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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Lazarus & Mary Magdalene

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  • Daniel Hindes
    MessageKim, While I am not familiar with Eli Wamberg, I should point out that the concept soul mates, our perfectly matched other half, goes back to Plato at
    Message 1 of 65 , Dec 1, 2003
      While I am not familiar with Eli Wamberg, I should point out that the concept soul mates, our perfectly matched other half, goes back to Plato at least.
      Daniel Hindes
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      Subject: RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Lazarus & Mary Magdalene

      Hi Dottie
      It sounds like you are taking everything in at once and then have probling sorting it all out.
      The writer was an Rosicrusian teacher, Eli Wamberg, and some of his writings, and diary are published, after his dead, by a former student of his, including the correspondence between teacher and student.
      I think that the most dangerous in the knowlege is, that if everybody knew that there was one, and only one soul mate, they would use all their energy looking for that soul mate (without finding of course), forgetting to live here and now.
      I think it also has been called twin souls, but I have also seen the words twin souls been used for other things by the thosophs.
      The description I have read is logical and consistent. I have had the idea on stand by, because of Steiner.
      The document i send you a link with (Thus, the third teacher would most likely be a woman teaching the wisdom of Sophia and founding a fourth new mystery stream dedicated to the Most Holy Trinosophia !)
      gave me the idea that Steiner has kept something back. A new teacher is necessary! What is the message, what is the new information which is necessary for our development? I see the mysteri where the souls are split in two as the prime one, not explained in full by Steiner.
      The new teacher should be a woman. The split in two sexes is a 'male' thing where the union is a 'female' thing.
      The NT is where Christ is showing us the way, and he shows us the love to Christ, so if the soul union where a part of the development road, it should be there also. And it is, with Magdalene and Lazarus. These were the two Christ loved, and that means that they both were aware of him, had reached the I AM. That is the prerequisite for the union of the twin souls. Before Lazarus was awakened, she was with him, after it, they are handled as one. She was by Christ at the Cross, but Christ speaks to John, they were there both, as one and as two.  
      We allso have the trinity with Christ and the two twin souls. 
      It's still a little chaotic, so I have to go deeper into it.
      May the Roses Flower on Your Cross (of Rosicrusian origin)
      Kim wrote:
      > When you first mentioned the Lazarus and Magdalene 'mysteries' I
      > that you were a little too chaotic.

      Hi Kim,

      Yeah, that's kind of my distinctive voice. It doesn't feel chaotic
      inside of me but when I try to put it down in words, oh boy is it
      painful. I actually feel real aprehensive when opening up the posts I
      have written. Kind of like I cringe to see how I have put it down in

      I have a 3d way of thinking, that is, I
      > build thought constructions as others builds in clay, and with
      > few parts it's possible to see the figure.

      For me, I see the whole thing at once and then I  have to break it
      down. Someone once said that it is the vertical horizontal thing
      going on. I get it vertically but when trying to bring it down to the
      time bound realm where one thought follows the next and so forth I
      struggle. And this is why I love Steiner: he helps me to bring it
      down into thought so I can see it.

      > I will give the story as I have heard it (I have a document in
      Danish, but
      > well;-). And I think that RS hid it because it can be dangerous for
      man to
      > know it prematurely.

      What is the name of this book? Is there no translation into English
      at all? What is the most dangerous thing you think may have kept this
      book a secret in a sense. Or the most heretical towards AP standards?

      > When man split in two sexes, the soul split in two, female and
      male. The
      > difference between them was slight, so they changed between either
      sex in
      > their incarnations. As times go by, they developed their
      characteristica in
      > their respective sexes, and thereafter they kept the same sex from
      > incarnation to incarnation.

      Well that holds interesting as well towards John the Baptist and
      Jesus as well as John the Baptist, Lazarus and the Magdalene. Mostly
      I sit pretty stunned with this thought. Just...


      > After union with Christ the meeting of the duals will happen, as a
      > union.


      Your'e talking about twin souls? Or maybe there is a different

      > What I haven't heard, but where you gave me the missing piece:

      > Lazarus and Magdalene, who Christ Loves, are soulmates. They are
      two and one
      > at the same time!


      How did you divine into this? What was the step that allowed you to
      see Magdalene and Lazarus as one in a sense? What are the further
      implications of this? What mystery were you specifically after and
      how did it arise for you? Pardon all the questions. I do not really
      look or feel like a good thinker but inside of me I am. And I know my
      inner steps that led me to the outer steps and I am always wondering
      about others who do divine to the realm of inspiration. Like Joel
      today questing for the thought of the 'divine birth'. These thoughts
      just do not come about, I find them to be a leading of sorts.

      All in all I am feeling quite 'silent' about what you have just
      shared. I don't really ever recall this feeling. Kind of stunned
      like. Maybe in my meditations and so forth I shall find this and then
      a whole nother bag of questions shall arise:) It's like something
      kind of tells me oooh something is in here and I have to process. Its
      kind of funny to be stunned. I am sure my family would really
      appreciate me being in this manner:)

      Thank you so much Kim. I can't even figure which way to move yet:)and
      I am like the Wind.


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    • dottie zold
      Tarjei ... Apocalypse. ... written ... Lazarus. Dear Tarjei, I am inspired to write a scholarly :) piece on this today. In this I would like to say Magdalene
      Message 65 of 65 , Dec 15, 2003
        > Lazarus-John didn't only write the Fourth Gospel, but also the
        > These most profound and sublime documents of all time could only be
        > by someone who had been personally initiated by Christ Himself:

        Dear Tarjei,

        I am inspired to write a 'scholarly' :) piece on this today. In this
        I would like to say Magdalene was also initiated by Christ. There is
        absolutely no way around it. I am not sure if your comment means that
        only Lazarus was initiated by Christ, does it?

        Not only this but this week the headline for the Christmas Time
        Magazine was Magdalene. Kind of interesting beings it usually is the
        Mother Mary and the Babe. My friend saw the cover on my desk and
        mentioned 'boy that looks like Mona Lisa'. And you know what, he is
        right. So, got to thinking which led me to Da Vincis Mona Lisa. Now
        reading the novel, The Da Vinci Codes something interesting it
        brought out by known art scholars and that is that the picture is
        actually considered a male/female painting. Magdalene: male/female.
        Now, obviously this does not mean that I am right regarding Magdalene
        however these little points will keep coming up till we get it about
        this Feminine Mystery that was hidden by the Church. Peter was the
        outer church and Magdalene represents the inner church.

        I am going to pull this together in a little paper. I do not believe
        it goes against anything Dr. STeiner said. I do believe that as
        students we are not to stop at his death with the things he shared
        with us. We are to go further or we are stuck in the mud. He hinted
        that the Feminine Mysteries are going to be unveiled and they are. He
        did not say who represented them although he did hint at it. If we
        read his works between the lines, like we do the Bible, we will come
        to this truth.

        Its funny because a thought just came to me about John/Lazarus
        writing the Fourth Gospel. Usually Mother Mary is not considered an
        ispirant yet she is considered to have lived with this John. Now
        suddenly people are starting to say John was inspired by living with
        the Holy Mother intimating that it is a book by both in a sense.
        People are starting to feel this Magdalene/Daughter intuitive energy
        because they are acknowledging her in a sense. It is so readily
        available to one who seeks.

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