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Re: Lazarus & Mary Magdalene

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  • dottie zold
    Kim wrote: And it is, with Magdalene and Lazarus. These were the two Christ loved, and that means that they both were aware of him, had reached ... Before ...
    Message 1 of 65 , Dec 1, 2003
      Kim wrote:
      And it is, with Magdalene and Lazarus. These were the two
      Christ loved, and that means that they both were aware of him, had
      > the I AM. That is the prerequisite for the union of the twin souls.
      > Lazarus was awakened, she was with him, after it, they are handled
      as one.


      Okay I can see where you are coming from within this stream to a
      certain extent. However, I am not clear about this Lazarus other than
      his name being in there. I do not sense any single relationship from
      the Christ to a seperate man other than Magdalene. I am looking
      forward to meditating on this and asking the questions. Previously
      when I asked/looked for Lazarus I could not find him anywhere. And
      your understanding can make perfect sense yet another piece of the
      puzzle remains to be seen. It seems to me I can trace this 'one whom
      God helped' back to Miriam, Moses sister as well as the one with whom
      Elija worked.

      > She was by Christ at the Cross, but Christ speaks to John, they
      were there
      > both, as one and as two.


      How do you mean? You are referring to John as Lazarus/John right? Not
      John the disciple right?

      It's interesting you bring this up, well it all just really feels
      right on time, because this morning I awoke with the thought of this
      Golgotha scene in my mind. And I wrote it down to be able to express
      it, which I never do except on rare occasions, but of course it was a
      jumble when I looked at it this morning. However I would like to
      share that we must remember that the other Mary came down at this
      point, from the spiritual worlds, to the sacrifce/ressurection. And
      the implications of this are the mother coming for her son as well as
      being reunited with I now within the physical Mary due to the Baptism
      in Jordan. (Fifth Gospel speaks to the fact that the I of Jesus was
      released in a sense towards this physical Mary in order that Jesus
      would be able to be free for the Christ. Now, this I do not know to
      be true from my own mind but in following the Magdalene mystery it
      seems to make absolutely perfect sense to me. So, in essence the
      spiritual mother was reunited with the I within Mary (supposedly
      returning her viriginity?) which also lends to Mother behold your son
      and son behold your mother. It does not neccessarily mean that Jesus
      was calling down to a physical Lazarus/John in my thoughts.

      I do not at this point see a Lazarus/John physical being of male
      gender at the foot of the cross which would be neccessary for me to
      follow this soul duality you have shared. Yet this could very well
      be, I guess our inner work will light the way:)

      > May the Roses Flower on Your Cross (of Rosicrusian origin)

      Well that is real beautiful. Can you divine to this part of the roses
      on Your Cross flowering?:) This morning I walked out my door and
      noticed the Rose had finally opened. (I forgot to look one day and
      boom there she was)And I noticed that she is real tight and not askew
      like my normal soul rose looks like. Which led me to thinking on how
      in our childhood we come real tight and unfold at just the right
      moment to only become bewildered, flustered and beautifully that
      which we were meant to be. And then we die to born another seed.
      Anyway that's my rose thought this morning.

      Thanks Kim, I can't wait to see what arises from this wthin me and

    • dottie zold
      Tarjei ... Apocalypse. ... written ... Lazarus. Dear Tarjei, I am inspired to write a scholarly :) piece on this today. In this I would like to say Magdalene
      Message 65 of 65 , Dec 15, 2003
        > Lazarus-John didn't only write the Fourth Gospel, but also the
        > These most profound and sublime documents of all time could only be
        > by someone who had been personally initiated by Christ Himself:

        Dear Tarjei,

        I am inspired to write a 'scholarly' :) piece on this today. In this
        I would like to say Magdalene was also initiated by Christ. There is
        absolutely no way around it. I am not sure if your comment means that
        only Lazarus was initiated by Christ, does it?

        Not only this but this week the headline for the Christmas Time
        Magazine was Magdalene. Kind of interesting beings it usually is the
        Mother Mary and the Babe. My friend saw the cover on my desk and
        mentioned 'boy that looks like Mona Lisa'. And you know what, he is
        right. So, got to thinking which led me to Da Vincis Mona Lisa. Now
        reading the novel, The Da Vinci Codes something interesting it
        brought out by known art scholars and that is that the picture is
        actually considered a male/female painting. Magdalene: male/female.
        Now, obviously this does not mean that I am right regarding Magdalene
        however these little points will keep coming up till we get it about
        this Feminine Mystery that was hidden by the Church. Peter was the
        outer church and Magdalene represents the inner church.

        I am going to pull this together in a little paper. I do not believe
        it goes against anything Dr. STeiner said. I do believe that as
        students we are not to stop at his death with the things he shared
        with us. We are to go further or we are stuck in the mud. He hinted
        that the Feminine Mysteries are going to be unveiled and they are. He
        did not say who represented them although he did hint at it. If we
        read his works between the lines, like we do the Bible, we will come
        to this truth.

        Its funny because a thought just came to me about John/Lazarus
        writing the Fourth Gospel. Usually Mother Mary is not considered an
        ispirant yet she is considered to have lived with this John. Now
        suddenly people are starting to say John was inspired by living with
        the Holy Mother intimating that it is a book by both in a sense.
        People are starting to feel this Magdalene/Daughter intuitive energy
        because they are acknowledging her in a sense. It is so readily
        available to one who seeks.

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