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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] confusion, confession and a bit of conciliation

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  • Kim Graae Munch
    Addendum to the Father: In an early Christian Gnostic book entitled the Testimony of Truth, Jesus advises a disciple to become a disciple of his own higher
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      Addendum to the Father:
      In an early Christian Gnostic book entitled the Testimony of Truth, Jesus advises a disciple to become "a disciple of his own higher mind," and continues to say that one’s higher mind is "the father of Truth."
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      You are mostly right!
      But this discussion (Rainbow Christ) is interesting because it makes Steiners description of Golgotha consistent with the Emanation of God mentioned in various other religious traditions, plus the understanding of the Father becomes more clear.
      By the way, Yahoo have and have had various problems after they fired many of their programmers, as sorting, searching, and grouping.
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      I find the way the treads evolve, and how Yahoo organizes them, to be making the dialogs more and more incoherent.  No single point is really focused on, and anyone can stick their two-bits in anywhere, causing divergence upon divergence, because the connecting link is the subject line and not the thoughts offered underneath it.  This is why I change subject lines all the time.

      Because of this, I am likely to leave shortly.   The visit, lacking a conversational response that wanted to deal with the fundamentals, has less and less meaning for me.  People here like to quote Steiner and believe they are therefore being anthroposophists and anthroposophical, but don't know actually what Anthroposophy is (and are clearly not interested in correcting their errors of thought in this regard).

      The New Mystery of Thinking can be studied in Steiner's first three books.  When the metamorphosis to thinking which has life in it (Steiner's phrase) has arisen, then thinking is free of the unconscious elements of both the will and the feeling life.  This new thinking, which Carl Stegmann called: clair-thinking, can be applied to all experience, which is  what Steiner then did: he applied the new thinking cognition to his spiritual experiences.

      His many students (according to their view) come along and read all his works but overlook what makes the content of Spiritual Science scientific, for that is only found in the first three books (perceived by many of the spiritually lazy as too hard).  Reading from texts in which they can only find the concept but not the percept (the actual experience) all that the soul can do with a text is create a mere belief or with a lot of work (read one book fifty times instead of fifty books once)  create a true understanding.  The belief is aptly called Steinerism, and the understanding aptly called our Theory of the Spirit (Steiner pointed this out when he said - many times - that the work of the spiritual researcher is similar to the work of the natural scientist).

      Real knowledge is only possible when we have both the percept and the concept or the experience and the thought.  The sharing of Steiner quotes makes for a nice theological discussion of Steinerism in the absence of one speaking from personal and authentic spiritual experience.  It is a kind of faux or fake spirituality in the sense of Anthroposophy.  THIS IS NOT TO SAY PEOPLE ON THIS LIST ARE NOT SPIRITUAL.  It is the absence of a scientific attitude and discipline that makes the Cosmic Michaelic Intelligence that Steiner wove for us into an exercise of the mere intellect.

      People in the Consciousness Soul Age are generally authentically spiritual in their moral life and many know this.  Most don't know the means by which this moral freedom has become possible, because to "know" that requires a deep introspective capacity that can be instinctively developed (the so-called Michaelic Millions Steiner mistakenly expected to be here at the end of the  20th Century) or consciously developed (the true Michael School work).

      Because we know our moral groundedness, we often assume that this allows that characteristic of our spiritual judgment to then transfer from the moral questions of our biography (questions of: what is the good) to questions of what is the true.  But an objective introspective science reveals that while we as individuals can know the good, we can only know the true as a community.   For this reason Steiner elaborated, in the sixth lecture of Awakening to Community, the concept of the Reverse Cultus or the New Mysteries of Community (as distinct from the New Mystery of Thinking).

      In a circle practicing the Reverse Cultus, where all the participants are also striving the practice the new clair-thinking, truth can be discovered via conversation.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO THIS ON AN INTERNET DISCUSSION GROUP, because only the a partial influence of the astral body and the ego are present in the created e-mail texts.  The ethereal body and the physical body (and their natural wisdom) are essentially absent. 

      Most of the time the basic error of thought, that lives among those believing themselves to be students of Steiner, arises when the egoity lacks humility and believes that it can speak of the secrets of the Creation on the basis of something read in a text.  This spiritual immodesty is rampant among those calling themselves anthroposophists, and causes all kinds of harm to Steiner's true legacy, witness the fact that Goethe Societies don't appreciate Goetheanism (organic thinking), and university philosophy departments know nothing of Steiner's achievements in that science and of the resultant discipline of pure thinking.  When Steiner died the potentials for an at that time awakening of humanity died with him (because his students hadn't got the message).

      However, it is the 21st Century now, not the 20th.  Different forces are in play, and differently skilled personalities* ** at work.  The Spirit of Anthroposophy has had to abandon Dornach and the Society to the confusion of the Opponents.  This does not mean this Spirit is not active in the world, and while one can find it far more easily in our search for moral freedom in the intimacy of our personal biography, unless our understanding of the good is applied in practice to our search for the true - that is: unless we learn to evoke conscience (participated conscience) or the higher ego in all our judgments as regards our ability to know larger truths - the world will find us to be just one more cult of believers and true Anthroposophy will become lost for a long long time.  It cannot be ultimately lost, but it is nearly lost  to our present.

      Again, most everyone is becoming spiritual in their moral  life, given the presence of the active Grace of Christ via the Second Eucharist in the Ethereal that has accompanied the Second Coming in the Ethereal, but that is not sufficient as regards the search for truth, for the search for truth is rooted in the disciplines of science, not in the vanities of religious or spiritual belief systems (including Steinerism).

      Want to honor Steiner's true legacy?  Stop reading and quoting anything he wrote, except for the first three books.  Create in yourself the same foundation in consciously willed thinking that he created.  Actually follow his Path, keeping in mind that the last words of Christ in the Sermon on the Mount also apply to the practice of Anthroposphy: "Therefor everyone who hears these words of mind and puts them into practice is like the wise man who built his house on the rock.   The rain came down, the streams arose and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall because it had is foundation on the rock.   But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a  foolish man who built his house on sand.  The rain came down, the streams rose and the winds blew and beat against the house and it fell with a great crash."  Matthew 7:24-27

      Again and again Steiner made reference to his early works and their importance.  That's where the practice of Anthroposophy is taught.


      *** The real 20th-21st Century Bodhisattva incarnation of the Maitreya Buddha is around; Steiner** is here, although lamed but not without influence (a price paid in order to do the earlier work, and because he joined his karma to ours); the Raphael-Novalis personality is actively working; as are many many others, given that Ahriman has incarnated in the present in America, and as can be seen from the advanced decay of world conditions - the pre-figuration in present time of Judgment Day and of the War of All against All is sounding.  Much is at stake, and in such situations much can be done.  The better we get at true inner work, the more capacities of our own soul and spirit will we raise into the needed co-participation and co-creation activity of Michael, and Christ and the Mother.

      **Steiner was the John the Baptist of the Second Coming, which has now been inaugurated; and, the disciples then too have returned if we have eyes to see and ears to hear ...

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