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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    ... Are answers; well, Frank is surely right, as this tick-thing is quite ... ____________ This from a critical review of von Halle s new book (in German):
    Message 1 of 59 , Aug 23, 2010
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Are Thoresen" <arethore@...> wrote:
      Are answers; well, Frank is surely right, as this tick-thing is quite
      > personal (may be). Judith impressed me, not by what she said, but how she
      > appeared. During the 2,5 hour meeting she all the time changed appearance.
      > One moment she appeared as big, then as tiny, then as fearful, then as a
      > little angle. So all the time changing. Also the way her etheric body moved.
      > I have only seen this kind of movements once before, in a Norwegian artist
      > now living in Italy, sculpturing the forms of what she consider to be
      > energetic forms of the nature (then I relised that Frans of Assissi also had
      > an intimate relation to nature). Her name is Inger Sannes, and her
      > sculptures may be seen at the web. Judith´s (and Inger´s) etheric body forms
      > a cross, while in the rest of us it forms (a) lemniscate(s). Then I
      > understood that Christ was in the earth, as a reality, and my heart began to
      > feel as it was glowing, moving, turning. Then the meeting was over.

      This from a critical review of von Halle's new book (in German): Dementia from an Anthropsophical Viewpoint:

      "Die unfähigen Materialisten, die nicht anthroposophisch meditieren wollen, bekommen damit quasi ihre verdiente Packung."

      The incompetent materialists, who don't want to meditate anthropsophically, practically get what they deserve.

      "Aber das kann sie noch steigern. Auf Seite 21 behauptet sie, der Materialismus (und damit angeblich die Entstehung der Demenz) stamme aus der „Kultur Nordamerikas" und sei lediglich auf Europa, das „seine geistige Aufgabe" nicht ergriffen habe, übergesprungen wie ein Virus. Es handelt sich also - so dieser blühende Unsinn- um eine amerikanische Epidemie."

      But she goes farther. On page 21 she claims that materialism (and apparently therewith the appearance of dementia) derived from 'North-American culture' and has spread to Europe, which didn't accomplish 'its spiritual mission' like a virus. According to this totalñ nonsense it's an American epidemic.

      Btw, the introduction is by Michaela Glöckler

    • Are Thoresen
      Dottie, As far as I understand what you describe; this is how I diagnose my patients every day ... Are That s a good lecture Val thanks. I was thinking this:
      Message 59 of 59 , Aug 26, 2010


        As far as I understand what you describe; this is how I diagnose my patients every day …….




        That's a good lecture Val thanks.


        I was thinking this:

        'There is no need for Spiritual Science to be afraid of showing how so-called mental or psychical disease is invariably connected with some organic phenomenon or other in the body of man. Spiritual Science must show with all emphasis that when a “soul-complex” — a deviation from the so-called “normal life of soul” — is studied, the most that can be achieved is a one-sided diagnosis. Psycho-analysis, therefore, can never lead to anything more than a diagnosis, never to a real therapy in this domain. In mental or spiritual diseases therapy must proceed to administer a cure for the body and for this reason there must be exact knowledge of the ramifications of the Spiritual in the material. We must know where to take hold of the material body (which is permeated with Spirit) in order to cure the disease of which abnormal conditions of soul are but the symptoms. Again and again it must be emphasised by Spiritual Science that the root of so-called mental or psychical diseases lies in the organic system of the human being. But it is only possible to understand abnormal organology when the Spirit can be traced in the most minute parts of matter.'


        ...is interesting in that I am called to remember this 'spinal fluid' issue I hear alot about. I wonder what this has to do with mental illness such as the sort I see everyday.


        And the 'plastic forming forces'....I have been pondering these things in relations to exactly how can I know these sheaths in the sense from experience as just reading it doesn't do it for me.....I can't get a picture in me of how this occurs, where one imprints onto another. I mean I need someone who has experienced this to share it with me versus a painting or someone speaking from what Rudolf Steiner said...I need someone with an actual experience of this occurring and how it does so....know anyone? :)


        All good things,



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