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SV: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Tick resistanse

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  • Kim Graae Munch
    We should see our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should keep it in order, including removing interior parasites. Repulsion of exterior should be
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 10, 2010
      We should see our body as the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should keep it in order, including removing interior parasites. Repulsion of exterior should be enough, I think, but if thats not possible, killing is ok, as it's done with a reason, and not for fun or cruelty.

      The The Essene Gospel of Peace tells about this, and it's interesting in other ways as Christ talks about the Mother here.

      --- Den tirs 10/8/10 skrev Are Thoresen <arethore@...>:

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      Emne: SV: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Tick resistanse
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      Dear Jo and all,

      Here Jo poses another and very interesting angle, actually another question, on the tick-mystery, namely the connection between spirituality and the “killing” of harmful parasites and other lower beings as bacteria, protozoa, virus and prions.

      I know that some religious Buddhist groups don’t want to be cremated, for not harming the bacteria of the body. Little they then know that billions are killed just by eating foods or drinking sour-milk (by the acid in the stomach).

      Matthew Manning, when healing sick people, actually kills bugs. Our immune system kills parasites and many forms of lower life all the time, to maintain our health.

      Therefore I can’t see anything or anyone that strengthens the immune system as agents of death, but I understand that there might be different opinions, like the one Jo here advocates.

      This is indeed an interesting question. The remedies that Rudolf Steiner suggests in anthroposophic medicine, to counteract infections and parasitic attacks, should also then be bad, and Steiner himself an agent of death.



      So here goes - the 'Tick question':

      Are - Friends,
      Please find below 'bottom up' (no-no-no, not bottoms up!) an assembly of
      exchanges on the initial question last Wednesday (July 28th.); the
      'Tick resistance movement' has not been heard, but I'm sure they're also
      - like me - working on something.

      This is definitely not to slight or ridicule Are's question and
      concern. These critters are not loved for their politeness and discrete
      charm, and are known to spread amongst others the bacteria Borrelia
      burgoderfi, causing Borreliose (Lyme disease) in both animals and

      I can only contribute on a very 'lay' and general level to this.
      Apparently the Ixodes ricinus
      (http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Ixodes_ricinus) in its adult stage will
      feed on large mammals for 6 to 13 days at one bite or helping; seldom
      this long with normal humans - I suppose - ticks aren't all that

      But I'm somewhat alarmed at Are's description of his tick 'diners' dying
      after a few hours; are there any 'tick pathological' details to
      provide? My sensibility whispers we should not become poisonous to our
      environment - even to ticks - without a very good reason in this brief
      evolutionary perspective, very destructive it seems to me.

      You are probably momentarily rid of a nuicance, Are, but for what
      reason? I stall at the thought - and very much doubt - that this is
      because of a lecture by or meeting with Judith von Halle. I know
      little of her, but cannot see her as an 'agent of death' - even to
      parasitic organisms like the tick - 'look elsewhere' is my advice.



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