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  • Kim Graae Munch
    No, you don t understand my first answer. I say that ether stuff was created before physical stuff, so it must have been created before Saturn and not on old
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      No, you don't understand my first answer. I say that ether stuff was created before physical stuff, so it must have been created before Saturn and not on old sun. The etherbody is the lowest member of the Angels, and they are earlier than man, so it must have existed before man.
      I said that our physical body was joined with the ether at the sun, and thats something else than the ether was created on the sun.
      Try looking in the akasha chronicles as it's much clearer there.
      As I wrote, the upper layers, which also are the lighter are created before the heavier, but our bodies are joined from below. we started with minerals, then when developing we took the lighter ether in, later when evolving again, we took the lighter astral in, and on earth we took the lighter again Ego in, and on the New Jupiter we are going to incorporate the even lighter Manas.
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      Yes, I have studied in depth what you are saying, and maybe you don't understand my question.  (Maybe I should have asked it after I looked up the source from anthroposophical medicine .)  In the study of Anthroposophical Medicine, I have read (and also been taught by my mentor) that the etheric has as its medium WATER, and that the astral has as its medium AIR.  But it is my understanding from studying Steiner that on Old Sun, the air was created (and the etheric body of man) and on Old moon, the astral body of man was created.
      Anthroposophical Medicine equates
      1. ether with WATER
      2. astral with AIR
      But, in our history according to most Steiner sources:
      1. ether bodies created on Old Sun on which AIR (not water as above mentioned) was created
      2. astral bodies created on Old Moon on which WATER (not air as above mentioned)
      Does that make my question more clear?

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      Hi Sonjia,
      I didn't answer because I didn't know the answer;-), or maybe because I don't understand the question.
      Old Saturn were hot, the Ego were the lowest body of the Archai. the men of that time,
      old Sun were airy, the astral were the lowest body of the Arch angels, the men of that time,
      old Moon were wet, the ether were the lowest body of the Angels, the men of that time,
      and the Earth hard, the minerals are the lowest body of Man.
      Steiner says something about the angels working through streaming water, and the Arch Angels throug air or thunder, but precisely why I don't know. On the old Sun the Elementals of the first group is created and on the old Moon the elementals of the second group was created, and on Earth the elementals of the third category is created. These elementals+mineral stuff are connected to the elementary forces as Electromagnetic, strong, weak, and gravitational interaction. Which forces is the main reason for air and water? This may be a direction for a solution.
      But still, there is no contradiction, only an undefined area, which may be solved with more knowledge.
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      Hi Kim,
      Yes, I have read what you explained.  It is part of my question.  The other part is the relationship of etheric to water and astral to air.

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      Hi Sonjia,
      If I may come with a contribution.
      We were created on saturn, that is the minerals in our physical body. The ether body is a level higher than our physical body, so the ether must have been created on the planet before Old Staturn, which we can call Old Uranus, as Uranus was the father of Cronos/Saturn. What happened on the Old Sun is that the physichal body of man was connected to the ether, so we became a plant like being.
      The astral stuff were created on what we can call old Neptune, and it was connected to our etherbody on old Moon, so we became animal like.
      The Ego-stuff was created on what we can call Od Pluto, and is connected to our Astral body here on this Earth.
      So the body stuff is created from top to buttom, but we incorporate it from bottom to top. There isn't any contradiction here.
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      Uncle Taz,
      Thanks for your contribution. I also visited your website for the first time and appreciate what you are doing there.
      For some reason, I have been stuck on the contradictions (paradoxes) you mentioned somewhere on your email or the site. 
      And I have a question about one of them.  It is my understanding that our etheric body was created on the sun evolution, and our astral on the moon.  It is also my understanding that the etheric needs water as its medium and the astral needs air (this is from studying anthroposophical medicine).  If our etheric body was created first, then it would seem to reason that water would have been created before air, but this is not what Steiner says -- ether (air-sun) and then astral (water-moon) .  These appear as contradictions:
      Ether/air was created on Sun
      Astral/water on moon
      The opposite:
      ether needs water as medium
      astral needs air as medium 
      Thanks for any response.

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      > This is nothing short of brilliant Tarjei. I'll have to read it again later, and more in depth, as I don't have time right now. I got a bunch of the old episodes from the local library about a month ago, which included the Apollo episode and also the one where the girl has to die so that peace does not come before it's time, and allow Germany to develop the Bomb - both of which you mention.

      I have the complete remastered TOS which includes a collection of "special features" -- back stage documentaries, reminiscences, interviews with the actors and writers and other coworkers in connection with the 40th anniversary. I also have the 10 motion pictures and I've seen the latest, the 2009 release.

      So far, I've reviewed most of the two first TOS seasons, having almost one and a half season to go. I haven't reviewed the movies yet, except to look up some dialogue that I quote in my article. In good time I may get through it all, we'll see. Anyway, these collections are available and I highly recommend them.

      > You might have mentioned this, but I've wondered about the Vulcan hand greeting, and the raised arm of Christ with the same finger separation on the wooden statue that RS carved. Seems Like Gene R. might have come across RS's work at some point. Or perhaps God does speak in mysterious ways..

      Mark has answered this, and I do mention it in the article, except that detail about the letter Shin. Anyway, Leonard Nimoy tells all about it in a couple of interviews included in the "Special Features" that come with the remastered TOS package. Thanks for mentioning this detail on Steiner's Christ statue, I had no idea. This corroborates Spock's Michael-connection that I point to in this context.


    • spadoinkleman
      If you read what I said you would have seen that I wasn t fully in ... Likewise. In Europe we call them Duals, or the Dual where the term in US English
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        "If you read what I said you would have seen that I wasn't fully in
        > agreement with Steiner, and my reasons where backed in experience."


        "> In Europe we call them Duals, or the Dual where the term in US English
        > should be Twin Spirit as they are spiritual partners, married in heaven,
        > inheritance from the split into the genders, not earthly partners; soul
        > mates are compatible mentally but not spiritually.
        > Magdalene and John Lazarus are duals, and they have met before as the
        > Queen of Sheba and the architect Hiram Abiff. Christ and Sophia are
        > gods and they have put the gender stuff behind them, here the rule are
        > that Isis is both Mother and Wife. They are ├ćons."

        Yeah, twin souls, soulmates, whatever you want to call them.
        The soulmate thing, is a mystery, even to the most ancient angels, this is because it's better for it to be a mystery, some theories is that it's you in a parallel sort of "dimension" or whatever... The connection between the soulmates is very special. Empowers the individual in the union. They are the person you love the most, spiritually compatible, mentally compatible etc.
        You are mentioning "not spiritually compatible", that is fair nonsense, on Earth, the place of sin and corruption, each member of the soulmate union can become heavily corrupted, in which case the demons corrupting them, will drive them apart from one another, sicne finding the soulmate is very good for spiritual growth, so naturally the demons work against their union. in the soulmate union, on earth, if one is magi, the other is shepherd, and if they are impure, or corrupted, unholy, then they become luciferic and ahrimanic, which in most cases, drives them apart, the soulmate union requires purity for spiritual compatibility, they are "complementary opposites".... but their souls, once they rise above demonic corruptions, and superstitions, are incredibly compatible, there is no other person more compatible than the soulmate, spiritually, mentally, etc. Although sometimes male-male friendships are more intense mentally, but that's a bit different.
        Queen of Sheba is part of the cosmic humans, she was also a friend of Cyrus the great, she is not magdalene, she is just a cosmic human.
        Her soul is great. Love her.
        There is no such thing as gods, since god, by definition is deity, and since there is just One God, the Lord of all Existence, who created all beings, jesus, maitreya, goethe, steiner, sophia, all the angels etc, who all worship the One God, then it makes no sense to be worshipping the creation, this is straight up logical, if Jesus is sitting on a hill at night in Jerusalem praying to God, then i am going to do that too, why would i worship Jesus? Or sophia?
        There is no such thing as gods, this is luciferic nonsense, luciferians are very superstitious, that's why in ancient times they all had their gods and whatnot. Ahrimanic people in those days thought they were stupid.. they still are stupid.

        > When man split into the two genders their sexes where so little
        > developed that they couldn't decide what gender to chose, so they
        > shifted between them. Thats one explanation. Another is that these to
        > duals need to develop to a high state before being mature enough to live
        > together, and that means they have to round the sharp edges and that
        > craves that they should incarnate in both sexes. They are of course
        > always born in opposite genders, that is simply a natural law. They are
        > bound together with an unbreakable string in the same way we are bound
        > to god, and each ones progress are felt by the other. In many ways are
        > their life's much alike, in the same way as with the soul mate.
        > "

        I wont rule it out, but the soulmate union, which i am 100% sure of, is completely against the concept of a soul changing gender, unless of course there is some esoteric explanation, which you tried to provide here, for example, in the very primordial stages of earth, the very beginning, the soul union kind of is ambiguous, but this just doesn't seem right to me.
        You're right about soulmates having to develop themselves to be able to unite with one another, most earth humans will not find their soulmates until the very end, half of them are in hell, for example lol.

        "> You know that Steiner incarnated as Eabani/Enkidu together with
        > Gilgamesh? Enkidu was the luciferic man where Gilgamesh was the
        > ahrimanian man. Ismael (and Esau) was other incarnations representing
        > the spiritual, the luciferic, where Isaac and Jacob represents the
        > Earthly, ahrimanian. As Hagar is mother to Ismael, she must be of the
        > luciferic path, and these people were a lofty kind, thats the reason
        > Mohammad came with needle and thread. She was 'mother' to those who are Muslim today, and to many more."

        Steiner is a shepherd, he corrupts to lucifer much more easily than ahriman... so in many of his lives, including steiner, he had some luciferic impulse, but generally he was balanced in his incarnations. Kali Yuga is testing though.
        Hagar/Christiane is also a shepherd, and is a woman, so when she is corrupted, she becomes luciferic, like all shepherds.
        The Prophet Muhammed came to clear up a lot of the polytheism and luciferic supersitions, such as idol worship, and following demon-incarnations, also taught them about usury, banking, etc, it was necessary.. So in this sense you are right. Hagar-Ishmael having many descendants in Arabia is most likely true, but there were also many other tribes at about 1800-1900bc, when abraham was around, and you also have a lot of ishmaelites living in Egypt and other places like that, you also have many many with african ancestry in Arab lands, which are way more luciferic than the descendants of Hagar.

        "> Kim:
        > Interesting, where do you have it from?
        > By the way, I think Christiane is incarnated today again in a fully
        > normal incarnation."

        You find peoples astral bodies in the astral, and yuo can ask them all of their pastlives, and angels can also tell you peoples pastlives, if they will.
        Christiane is incarnated again today, she is half german half palestinian muslim woman, and she is pisces, very holy, very intelligent, very pious.
        :) (kind of poetic with the muslim-german(goethe wife) thing for this end times situation, and pisces is luciferic sign, lol)
        I don't think she was especially luciferic in any of her incarnations, i think that a shepherd woman, depending on her environment and upbringing, will naturally become luciferic, just by their innate inclinations...
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