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Re: Animal communicators - clever Hans etc.

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  • Jo Selsjord
    Insightful Simone . . . Now, Frank (FTS) has some work pending on Google, but I m sure he ll know the sensible approach Your clever Hans reference
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7 3:50 PM
      Insightful Simone . . .

      Now, Frank (FTS) has some work pending on Google, but I'm sure he'll
      know the sensible approach

      Your 'clever Hans' reference
      (http://www.damninteresting.com/clever-hans-the-math-horse) really
      intrigued me both for its humour and insight.

      Now, Hans is German for John (the Baptist, the Saint or some other), but
      the headliner is a horse anway - and a clever one at that - this I
      like. Now I don't know the precedence of animal intimacy or friendship
      to our human realm, but I think this animal (Hans and the rest) are at
      least a horse's head in front of any contestants - more ancient than
      almost anything we can imagine.

      Tyr to grasp or envelop yourself in the eyes of a horse. Ducks are
      beautiful and close, but compare the horse . . .

      This might be unfair - and I said nothing wittingly about the importance
      of body language for animals, but your mention of autism strikes a chord
      at the same level of intensity as the horse's 'anblick' - returned view
      - not to be disregarded.

      Autism seems to me(/us?) strange beyond almost any comparison (like
      horses), but to me mainly claiming obvious recognition and a place in a
      common world for the future - I think you're on to something, Simone


      > Dear Jo,
      > I'm glad to see you back here.
      > First, for the mysterious FTS: it stands for Frank Thomas Smith,
      > AT's official sweetheart. He uses to say where he lives is the
      > `ass-end of the world" and since it isn't (globally speaking) very
      > far from where I am and his place is apparently much closer to
      > initial stages of civilization than my town, I presumed I am beyond
      > the ass-end of the world. We're very far from Scandinavia, so you
      > don't need to worry about it.
      > Very interesting you talked about the importance of body language for
      > animals: the Clever Hans story illustrates it perfectly!
      > I couldn't help wonder about autism (it's always in my mind) where
      > there's an impairment of body language understanding- isn't it
      > curious it's so developed in animals and absent in autistic humans
      > - and gives sense to what I recently read about autism from an
      > anthroposophical source, where it says the autism somehow
      > represents humans in the future.
      > I'll write more later since I'm still trying to make sense of what
      > I'm thinkingÂ…
      > Hugs,
      > Simone
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