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Abraham & Shekinah

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  • Kim
    Hello Dottie,I found this on my disk the other day when looking for Abraham (from 2004):Dear Friends, I would like to start a thread on Shekinah using a book I
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      Hello Dottie,
      I found this on my disk the other day when looking for Abraham (from 2004):
      Dear Friends,
      I would like to start a thread on Shekinah using a book I just
      started called The Holy Kabbalah by A.E. Waite. I will share his
      pages as I find them to be astounding in insight that I have not seen
      shared before. Maybe many of you are already aware of these things
      but I thought to share them for those who may not have heard of these
      particular things. I love the idea of all the twins that exists
      within the Jewish tradition. I am called to remember how Islam speaks
      of certain things that are enlightened only truly in the Sufi
      tradition. I feel the same about the Old Testament and its
      revelations being revealed in the Zohar. Truly astounding in its
      similarities that speak the hearts treasures.

      Firstly I would like to say that I finally understand why the
      importance of the rabbis being married is prevalent in the Jewish
      society. Now, I do not know if it is for the same reason as this
      author has alluded to but I have a funny feeling it is: the Bride.

      A passage states:

      " It must be remembered in the first place that Elohim is a title of
      Shekinah and so also is Adonai, in which sense-but presumbaly for us
      in manifestation- she is called the Mirror of Jehovah. Like the First
      Matter of the Great Work of Alchemy, Shekinah is almost myrionymous
      in respect of her designations, but almost without exception, the
      ascriptions are feminine. She is now the Daughter of the King; she is
      now the Betrothed, the Bride and the Mother, and again she is sister
      in relation to the world of man at large. There is a sense also in
      which this Daughter of God is - or becomes - the Mother of man. In
      respect of the manifest universe, she is the architect of worlds,
      acting in virtue of the Word uttered by God in creation.


      Considered in her Divine Womanhood in the world of trancendance, she
      is the Beloved who ascends towards the Heavenly Spouse, and she is
      the Matrona who unties with the King, for the perfection of the
      Divine Male is in the Divine Female. Hence it is said that the
      perfection of Jehovah is in Elohim. She is a trinity in respect of
      her title as Elohim, for there is an Elohim in transcendance-
      concealed and mysterious-an Elohim that judges above and one who
      judges below; but these three are one.


      Most of the divine visions held by Abraham were visions and
      manifestations of Shekinah, who dwelt constantly in the tent of
      Sarah, and this is why Abraham-as we have seen-on appearing in the
      presence of the Pharoah, described Sarah as his sister, not his wife,
      his reference being really to Shekinah, who bears the title in
      respect of man and who accompanied Sarah. When he went to the rescue
      of Lot, on leaving his house, Abraham behld Shekinah lighting the way
      before him and encompassed by many celestial legions. She was present
      when Isaac blessed Jacob; it was she who conferred upon Jacob the
      name of Israel, and she was with him when he set up the mystical
      stone as a pillar. When seeking a wife it was with Shekinah that
      Jacob united his intention, hence it is said-in characteristic Zohar
      symbolism-that when he married Rachel he united heaven and earth.
      Shekinah, however did not ignore or forget about Leah but -as Holy
      Spirit- inspired her so taht she knew respecting her part in bearing
      of the twelve tribes. Rachel died when the progenitors of the tribes
      were completed and her place was taken by Shekinah, but after the
      death of Leah she removed to the house of Bala, so that she might be
      near Jacob, though she could not dwell in his house because -as we
      know-she resides only wehre the man is united with the woman. When
      Jacob lost Josephy he lost the Shekinah also, either because joy had
      left him, and she dwells only with the glad heart, or because it is
      said that he ceased to cohabit with his wife, as a mark of grief and
      desolation. " END QUOTES


      I shall end here for tonight. I always wondered what it meant when
      Abraham told the lie that Sarah was his sister. I never could
      understand it. Now I do in as far as this tradition of the great male
      leaders united to a woman in order for the presence of Shekinah to
      abide within. And of course this leads me to Magdalene. And yes,
      there is a remark that the feet represents, somehow through its
      letters, the male organ. It is a Jewish tradition among the rabbis
      that one be united with a woman. I think this is why Magdalene is
      called his companion. There are quite a few other points wherein the
      Bible one thing is discussed and no light has been shed, at least as
      far as I have read or understood, that also speaks to the Shekinah
      being spoken of on such intimate terms as that of Abraham and Sarah.

      All good things,
      I think it was quite interesting. 
      When Jesus was baptized the dove sank down over him, his higher I awake. When Shekinah hover above Abraham do we here have the same? I believe that Apollo/Orpheus is the same mythological figure and here Steiner mentions the feminine part which were to big to be part of the incarnation. 

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