have helped a movement through such diabolic behavior as trying to connect a persons work to the nazi regime is beyond the pale. To bully others by saying such things as a person who has done such a thing is a savior to the work is not only arrogant but it is ignorant and self serving to their own thinking. Awful really.

      This sounds more than awful, which is to say terrible, to me. It sounds like  the misappropriation of something regarded as worthy of the utmost respect. Which is to say, sacrilegious.
      > I think what is lacking and I was just saying this yesterday to Adri is that there is no work on the Buddha Eightfold path as brought forth as a group of daily exercises that work towards mans sympathies and antipathies to a thing. There is a great lack of balancing ones thinking and understanding with his own personal beliefs and this is what had also attacked the teachers in the Waldorf case where they were not 'hearing' the needs of the other parents and by not listening, as their own antipathies and sympathies were raging, they ended up in court with atheists trying to get God out of the new 'charter' system, in the country. So Mr. Lasts sympthies and antipathies are raging when he says such a thing as 'Dan has helped Steiner's movement', as it puts forth his favorite dogma of The Philosophy of Freedom. 

      And I was just saying to her  just the other day I consider this a sacrilege: 

      > Now I've made the same mistakes but at 47 and now going on 48 at the very least I can expect from myself that I am deepening within me to listen to the situation from a more balanced perspective. I'm just so tired of hearing stupidities pertaining to the Society is dead and Rudolf Steiner would not be coming back into Anthroposophy which are just self serving personal comments disguised as thinking when truly there has been none but raging antipathies and sympathies to a thing. For what is the Society really?
      > The Society to me is a group of people who hearken to the inner work of the ongoing teachers speaking to man thru his true seeking to be of service to something more than himself and not lip service but real service that includes humbling oneself to more than his own thoughts. The hearts are aligned in their endeavors that this is what creates the true Society of the Movement and it is unto this that the reincarnation of a Rudolf Steiner can step back into, not the dogma of the knowitalls on either side.
      > All good things,
      > Dottie
      > "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner 
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