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Serpent and the Caduece

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  • dottie zold
    Hey Friends,   I have been thinking about the rosicrucian symbol of the caduece for a few weeks now and I wanted to share a thought about what comes to mind
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2009
      Hey Friends,
      I have been thinking about the rosicrucian symbol of the caduece for a few weeks now and I wanted to share a thought about what comes to mind when taking in the symbol.
      For me when looking at this symbol it occurred to me that the only place the two snakes meet is in malkuth, here on earth, malkuth meaning the daughter, the fallen sophia, the fallen wisdom of man. And so it seems to be singularly the fall of man in a way if we follow the symbol of the rod in the middle. And so for me this force, this spirit being, this Adam/Eve, maybe Lilith and whomever...maybe Lucifer or maybe Ahriman, or as some consider Yaweh, this singular being becomes two, splits in Malkuth and then has to make the climb upwards to the heavenly sophia, the heavenly father, once more.
      And in this climb they have to, the human being on the microcosmic level, they have to purify the chakras, the organs of the body that have fallen, they have to return these organs to their heavenly substance while at the same time transforming them into the new for this epoch towards the next epoch.
      And so when Jesus says that Moses is the fist to raise the serpent, Moses is the first to reach back to the heavenly worlds from the human position, he healed the Fall in himself, he transformed his organs and his heart. Or so it comes to me. When we see that Buddha has the serpent raised above him we realize that he too has transformed his organs and now has healed the fall in himself.
      When we look at the idea of the serpent we have the 'wise' ones are those that have overcome and transformed the Fall whereas the 'vipers' and so forth have to do with those who are happy in the lower elements of the fallen ethers of the human world.
      So goes my thinking this morning,
      Kim, look at that symbol and trace your thinking for me if you can when you have time.

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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      Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Ethics and the heart
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      Date: Wednesday, December 30, 2009, 8:44 AM

      I was thinking friends how interesting it is that one cannot know from one day to the next what will occur. One can be aware in moments of difficult situations or times that something is occurring on the soul level of development when things are stretched to their extreme.
      My jeep was just repossessed. it is a 24,000 car and less than $4000 is owed on it. And they were mistaken to take it and now are all covering up to not get into trouble. So in order to not get into trouble they all have to do this doublespeak and have to dig in their heels deeper or they look bad in front of whomever they have to be accountable to. It's a question of ethics.
      When I said to each of these young people I was on the phone with that what was occurring was unethical they were highly agitated. When I said firstly it was the company's policy that was unethical and then secondly how they personally were handling this was unethical in that they were unwilling to find a solution to a problem that obviously someone could take care of easily if they weren't so afraid fo their own hides.
      Now I am not one who wants to ever bring fault unto another person in the sense that it would cost them a job or anything like that and I have bent over backwards to not have that happen to the first young lady who said 'yes, Chrystler Financial has made an error, it was our error, and all you need to do is show your full coverage'. And since then she cannot get back on the phone and everyone is covering the wagons by pointing that I am at fault. Now I don't want that young lady in trouble either and yet she was the only honorable one among them that treats people with kindness and consideration, the rest had their feathers up from the word 'go'.
      But I realized more then ever it is an issue of ethics, and this has to be the one thing that this world of human beings do not hold as a responsibility one to the other. It has to be the number one issue facing us as human beings. And it seems to me that Ahriman gets in the middle with this one. For if we can not be ethical, humanely ethical one to the other, rising to our highest in our human relations, then we are doomed and we shall be parted like the red sea.
      And this has been my learning mostly on this group and the Ark: ethical relationships with one another, from the heart. For this ethics we are talking about has to do with the heart purifiying itself and working objectively from a higher understanding. And above all this is what Christ speaks to in His incarnation as a human being, the ethical heart, etheric heart, purified of its earthly divisions and considerations, to reside in the human world...He was the HEART. He is the future heart organ of our world. It is His HEART that we are all aspiring towards. And that's the painting that Erenfried Pfieffer drew: the angels taking care of the heart as it rises, gently shaping it with what the human being is creating.
      And so for me I have to always be so thankful for these hurtfilled actions that take place because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is all a soul process and a move towards the etherization of the blood and the creation of a new heart.

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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