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    Beinsa Douno, The Master Speaks Compiled by Georgi Radev (1900 - 1940). Translated in 1970 by Ernestina Staleva XX. THE BODY OF LOVE Present-day people see and
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      Beinsa Douno, The Master Speaks
      Compiled by Georgi Radev (1900 - 1940). Translated in 1970 by Ernestina Staleva


      Present-day people see and are conscious of only their physical bodies. They study the body's anatomical structure, and its physiological functions, and they are amazed at its complex and wise organization. Because of this, they begin to think that not only physical life, but man's soul life as well, is nothing more than a manifestation of the body. If the body disappears, man as an individual being also disappears.

      It is true that the physical body is destroyed after death. But that which is destroyed and disappears cannot be the real abode of man, of his soul, of his spirit.

      Neither are the real vehicles of man those finer bodies - the etheric, the astral and mental bodies of which occults science speaks.

      Occult science maintains that man has seven bodies. Their various names and classifications you will find in occult literature.

      These bodies, through which the perfect man functions, actually exist. But not all seven might be called, in the real sense of the word, "bodies." In fact, only three of them are bodies, and the other four ere sheaths.

      I give a new interpretation to these three essential bodies, and call them the body of Love, the body of Wisdom and the body of Truth.

      The body of Love - the real body of man which never dies - is at present being built, but only its foundations are laid. The other two immortal bodies - the body of Wisdom and the body of Truth - exist only in germ. Special epochs will come for their development.

      The whole life of man, in the physical, the astral, the mental, and the archetypal worlds, has as its only aim to prepare the material for the building of the body of Love.

      Love permeates these four worlds, the four sheaths of man. These four sheaths are the laboratories in which the material necessary for the building of the body of Love is being formed.

      These sheaths are only some of the means by which Love reveals itself. Continuous changes take place within them - they themselves appear and disappear according to certain periodic laws. These sheaths are changeable, but a part of them never disappears, and remains as constant spirit-germs for the physical, astral and mental.

      The Higher Self is something like an atmosphere for these spirit-germs. It is connected with a world which contains the possibilities of the physical, the astral, and the mental worlds.

      Before man enters the world of Love, he must pass through the world of archetypes where total reconciliation of all contradictions takes place. The archetypal world is the world of reconciliations.

      The world of Love in its essence, is the permanent world in which everything is brought to realization. It is the great world in which life truly realizes itself.

      Therefore it is only in the world of Love that all of the wishes which man has in the physical, astral, and mental worlds are realized. They may be realized only when the body of Love is fully developed.

      When I speak of Love in man, I mean the development of this body. Only when it has been developed will man be resurrected and gain eternal life.

      Then he will be free from all of the restrictions and difficulties of temporal life. He will no longer be subject to the abrupt changes which are connected with periodic births and deaths. He will not continually be born and die, but will live eternally. He will continue to be among men, not according to the karmic law, but with the freedom of Love. He will appear among men as a Son of God, to help them.

      A man who has this body, who has attained resurrection, can be visible and invisible. The whole earth is open to him and no barriers, physical or spiritual, exist for him.

      All of Living Nature knows him and responds to him. He is known to the most evil of men and to the wildest of beasts, and they are obedient to him.

      He who lives in the body of Love has no enemies, for he brings life, peace, and the realization of every cherished wish. He brings gratification of all needs to all beings.

      To have the body of Love means to manifest Love, to live Love.

      And Love is eternal life and eternal rejuvenation, eternal knowledge of God and eternal increase of freedom.
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