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Re: Bullshit in the Abyss

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  • write3chairs
    ... Now that IS morally shocking news, Tarjei. Imagine that! ... Since when did this become a dead forum, Tarjei? Who died? Do tell, so we can send
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 13, 2009
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" wrote:

      > There's some mindless bullshit going on in the Abyss

      Now that IS morally shocking news, Tarjei. Imagine that!

      > these days about this forum, dragging my name into it
      > for some reason, after the AT moderator removed Mason
      > because of his repeated insistence on brandishing
      > Bondarev's anti-Semitism and holocaust denial.
      > He forwards the moderator email to Tom Mellett,
      > who then publishes it in the hole, where everyone
      > is morally shocked about the alleged absence of conscience
      > among Anthroposophy Tomorrow people because Tom claims
      > that the only reason why holocaust deniers won't be
      > tolerated, is that holefolks are among the readers.
      > Tom, of course, has no moral scruples it seems, because
      > he is a very cosy collaborator with Peter Staudenmaier,
      > whose historical revisionism is very similar to that of
      > David Irving. He is obviously equally cosy with Mason,
      > who would otherwise not have written to him.
      > I don't understand why membership in this now dead forum
      > is such a matter of life and death for some people. No blame
      > on you Mikael, I see nothing inappropriate about your emails
      > or your actions, quite the contrary. In the past, this forum
      > has always endeavored to err on the side of free speech,
      > no matter how outrageous, as long as there were enough
      > active participants to counter such stuff. But with a dead
      > forum, extreme wackos, racists and nutjobs have to go,
      > so you have Uncle Taz' blessing, Mikael.

      Since when did this become a "dead forum," Tarjei?

      Who died? Do tell, so we can send condolences and flowers!


      > The holefolks will never get a life but keep bickering
      > and growling with hatred and hostility against everything
      > anthroposophical until the end of their days, so be it;
      > others will never tire of attracting attention to themselves
      > by playing intellectual games with these hostilities,
      > and others again will never know what kind of asses they
      > make of themselves by promoting racism, anti-Semitism, and
      > Staudenmaier-styled historical revisionism.
      > Tarjei
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