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    In fact, Massimo Scaligero wrote about these themes in his Grail - Essay on the Mistery of Sacred Love. Because the loss of the original accord of the human
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 3, 2010
      In fact, Massimo Scaligero wrote about these themes in his 'Grail - Essay on the Mistery of Sacred Love.'
      "Because the loss of the original accord of the human couple is the cause of greed (in the sense of 'kama'), and because from the greed that has its roots within man, knowledge sprouts as a superior fruit, reintegration cannot begin except as as an event of knowledge. Within knowledge man has a faculty that was born as a consequence of the 'original sin,' but at the same time has the initial possibility of the conversion. The possibility of the restitution of the light lies within the reflected light of thought. The metanoia (= conversion) belongs to human freedom because is the volitional accord of the consciousness soul with the spirit. For such reason it holds within itself the bud of the restitution of the couple that overcomes the human.
      The sin is not sex, because the original separation of the male and female bodies and the consequential need of their sexual conjunction, is not the separation of the souls. The power of the Androginous (= Rebis) is still present in the union of the two. The real fall of man begins with the loss of the union of the souls. Human self-consciousness arises when the soul cannot recognize itself in the other. . . .
      The life of the will separates itself from the light of thinking: this light becomes reflected, and becoming deprived of life realizes its being as reflection. The attachment of the soul to the reflection is greed. From this moment, however, the power of the I as spirit has in itself the secret of its own resurrection because its force presents itself always vested as greed, that is the life that escaped from the light and was obtusely joined with the reflection. If the I experiences it as pure reflection, or pure thought, the reflection becomes the insulator from the greed. It therefore joins to a life that is not greed but its original light of life. In such instance there is the experience of a raising of the soul from a state of death, the beginning of the real resurrection. . . ."

      Each pure thought is a holy child that dies every time thinking enters our consciousness and loses its life. The art is to go back to the moment when thinking is alive and is still joined to the other forces of the soul: feeling and will; which experience paves the way to the experience of the central etheric current also called kundalini.


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Christopher Bodame <transintelligence@...> wrote:

      > It becomes understandable why celibacy was held so high in religious orders; it becomes understandable why marriage was the sanctification of procreation/sexuality. However, all these vows and moral confines have, with the evolution of ‘human individual freedom in thinking’ virtually disintegrated, whereby today any compulsion whether fore or against is compelling. Only true understanding in the power essence of the ‘I’ brings freedom from compulsion, and therefore in this case â€" true celibacy or true marriage. And so we may see why sexuality is such a confused issue; it images itself into fantastic shadows in which a human being may self-destruct in the illusion of its attraction, or find his essential ‘I’ (his true ‘I’) in the reality that stands behind the illusion â€" the holy of holies. And the chaos of this challenge being waged in consciousness can be seen, especially in the youth of today.
      > To my consideration, the attraction / experience of sexuality in all its aberrations, is but the physical orgiastic shadow, of that which in its pure true form is rightfully â€" bliss of one’s 'spirit self' in direct experience of the manifest spiritual.
      > Christopher Bodame
      > Thinking is a holy act -
      > a conception immaculate.
      > And with every pure thought
      > a holy child is wrought
      > of earth-divine union -
      > most holy communion.
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