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Re: FW: Urgent!

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  • elfuncle
    ... This looks very mysterious to me. I m not talking about the solar eclipse in China, but the above sentence. I feel I need some kind of dictionary. What s a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 26, 2009
      Mike shared:

      > Even mainstream
      > commentators have noted the potential for unusual disruption
      > in world affairs.

      This looks very mysterious to me. I'm not talking about the solar eclipse in China, but the above sentence. I feel I need some kind of dictionary. What's a mainstream commentator? Larry King? Bill O'Reilley? The only mainstream commentator I can think of who might note the potential for such a disruption is Jon Stewart.

      Secondly, what's a world affair? Are we talking about a romantic affair between heads of state or something? A scandal of some sort? A problem to be solved, or a diplomatic quarrel where countries expel each other's embassy personnel? It happens all the time, which makes me wonder what's a disruption? How is an affair disrupted? When the spouse of one of the parties walks in on the pair and videocasts it on TV? Another celeb infamy circus show?

      > Therefore, I am taking this personal
      > initiative of writing to you in order to suggest a way of
      > meeting this event with greater consciousness, and I invite
      > you to do the same.

      Personally, I'm more than willing to meet any event with greater consciousness -- except surgery, when I would prefer to be anesthesized -- but I don't think I would want to follow this person's instructions to do so. I distrust the author of the letter. I think that letter contains some hidden occult hypnotic commands that may be dangerous to the reader. I think that letter is written by one of those practitioners of black magic who are said to strive for great powers at solar eclipses. So my first step towards greater consciousness with regard to that eclipse would be to cast a counter-spell on that letter-writer -- a Harry Potter spell maybe. And I say: Get thee back to Peking on thy broomstick, leave the sun and moon alone, and stay out of those world affairs, shame on you!


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