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Re: Singularity Revisited

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  • elfuncle
    On the other hand, Jennifer, we also have this: http://wn.rsarchive.org/Books/GA026/English/RSP1973/GA026_c29.html
    Message 1 of 19 , Jun 2, 2009
      On the other hand, Jennifer, we also have this:


      183. In the age of Natural Science, since about the middle of the nineteenth century, the civilised activities of mankind are gradually sliding downward, not only into the lowest regions of Nature, but even beneath Nature. Technical Science and Industry become Sub-Nature.

      184. This makes it urgent for man to find in conscious experience a knowledge of the Spirit, wherein he will rise as high above Nature as in his sub-natural technical activities he sinks beneath her. He will thus create within him the inner strength not to go under.

      185. A past conception of Nature still bore within it the Spirit with which the source of all human evolution is connected. By degrees, this Spirit vanished altogether from man's theory of Nature. The purely Ahrimanic spirit has entered in its place, and passed from theory of Nature into the technical civilisation of mankind.

      ( -- Rudolf Steiner: Anthroposophical Leading Thoughts, From Nature to Sub-Nature [1925], GA 26)


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      > > > I don't understand what you mean by "it's happening."
      > >
      > > What I meant was that technology and science is bearing down on us
      > more all the time.
      > That's very true, but it doesn't mean singularity is happening, although
      > it's great movie fantasy material.
      > > What would Rudolf do? (WWRD)
      > He would probably have checked out GPS, and now he's our mutual Facebook
      > friend [:)] ; he criticized alarmists against technological
      > developents; there were those in the 19th century who thought cattle
      > would get nervous disorders or something because of trains passing by.
      > And he once remarked about the novelty of riding in an automobile,
      > although he never drove one.
      > Tarjei

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