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Dew and Etheric world

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  • dottie zold
    Hi Friends, I was in a bit of despair about four days ago and in my room trying to sit with the angels, sit with myself, trying to figure out what my next move
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      Hi Friends, I was in a bit of despair about four days ago and in my room trying to sit with the angels, sit with myself, trying to figure out what my next move was and like in John Lennon's song having a hard time how to move when I wasn't sure where I was standing.
      As I contemplated this blank slate before me, this blank road, this something without things figured out filled in the blanks, I just had tears streaming down and my eyes opened.....just trying to be without so much inner not knowing what to do happening all around me.
      And as I just stared ahead in this not knowing what to do feeling I had an experience of the picture on the cover of Rudolf Steiner's Apocalypse book...the Sun with the eye in the middle.
      Now, this sun was not a sun, physical sun rather it was kind of made of a dew like essence....it was spread out on the air, on the light. And the eye was in the middle of this sun, this so light light pastelish light light yellow.....a living yellow, but really really light and gentle. and living. And the eye kinda just was there. It's what showed itself first before the color was there.
      ( this just all disappeared and I had to find a little bit of what was left in Drafts so I shall try to continue properly)
      And this got me to wondering how this could show itself and I thought about the dew. And it could be like the dew out of the fact that I had tears in my eyes but I don't think so. Well, I'm not sure but in any case the figure was before me. And of course this did not make me feel any better as once again one can have these experiences but one has to walk in life anyway and still figure things out and where the next move is. Comforting it can be I guess in that one is consistantly reminded they are not alone but I know that already and that doesn't seem to make a real difference to me as I, the human being, am still in quite a pickle.
      And there is no magic, no manipulation, no begging, because we cannot do that number one as its not lawfiul, but number two it would show a great distrust in the meaning of man and his journey in this world if he was to turn and try to accomplish a goal out of the past manners of working in previous epochs.
      So, I brought together a few pieces below to try and show what or how it can be seen. Rudolf Steiner and the great painters saw these things. Well, I know Rudolf Steiner did. If they appear to me they appeared to him that is for sure. All those paintings blackboard drawings, he saw them. He was given them to see. I've seen what he has seen in the clouds and in nature forms, and in light so I know this is seen in this manner. But it is still unbelievable to me in a way. Really. But I feel a bit comforted in that I have a better understanding how the Magdalene saw and how John saw and how and what Paul saw.
      Somehow the light or the invisible water on the light reveals the form.
      So bnelow is something more on how John could see, out of the light, these revelations...he saw them I am sure. He saw them out of the water on the light. And there is a fear, a real fear, not in what I saw but when man is down to the meeting with the angel and the Lord, something in the soul just trembles. There is a trembling as it is so unhumanly what we know in this world and we are flying by faith and by inner sight that is just enormous to one and one does not know what is next and how it will be seen and when it is accomplished then what. I imagine some move further to greatness in the Word by sharing it properly in a form that can be understood and inspired in this time, me, I am a bull in a china shop for sure, and once again I say 'why waste these visions on me' 'why bring forth these things when I am so incapable of expressing them in a manner that serves and can be understood and some meaning can be deciphered for the good and not just that I experience a thing...that's my debate, ongoing debate with the angels....not the archanges with them i am dumb to the tongue, they are a little more forebearing and not as communicative in the sense the angels are....angels are more like man it is true....more personal to man as it is his task, where archangels have a more far reaching task...but the archai now that's another story...the archai they are somehow really close to man as somehow they live in him...and can .....well i imagine it is in our feeling arisen as inspiration that meets them....in a feeling sort of way or an apprecation sort of way or its just that Michael is too damn serious sometimes                    :)
      File:Spider web with dew drops.jpg
       All good things,
      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

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