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Re: East and West - Critics and Old Paths

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  • fs13997
    Recently, waldorf critics cited Giovanni Colazza with reference to a lecture held by Dr. Colazza at the Theosophical group Roma , in April 1910, entitled
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 18, 2009
      Recently, waldorf critics cited Giovanni Colazza with reference to a lecture
      held by Dr. Colazza at the Theosophical group 'Roma', in April 1910, entitled
      "Breathing and Occultism." Colazza suggested that oriental forms of meditation
      were not suitable for Western bodies, because of the different social
      environment and inner constitution.
      "The intent of exclusively applying Indian methods in our time and to our race,
      means to disregard the evolution that has considerably modified the possibility
      of our organism, and the new spiritual currents that are being introduced in the

      Massimo Scaligero, in his "Yoga Meditation Magic," wrote: "One is a Western
      person because has proceeded beyond the East, through a Spiritual activity about
      which we are not yet spiritually conscious . The absence of such consciousness
      is the evil of the Western soul, which, in fact, does not need the Oriental
      metaphysics, but its own. The real problem of our civilization is that it
      attains its own metaphysics, not that it exhumes the metaphysics from those
      traditions that it already had the force to leave behind itself. One day it will
      realize that by having left those traditions behind it operated through the
      highest power of the Spirit. On the condition of becoming conscious of that. . .
      . The most recent psychosomatic structure of Man, in fact, shows a change that
      can be recognized as a transition from a sentient-rational consciousness to the
      determinacy of the "consciousness soul," which characteristic is the
      self-limitation to the position of what is real as the absolute sensorial

      It would be unreasonable today to deny the millenary experience of the West,
      from Greek philosophy, to the beginning of the scientific method, to modern
      rationality, only to revert to past stages of consciousness that have been
      overcome. Logically, Steiner was teaching that modern Western individuals should
      not practice oriental disciplines. For many, however, the beginning of the
      practice begins with those past methods, from which they eventually move on to
      more contemporary paths.
      It would be quite unreasonable to expect that the greatest teacher of the West
      suggested to his disciples to follow the old paths of the East. The West has
      gone beyond the East because the East paved the way to the birth of the concept
      in Greece. Without the work of the original Yoga, brought to India by the
      population that originally came from Europe, the West would have not have
      discovered the concept.


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