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The Crucible

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  • Kim
    In Esoteric History of Man I had this star to show the planetary cycles of the Earth:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2010
      In Esoteric History of Man I had this star to show the planetary cycles of the Earth:


      Dan made me then aware of a variant of this star made by Steiner. The drawing are in the center of the following table.
      This star or "Christmas Tree" is  called the Crucible in Rosicrucian symbolism, and the drawing is interesting in more than one way:
      • Following the lines we have the planets in the sequence of the development of our planet: Saturn, Sun, Mon, ... which we also have in our weekdays. (Esoteric History of Man).
      • The planets in the 'old' esoteric sequence from Moon to Saturn.
      • The left side contains the Ahrimanic outer planets and the right side the Luciferic inner planets with the Sun in the Equilibrium. (Serpents of the Kundalini Fire).
      My understanding are that these planets are connected to our Chakras, and there are many diverging theories about how they are connected. My thesis are that the sequence follows the tree above. Most people have the same planets for the lower three as here, but for the upper four there are many different views. In former times the Sun was connected to the Solar Plexus, but as we have developed to our current level of development it now corresponds to the heart. 

      Right side of man

      Outer planets

      Physical world

      Ahanhata- Heart
      Monad - Soul - Ego

      Left side of man

      Inner planets

      Spiritual world


      Manipura Navel Solar Plexus Astral rightmiddleleftVishuddha Throat Manas
      Svadhistana Sacral Hara Etheric right82Ajna Third Eye Pineal Buddhi
      Muladhara Root Physical right83Sahasrara Crown Atma
      the Occult Sign of the Lamb

      As the symbolism appear in dreams, in connection with natural initiations, it's necessary to know the right relations to reach the right understanding in the dream interpretation. (What are the feminine and masculine sides we all talk about?)

      It could be that the Crown Chakra is the old way to the gods and the new way goes through the heart, that would explain why the Moon, symbolizing the previous incarnation of the Earth, was connected to the Crown chakra and the Sun to the Heart chakra, instead of the Sun to Chrown chakra, which would have been the most natural.

      From Spiritweb on the Kumaras(Theosophy):

      The Divine Mother is in you. Her abiding place, as you know, is the white four-petaled chakra at the base of the spine. This sacred fire is your life force. It is the energy that rises to meet the light that descends over the crystal cord. You can see the crystal cord on the Chart of the Presence. The energy of the Father-Mother God descends over the crystal cord and the sacred fire of the Mother rises from the base chakra. So, we are nourished by Father above and by Mother below and yet Father above contains Mother, and Mother below contains Father.

      Man was created on the old Saturn incarnation of the Earth by The Mother, Thrones in Christian symbolism or Binah in Kabbalah (Diagram). The Crown Chakra is nearest to the Father of the old Moon, so it would be appropriate to have the Moon there. And in the middle between the Mother and the Father we have the Son (Sun) in the Heart Chakra, in equilibrium.

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