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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Lazarus & Mary Magdalene

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  • dottie zold
    ... Hey Kim:) How do you know this? I get the twinsoul concept for it runs with the ChristSophia and I tend to go to ChristMichaelSophia as well. Where have
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      Kim wrote:
      > There were only two who reached the I AM state and
      > that was Lazarus and
      > Magdalene,

      Hey Kim:)

      How do you know this? I get the twinsoul concept for
      it runs with the ChristSophia and I tend to go to
      ChristMichaelSophia as well. Where have you read this
      "two have reached the I AM state?

      none other than them (well i am not
      > absolutely shure here,
      > because John the Baptist as Elias overcame the
      > deadth, but he has another
      > role to play in the story).


      Okay. Lets hold onto this Magdalene/Lazarus thing for
      a few moments in time. Lets check our history. If
      Lazarus really existed in a physical form as a
      seperate male from Magdalene he must have existed from
      before. There is no way around it. We need to find who
      Lazarus is if he is. I looked for him and did not find
      him. I shall check again but I have absolutely no
      intuitive hit as to where to look.

      > Last in the book of John, Peter is given the job to
      > be teacher of man (it
      > could be Steiner)


      Whoa, that is too tempting for me to just say 'hey no
      wonder he has not spoken of Magdalene. I have even
      tried to reason the understanding of his not speaking
      on the Feminine Mysteries due to his Aquinas supposed
      incarnation. But obviously this is much deeper than
      that. It almost rings to me what happened in Atlantis
      with the fall. They had arrived at a truthful
      existance and still had come to obliterate themselves
      evne in their highest states. It must speak to this in
      some manner.

      and John is given the job to lead
      > the spiritual evolution
      > of man. The only person(s) who were capable of that
      > is Lazarus/Magdalene.


      Kim, it so strikes me to hear you say unequivocally
      that Lazarus/Magdalene do exist in the manner you
      speak of. How is it that you feel so sure of this? I
      haven't understood in your writing exactly how you
      came to this. Me, I came to this through visions and
      inspiration and intuition. I mean literally I had
      visions of the Magdalene and was very much guided to
      this thing piece by piece. I have had many visions and
      so forth to the point I have heard the spiritual music
      once upon waking up, Jesus in my room and in the
      clouds and a vision and hammering sound of Golgotha
      with a castle of sorts in the backround. Now, people
      have concluded that I am luciferic ordained by mental
      instability of sorts due to my horific childhood
      experiences that do not seem so horific to me. They
      have concluded that my visions are hallucinations and
      speak to my mental instabillity which they then tend
      to say is all ego driven for my own personal vain
      glory. After these visions or rather during some of
      these visions I found myself checking certain
      references pertaining to Magdalene and Sophia and I
      was onto a stream that guided me down the river.

      I had always wondered that this wisdom thing in the
      Bible actually sounded like a real person versus a
      state of understanding. I've always wondered that it
      was Eve who first partook of Knowledge and then handed
      it to man symbolicaly. I've always wondered about
      Lucifer being the Light Bearer. And I would pull all
      these various streams together read the Bible, found
      Elija and Elisha (feminine I believe) and the one whom
      God helped. Everywhere I looked Magdalene was there
      just perservering with the coolest most humblest all
      loving power I have ever been fortunate to encounter.

      So, I want to see your tracks so I can divine to this
      understanding you have found. And it is not because I
      have a preference to Magdalene. I do not. It just is
      what it is to me and if I find Lazarus that would be
      just as good. I just want to make the mystery mine. I
      want to understand what lives within me so I can share
      it with others who are so hungering for ChristSophia.

      > John is the evangelist! as it is stated last in
      > Jonhs evangelium, and I
      > think that John is the combination of Lazarus and
      > Magdalene.


      I don't know about this. I hold John to be terrified
      just like the rest of the men or rather asleep in it.
      He was not above them by any means. And if we follow
      Steiner, which I am not saying we have to, this would
      not hold water due to the fact that it is a physical
      Lazarus that becomes John the Baptist not John the

      Okay, hold on a second are you holding John the
      Evangelist and John the disciple as the same person?

      Do you have a bible where you can translate what you
      are referring to regarding 'it is stated in the last
      of Johns evangelum?

      And I have to say, this is where everything is so
      difficult to really decipher without reading the
      Akashic records. These spirits intermingle and
      seperating them to understand can be excruciating. And
      with many pieces of the bible being redacted and
      poorly translated the mission is almost impossible
      unless we divine with the little truth we have to the
      spiritual worlds.

      With your own
      > preferences you can only see the the feminine aspect
      > of them.


      Oh please hold off on saying this. I don't have a
      preference it only looks this way due to the singular
      nature of my Sophia studies. I have found that man has
      indeed hidden the Feminine Mysteries or maybe they are
      best understood as the Daughter/Son Mysteries. For
      what reason I am not so sure but it sure is feeling
      real sweet with the balance coming upon us in the near
      future. And then my singular study will be to find the
      Father and Lucifer.

      I also have
      > the 'intuition' that the mysteri has to do with the
      > Holy Spirit, which is
      > the feminine part of the trinity.


      Nothing can be done with out the feminine spiritual
      reality of Sophia. Not a thing in this physical
      existance. The feminine aspect of which all men and
      women, possibly elementals and so forth, create, is
      excited by the Feminine Divine. There is 'nothing'
      that is made without her. She is the creative force in
      the Universe in my understanding. And it is a mystery
      that was well understood thousands of years ago.

      And your intuition is right on in my understanding.
      Finding the balance between Father and Mother through
      the Son and Daughter is where I believe evolution is
      taking us.

      > Something more to consider, they have finished their
      > development on this
      > earth, that is, their constitution is not comparable
      > to normal man.


      Do you intend to mean that they will not incarnate
      again? Wouldn't that then put them in the Buddist
      Lodge? And wouldn't that then mean that they have
      attained this level. And wouldn't that then mean they
      had attained it during the Christ time here on earth
      in Jesus' body? Who else is in this lodge.

      > In NT, especially John's, it's difficult to know
      > where it's physical or
      > spiritual, or both.


      Its both to me other than where I can sense it has
      been redacted and then it becomes completely man
      covered up. And this was before I ever found Father

      In Steiner terminology the
      > roses symbolizes Lucifer
      > (chaos) and Ahriman (extreme order) and
      > Christ/good/Love/Life as the road in
      > between, in equilibrium.


      Wow, that is very cool. Me an Ahriman are not eye to
      eye. However I love Lucifer very much. I just finished
      the final chapter, of Essoteric Christianity today and
      I am going to post a thought on why the body of Christ
      did not hold longer than three years as well as
      Lucifer guiding us back through the spheres to an
      Earth existance.

      Who was the first ego bound human, do you know?

      And another thing, but I really want to stay with our
      main theme,........ good it just left my mind:)

      > NB! I down't know if it should be Blossom or Flower
      > (It's translated from
      > danish).


      I am so jealous you have found the most beautiful
      salutation I have ever experienced:)Truly.... I hope
      you put it on all of my posts it truly inspires me to

      Love to you Kim,


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    • dottie zold
      Tarjei ... Apocalypse. ... written ... Lazarus. Dear Tarjei, I am inspired to write a scholarly :) piece on this today. In this I would like to say Magdalene
      Message 65 of 65 , Dec 15, 2003
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        > Lazarus-John didn't only write the Fourth Gospel, but also the
        > These most profound and sublime documents of all time could only be
        > by someone who had been personally initiated by Christ Himself:

        Dear Tarjei,

        I am inspired to write a 'scholarly' :) piece on this today. In this
        I would like to say Magdalene was also initiated by Christ. There is
        absolutely no way around it. I am not sure if your comment means that
        only Lazarus was initiated by Christ, does it?

        Not only this but this week the headline for the Christmas Time
        Magazine was Magdalene. Kind of interesting beings it usually is the
        Mother Mary and the Babe. My friend saw the cover on my desk and
        mentioned 'boy that looks like Mona Lisa'. And you know what, he is
        right. So, got to thinking which led me to Da Vincis Mona Lisa. Now
        reading the novel, The Da Vinci Codes something interesting it
        brought out by known art scholars and that is that the picture is
        actually considered a male/female painting. Magdalene: male/female.
        Now, obviously this does not mean that I am right regarding Magdalene
        however these little points will keep coming up till we get it about
        this Feminine Mystery that was hidden by the Church. Peter was the
        outer church and Magdalene represents the inner church.

        I am going to pull this together in a little paper. I do not believe
        it goes against anything Dr. STeiner said. I do believe that as
        students we are not to stop at his death with the things he shared
        with us. We are to go further or we are stuck in the mud. He hinted
        that the Feminine Mysteries are going to be unveiled and they are. He
        did not say who represented them although he did hint at it. If we
        read his works between the lines, like we do the Bible, we will come
        to this truth.

        Its funny because a thought just came to me about John/Lazarus
        writing the Fourth Gospel. Usually Mother Mary is not considered an
        ispirant yet she is considered to have lived with this John. Now
        suddenly people are starting to say John was inspired by living with
        the Holy Mother intimating that it is a book by both in a sense.
        People are starting to feel this Magdalene/Daughter intuitive energy
        because they are acknowledging her in a sense. It is so readily
        available to one who seeks.

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