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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: The Nature of Animals

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  • Richard Distasi
    Christine, Kim and Daniel: Christine, you wrote: When we see a tree, we can release the nature spirit within it to go on in the spiritual world through our
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 1, 2003
      Christine, Kim and Daniel:
      Christine, you wrote:
      "When we see a tree, we can "release" the nature spirit within it to
      go on in the spiritual world through our being concious of its existence, for
      "She told me that by the very fact of their loving contact with us, they do not go back to the group soul as such (or at least not all parts of them do) but that they become "salamanders" ie, spirits of fire that stay around our auras and work to create further bonds of love between us and other animals."
      This has been the point that I had tried to make earlier in another posts. It is not the animal soul, the plant and mineral essence that becomes Ego-endowed in the future (at least I should say as I understand this) but rather it is the nature spirits in these realms that are eventually freed from these realms of which they are dependent upon us to free them from the realms. They are the next wave of Beings to become Ego-endowed. That part of the animal that does not go back to the group soul is the salamander; not the astral body of the animal. By contact with humans it does grow closer to becoming and Ego-endowed Being. Does the family dog have a personality. Anyone who has ever lived with a dog would certainly agree to this. Is this the dog or is it the salamander that grows in soul forces due to its contact with humans; that is, humans act as a conduit for the salamanders growth.
      rick distasi 
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      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: The Nature of Animals

      Hello Kim, Daniel, et al,

      I really, really want to write a treatise on this subject, but I can't right
      at the moment. But your example, Daniel of your brother's dog is what I would
      base the treatise on.

      I sit here surrounded by books and cats. I have 11 cats. I used to have a dog
      but it was too difficult to keep him here in an apartment with no one else to
      help walk him, etc. if I couldn't get home on time. His name was Archer,
      short for Royal Archer Goldenheart. When I was sixteen (going on seventeen) I had
      and lost a kitten while I was at Threefold Farm in Spring Valley for the
      summer, my first exposure to RS & Anthroposophy. I was really upset and I young
      woman from the community comforted me and told me for the first time about what
      happens to animals when we have loved them. She told me that by the very fact
      of their loving contact with us, they do not go back to the group soul as such
      (or at least not all parts of them do) but that they become "salamanders" ie,
      spirits of fire that stay around our auras and work to create further bonds of
      love between us and other animals.

      Nothing in the past 36 years has made me believe anything different. What I
      understand from Occult Science and especially "Man as Symphony of the Creative
      Word" is that there is a difference between what we find in nature as animal,
      plant or mineral in its "untouched" state and what it becomes through contact
      with Man. When we see a tree, we can "release" the nature spirit within it to
      go on in the spiritual world through our being concious of its existence, for
      example. So we have to view the question raised here in terms of past present
      and future and in terms of the effect of contact with Man.  Occult Science
      teaches us about the Past in relationship to the evolution of the earth and its
      four kingdoms, mineral, plant, animal and man. We live now in the Present and
      find each one of us, a relationship with the other three kingdoms. Then we can
      move into the Imaginations that Steiner gave us and ask ourselves, how will
      what I do now affect the evolution of the other kingdoms of earth?

      We cannot lump "Animals" together anymore than we can say "Children" and mean
      every age and stage of development.

      This is what comes up in my imagination. There are three basic "types" of

      1. Animals born and living "in the wild" in areas that still exist relatively
      untouched by Man's presence. While this type of animal used to be
      predominant, there are very few such domains left.

      2. Animals used by man as food or "slaves" to be exploited and mistreated if
      it creates a perceived benefit to man. This has always been a dominant area of
      man's relationship, but in my opinion has become even more cruel and harsh as
      man has moved farther away from being able to perceive the spirit in nature.

      3. Animals "owned" by man as pets or companions. While some in this
      relationship, especially dogs and horses may seem to fall into the second category,
      because many dogs and horses "work" for or with man, I make a distinction when
      there is a real bond of affection and respect between them. Other animals like
      cats, birds, gerbils, etc. may not serve any outward purpose at all other than
      furnishing their human with something to talk to or to cuddle with.

      The animals that are still part of the first group, whatever species they may
      be would then return to the Group Soul or Group Ego after their death, more
      or less as they were except for whatever they bring into that Species of their
      recent experiences.

      The animals of the second group probably return to the Group Soul, too. But I
      have to ask myself, could they really ever be the same? Does their horrible
      experience at the hands of Man change or affect the very nature of the Group
      Soul and its relationship to Man in general? I would think that it does somehow.
      There are examples to be found in certain works of fiction, but I wonder if
      we can really grasp the karma being created here.

      The animals of the third group, however, could perhaps be the ones to work as
      redeemers of the second group in a sense, to counter the negative karma
      between the Animal Kingdom and its Human Slaveowners and Cruel Overseers. Perhaps,
      whereever an animal has shared love and respect with a human, this love can
      act as a kind of homeopathic remedy to the illness that our blind cruelty is
      causing. I think that animals in this third group contribute much to the group
      soul, but part of them begins to form the seed of an individual Ego that will
      develop in the far, far reaches of time, maybe past the Jupiter and Venus ages
      of the Earth. By this I mean to the point of creating specific Man-like bodies
      in which to incarnate as Egos on the planet. This is really hard to put into
      concepts, because the physical nature of the earth and the physical forms of
      individual Human Egos will have changed so much by then. But from the moment
      that love arises, each animal "soul" (little Ego) can come into Being.

      One really has to have pampered pets or know someone who does to really
      experience their individuality. It can lead an outward observer to think, perhaps,
      well, animals have personalities to begin with. But not exactly. This
      "personality" arises from the interaction of animal soul with human soul, like the
      human soul arises out of the interaction of human body with human spirit. That's
      why it's so much fun to go to a dog or cat show just to see the animals with
      their humans and to see how much they look alike!!! The etheric bodies grow so
      connected. It can be really funny!!

      But this is not to belittle the connection. It is a very serious matter. For
      with Love comes Responsibility and we become responsible for these "little
      Egos" the way our Angels are responsible for us. We are the tenth Hierarchy. The
      Animals are the 11th, the Plants - the 12th and the Minerals, the 13th. There
      is so much work yet to do!! For all practical intents and purposes, we are
      NEVER going to get to lie around heaven playing harps!!! There will always be
      more unfolding, creating and transforming to do!

      I often wonder (really) what it means that my animals hear music in their
      immediate environment, never mind the hours of conversation!!! No animal "in the
      wild" hears Beethoven or the Beatles! (or me singing, for that matter - lucky
      them!) What can this mean? Certainly an animal who hears music all of its life
      cannot just go back to a group soul as something less than an individual!
      Something totally outside the spiritual reality of the Group Soul has been added.
      What does this really mean? I don't know, I just wonder.

      So, no, in terms of the current human population of the earth, we are not
      side by side with recently evolved animals (just not fair to the animals, this
      idea!) But we are side by side with animals who look to us for the love (in
      action) that will activate the "little Ego" within them which will grow in long
      ages into Individuality similar to what we now consider Human.

      OK, now for a REAL confession (ooh, I can just hear many of you going to be
      howling at me for this) - I just LOVE the Pet Psychic, Sonia Fitzpatrick.
      Please, please DON'T condemn without experiencing her program at least once. I
      personally don't find any problem reconciling who she is and what she does with
      RS. She is day-waking concious, there is no mediumship involved. She is
      communicating with animals on this side of existence and the other side who are deeply
      loved by human beings, most of which are in long term relationships.
      Therefore, the "little Egos" that she is speaking with are something more than group
      soul members. There is so very much love. And not just mushy sentimentality -
      real love in action, real forgiveness, real redemption and healing. The one
      phrase she uses over and over again is "Remember, Animals are Forever!" In terms
      of Love, which is all that really is Eternal, this is absolute Truth.

      With love,

      and Baldur, Wicca, Maxi, Perseus, Govinda, Cleo, Calli, Bijoux, Andromeda,
      Sasha and Molly :   )

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    • golden3000997@cs.com
      Hi Paulina, You have my total sympathy. I m not mature at all about the idea of any of my little ones crossing over. I don t have human children and I think I
      Message 2 of 10 , Dec 2, 2003
        Hi Paulina,

        You have my total sympathy. I'm not mature at all about the idea of any of my
        little ones crossing over. I don't have human children and I think I just
        couldn't bear it if I did and something happened to one of them! No maturity at
        all - just a big blubbering mess!

        BUT - despite all that, I really do know that they go on. And I don't think
        of these kinds of "salamanders" - let's call them Fire Spirits - are like the
        elemental spirits commonly found in nature. I think they are akin to them, they
        live in the sphere of warmth, but it is a special kind of warmth - a warmth
        engendered only where love exists between animals and humans. I believe that
        they are not amorphous, but retain their "personalities" and are recognizable to
        the ones they love and who have loved them.

        Oh, I wish you could watch "The Pet Psychic". She used to be on Animal Planet
        on Monday nights, but then they said they were moving her to a daytime slot.
        I don't have any cable right now, so I can't find out what is happening. I
        taped a couple of her programs, but I wish I had them all. She is absolutely
        emphatic about both animals and people crossing over exactly when they are meant
        to. Even if the human companion has to put the animal companion "to sleep" this
        is usually the right thing and meant to be and the animals she has spoken
        with thank their humans for releasing them. Other pets come to them just as
        people we love who have gone before come to us. Several times she spoke of other
        people who the humans knew being there with the pet on the other side.
        Absolutely remarkable, the way she speaks. Nothing fuzzy, remote or generalized about
        it. Totally specific references and impossible for even a production company
        with a huge budget to have researched so extensively. She is totally down to
        earth and direct. In one part of her show, she interacts with the animals in an
        audience setting; another part, she works with grieving humans there in the
        studio (usually three per show); and the third part is where she goes to many
        different places (pet sanctuaries, homes, etc.) and works with particular
        questions, usually behavior problems that the humans haven't been able to figure out.

        Like I said before, there is nothing atavistic or medium-like about her -
        just a total gift. Really one from the future, I think. One of the faculties in
        fairy tales which come from the atavistic past but have to be renewed through
        concious love is the ability to speak with animals. I think flying (levitating)
        is another such faculty.

        Yes, these little ones are our "children" in a sense. We take them on freely,
        at least where there is love. And we give them our hearts and they give us
        theirs. And love, in all its many forms and expression, is Eternal.

        As Sonya says "Animals are Forever." : )

        Peace to your heart now and at the crossing,

      • golden3000997@cs.com
        PS about a little dog I came to love way,way too much. :-( NEVER TOO MUCH!!!! : )
        Message 3 of 10 , Dec 2, 2003

          about a little dog I came to love way,way too much. :-(

          NEVER TOO MUCH!!!! : )
        • golden3000997@cs.com
          Very cool Paulina!! : ) I think it s important that we check things out before making assumptions. Everything is very complex, the material and the spiritual
          Message 4 of 10 , Dec 2, 2003
            Very cool Paulina!! : )

            I think it's important that we check things out before making assumptions.
            Everything is very complex, the material and the spiritual world, and not
            everything fits neatly into slots. We need to understand the construct, but use it
            as a springboard to be able to see outside the box. There are literally
            millions of things in the world that did not exist in 1925 when RS died. He couldn't
            simply see them all and say AB and C are going to happen. He said himself that
            Waldorf Education is the perfect system for the 5th Post Atlantean epoch, but
            it wouldn't do at all for the 6th. The directive I value most from him as an
            educator and indeed, as a person simply trying to live in these times is to
            OBSERVE and take it from that as a starting point. We can't observe if we
            pre-judge and refuse to look.

            Not trying to be "preachy" - I've just watched "The Matrix" - thanks to
            Michael H's mention of it in one of his posts and my infinite suseptibility to the
            power of suggestion!

            I really want to analyse it and analyse it! Part of me says, I want to get to
            reality, SEE REALITY, but my real self, the woosie says "Let me out of here!
            I don't want to see anything!" I'm going to find a nice quiet cave somewhere
            and wait until it all blows over. Unfortunately for Tarjei, who said that he
            wanted to wait for a nice long time between incarnations and come back when
            Ahriman had come and gone, he is already here and it's too late to turn back now.
            I think it's definitely the time to "head for the hills" as the Bible says!

            By the way, I watched "The Education of Little Tree" last night. Wonderful
            film. All about the same thing, really, but from a 1930s point of view. The
            battle for Truth is still there. But MUCH nicer scenery!!!

            : ) Christine
          • golden3000997@cs.com
            OH, PS - but wasn t Whoopi Goldberg wonderful as a medium in Ghost ?! LOL Christine
            Message 5 of 10 , Dec 2, 2003
              OH, PS - but wasn't Whoopi Goldberg wonderful as a medium in "Ghost"?!

              LOL Christine
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