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  • Tarjei Straume
    ... Wow, that was my first Steiner book too, in Danish or Danish-Norwegian, and I wasn t much older than you - perhaps even the same age - and I also started
    Message 1 of 85 , Dec 1, 2003
      At 15:23 30.11.2003, Kim wrote:

      >Thank you Tarjei, I was feeling a little alone, and probably at the wrong
      >You gave some of your background in
      >and i looks in many ways as my own.
      >When i was 12 years old (i am now 49 years old) i found a book of my
      >mothers: 'The Akasha Chronicles' (in Danish, actually) by RS.

      Wow, that was my first Steiner book too, in Danish or Danish-Norwegian, and
      I wasn't much older than you - perhaps even the same age - and I also
      started out by browsing my mother's bookshelf.

      >That was the start, and my primary source of esoteric information has
      >allways been RS, but of course I have been through any accessible
      >litterature, as Hermes Trismegistos, Platon, Vedic stuf, sufi litterature,
      >as well as Emil Bock, Bulver Lytton, Herman Hesse, and many more.

      The reason I remember Max Heindel's "Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception" - an
      absolutely awful title, was my father's remark - so well is that I
      discovered it in England in my early twenties and bought it there. I read
      it with great interest and gave it to my mother, who also swallowed it raw.
      But then I sent an inquiry to a Rosicrucian organization in America, AMORC
      about their take on Heindel and Steiner. Well Steiner developed a system of
      his own, they told me in a letter with no further comment about him, but
      Max Heindel had studied Steiner's works and made all kinds of false claims
      to being initiated by unnamed and unknown Rosicrucian masters, and his
      works were therefore disreputable. In other words, I received this info
      about Heindel from a source that had nothing whatsoever to do with
      Anthroposophy. And then, a few years later, I discovered the previously
      quoted passage from "The Fifth Gospel", where Steiner describes Heindel's
      plagiarism and dishonorable behavior.


    • Richard Distasi
      Tarjei, I wish I could locate the quote from Steiner in which he said that because of the ahrimanic impulses that weave through human souls today that the time
      Message 85 of 85 , Dec 16, 2003
        I wish I could locate the quote from Steiner in which he said that because of the ahrimanic impulses that weave through human souls today that the time spent between incarnations is much shorter now. It may be from, "The Ahrimanic Deception" lecture. Not only are initiates returning sooner and I believe that because of their advanced state they were always able to do so but also everyone has a stronger and more developed Ego than what was the case centuries and millennia ago. The need to spend centuries in the spiritual world in times past was necessary because the Ego was much weaker than it is now for most people. Also the time spent in the spiritual world was often in a condition in which it was asleep. The bible has several references to the dead in which it refers to the dead as those who are in sleep. And these books were written during their times which were two thousand years ago and more. The Ego would return to the earth when either physical conditions changed dramatically or in the post Atlantean Period when the cultural change would be a factor. The world is culturally changing more rapidly now than ever before. Look back to the early years of the 20th. century and now to the present. It is almost two different worlds. To be present at the beginning of the 20th. century and not reincarnate again until centuries into the future would be a great loss for the human soul/Ego. You can't gain in the spiritual world what can only be gained here on earth.
        I don't feel that the dynamics of reincarnation are stagnate but rather they are ever in flux and flow with the dynamics of human evolution. Spending centuries in the spiritual world between incarnations is a thing of the past. Steiner may point out that the human Ego follows generations of people here on earth before it reincarnates. But let's be realistic in what we see about us in the world today. Since W.W.II the world has experienced a tremendous population explosion and I simply cannot accept that we all now spend centuries following a bloodline in which we then incarnate. This may still hold true for those who have a very special role to play in human evolution and that they need to incarnate into very special conditions but for the most part I think we incarnate when we are ready and we take on an incarnation that is closest to what would fit our destiny. I don't think that it is as precise and exact as many occultists espouse though this would be the ideal rather than the actual reality anymore.
        rick distasi
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        Sent: Monday, December 15, 2003 4:40 AM
        Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Reincarnations (Body of Christ)

        At 15:35 01.12.2003, Rick wrote:

        >Tarjei wrote:
        >"Are you saying that a shorter time than 'centuries' - i.e. the equivalent
        >of time elapsed between birth and death - is the time now spent in the
        >spiritual world by normal people like you and me?"
        >Yes, that's what I am trying to say. Didn't Steiner mention that the souls
        >that were first involved in the early years of the Anthroposophical
        >Movement would be reincarnating again in the second half of the 20th.
        >century.? I thought that I had read that somewhere.

        "Those who were to work towards a real development of Christianity - souls
        not at the moment incarnated on the earth, and also other spiritual beings
        - were gathered in great numbers around Michael, from the fourteenth to the
        sixteenth century, as though in a great, supersensible school in which
        those souls were being prepared who were to appear on earth at the
        beginning of the twentieth century during Michael's regency. When we look
        at what was being prepared there we find that it was the anthroposophical
        world view, which wants to work for this evolution.

        "From what the ancient Mystery wisdom saw, and through the prophetic sight
        of future Mystery wisdom, we gather that human beings who take in what we
        call the inner Christianity, the spiritualized Christianity, those who look
        to the Genius of the Sun with regard to Christ: these indivivuals will
        experience an acceleration of their evolution and reappear on the earth
        again at the end of the twentieth century."

        "The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest" (GA 346) lecture 8,
        Dornach 12 Sept 1924.

        It seems to me that we're still talking minimum 300 years between
        incarnations here. Exceptions to the rule are avatars and initiates, plus
        those on the opposite scale who are savages of sorts.


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