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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Female Mysteries

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  • Kim Graae Munch
    Hi Dottie, I think the key word is love, and thats something which is not invented by man, and without that we are going further and further down in the
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      Hi Dottie,
      I think the key word is love, and thats something which is not invented by man, and without that we are going further and further down in the Ahrimanian hell, only love can save man from that hell, and I believe that's the role of woman, and I think all the woman lib we have seen is an attempt to find out how, as it can't continue the way it has, but one by one some find out.
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      Hi Kim,
      It seems to me that it is related by Rudolf Steiner that originally we were feminine beings. In the beginning Man was created male/female. ...there was no seperation right? And the female was within man already when Man was finally a physical being right? They were one? So we then have a seperation of them, there has to be a myth that can explain this better so to me they are created at the same time and not one before the other although in the written word that is how it is interpreted.
      The mysteries of the Feminine are the blood mysteries and this had to be I would imagine, because of the etherization of the blood and that the blood represents the Ego. But in any case it is all our mysteries ultimately and whether one is male or female at this point is not the most important thing although it does help to be a female it seems, sometimes, as we are the balancer of things for the most part.
      If we look at Sophia as the Womb of the World we can see the connection to the female species here on earth, however it seems to me that the males too are required to rise to this Womb mystery as in the future it is not the womb, as it is placed now and its function, that will be the future procreation element, it will be the larynx...therefore it seems to me that is where the male/female meet again as one...in the creation of the Word as One.
      It's  not just a female thing it is a human condition is my thinking.
      All good things,

      "If there is something more powerful than destiny, this must be the human being who bears destiny unshaken." Rudolf Steiner

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      There have been talked a lot about why the female mystery have been hidden, and I think it's because it's yet to come.
      Beinsa Douno have written this:

      The woman is the last Creation of God. Each subsequent Creation is more elevated than the former. God created the plants and the animals before man, and so man is more elevated than the plants and the animals. For the same reason, Eve remains more elevated than man - Adam.
      I think it was the task of the male to take man down into the physical world, and that has been the reason why we haven't heard much to the female mystery. But I think it's now the female which shall show the way up from the physical again.
      The problem are for woman to find out how; they have used a lot of time trying to be better than men in the masculine 'game', and have gone wild:

      Today the woman is regarded as a being who needs a man to look after her. I say: this is not a woman; this is a disabled person in a hospital. According to me, a woman is that one who saves the world; a woman is that one who holds the keys to Life; a woman is that one through whom the great and mighty power of that Love which bears Life is manifested. Therefore, the salvation of the world will come through the woman and not through the man.[BD]
      He is one of the few who is pointing forward regarding the feminine mysteries, everybody else try to find the mysteries in the past.

      Virgin of the World 

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