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Re: Why we cherish Valentin Tomberg

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  • holderlin66
    Mr. Tomberg brought; Immediately above this group, in the Region of Imagination-at the boundary of Waking Consciousness-the Life-tableau which Christ left
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      Mr. Tomberg brought;

      Immediately above this group, in the Region of Imagination-at the boundary of Waking Consciousness-the Life-tableau which Christ left behind is shown. This tableau takes the place of the stolen imaginations of Sophia now appearing in the Sphere of Lucifer, above It consists of Imaginations which-since they were also real physical events-are not susceptible to the Luciferic influences At the same time, they are the "missing link" between the Region of Waking Consciousness and the Region of the Sophia's Inspiration And then, between the Region of the Sophia's Inspiration and the imaginations of the Life-tableau of Christ lies the Luciferic Sphere itself. At the time of the Pentecost event, however, this sphere became pervious to the Sophia-revelation descending from above. And this happened as the result of the inner conversion experienced by Lucifer at the Mystery of Golgotha.

      Bradford comments;

      Suppose it was the Fifth Gospel or the examination of the critical events and the Four Gospels through the prism and lens of Steiner's in depth research around ST. John - Matthew- Mark and Luke and the immense Priest Lectures.  What was so solid, so potent was the powerful etheric Life Tableau left by the Christ Being in the immediate ether of earth.  Life Tableau and in each person who was engaged, involved, touched by, came in contact with this immense Vulcan Christ Being raying out of a human form, after images, or complete shared objective pictures of the events that all four Gospels attempt to describe remain ringing in the ethers and ringing in the souls of the disciples, all the disciples, remained ringing in the immediate vicinity of the events.  Mighty etheric pictures buoyed the disciples up and then they stopped.  According to Spiritual Science schooling and Tomberg, they stopped and suddenly an immense disconnect, an exile from the vivid etheric events, suddenly the disciples were empty in a drab and tragic universe where only the disappearing shimmer and echo of such overwhelming Tableau pictures of this mighty being and the simple and powerful moral light that shone through Him, disappeared without a trace.

      Apparently the loss was crushing, encompassing laden with grief and despair beyond even our reckoning when we ourselves have been overwhelmed by grief of the loss of a loved one.  The kernel of this grief, that is something I have always felt to be a powerful and sobering force that wrings the soul and ties it in knots, was intensely more potent as it acted upon this vast group of people who had shared a common encounter with a Being who could literally raise the dead, and hold the ethers and etheric bodies of humanity and everyone He touched in an epicenter, a resonating after image that brought daily, daily memories or words or whole scenes to life, vividly -  Could hold a large vast swath of souls vividly immersed in the immense Etheric Life Tableau of this mighty supersensible human/divine being.  But suddenly it all stopped, sucked out, emptied, left the vast number of souls darkened, empty and utterly lost. 

      Because this was not merely grief and the individual life tableau of just anybody, but the whole surrounding ethers, the ethers that today are Israel, the ethers that were so deeply imprinted into the karmic participants, rather not merely the karmic but the chosen particpants had had their etheric bodies stamped by the powerful etheric impressions left resonating in their etheric bodies and that impression individually was taken up to the vast stars and those interwoven souls found themselves reincarnated around the entire Parsifal extended Family of the Grail.  They found themselves resounding and hungering for and experiencing a kind of echo and identification of astral and etheric resonance into the age of the the Grail and the Arthurian sagas of the 12.  Just like the twelve disciples an immense swath of souls had been intimately merged with the etheric body of this Christ Being and His Earthly destiny.

      Tomberg explores richly and clearly the path and purpose of the relationship between Sophia wisdom and Lucifer.  For because Christ was actually on the Earth, the etheric resonation is not a fantasy but lives in the etheric reality of the Earth and if Steiner takes on the Fifth Gospel or the other Four or Five major gospel sources including St. John and Revelation, well we are not talking about Luciferic Imaginations, except that Lucifer and Spiritual Science becomes Sophia or Anthroposophia.   Because a Being of the magnitude of the Christ Being literally lived on Earth the Etheric Life Tableau resounded, resounded as an after image and echo in the ethers until the moment when the Mother of one of the Jesus boys, one of the two Mary's, according to Tomberg, and according to the historical events of Christianity, one of the Mary's became the focal point where the Sophia wisdom could once more rush like living Loveing fire above the heads of the disciples so that their pineal and cranial nerves as well as their living and loving hearts caught fire and the new Sophia Intuitions and Imaginations and Consciousness and Language, plenty of Language bridges, plenty of moments where all the different people fully understood each other in what sounded or was understood as appearing in their own thought life, directly appearing in something of their own understanding and thinking and comparable to their own language.

      Tomberg logically and clearly does an immense service in bringing us to a point where Luciferic intuitions and imaginations, find their way into the wisdom of a renewed and active Sophia-Intuition and thinking.  Instead of Luciferic disconnected fantasy, arbitrary tidbits and tatters of the great Star and Sophia wisdom tangled in subjective luciferic Sex-Drugs and Rock and Roll, instead of airheads, we find that the entire tragic and engulfing loss of the immense Etheric resonating Life Tableau of the Christ Being, sinks down and away and through the grief, a kind of cosmic grief, creates the weight needed and the flynt or flint needed to spark the Holy Spirit or the Sophia Thinking, the objective Sophia thinking that eventually, comes in a vast flood of wisdom through the thinking powers of the objective Rudolf Steiner personality.  Lucifer offers himself in the service of purified thinking forces that can approach the Christ.

      Pan is dead and Christ lives, but everyone still plays in the real world their arbitrary freak card, their happy drug dance and prefer watered down UFO visions and whole hosts of magic creeds and crutches instead of the generous open hearted approach to real human experience where the real Life Tableau of every human being as a Near Death Experience, underlies the science of the threshold and becomes concretely part of the medical sciences and religious and artistic sciences so that understanding the etheric body of a single human being and how our Life Tableau appears before us, magnified to the reality that Earth and the etheric body of the Earth had impressed into it the destiny of the Christ Being and that His Life Tableau, not only still resonates it is part of the process where we gain Sophia like thinking via purification of silly tendencies like,  I am against anything Valentin Tomberg says because he couldn't have said anything worth hearing because he retreated back into the Church.

      Sympathies and Antipathies or actual ability to hear the worthiness of different voices and different ways of approach and instead we take poltical democratic or republican dualistic sides or just take the side of what the mob generally is sqawking about.  This attitude does not reflect the objective reality of being able to grow UNDERSTANDING to understand willingly and wisely where rich wisdom or humble wisdom might be found. 

      Life Tableau?  A vivid reality that can be studied in the neighoring etheric regions and experienced by each of us along with how our Angel sheds light on our lives and all the little incidents of our lives?  These are objective facts of every human being and everyones experience, but remains refused and forbidden in actual medical and education because it might upset the children that they actually have come from a spiritual world and build their little etheric bodies and that the accumulated wisdom of biography and life events might be cohesively reviewed by intelligence and Sophia wisdom greater than what we wish to permit anyone to know,  this prevents even the objectivity of the Life Tableau of the Christ from being understood and objectified and opened up to the future, letting light and air into the closed hole that has, it is true, been closed by the closed minded church that Valentin Tomberg finally disasppeared into.

      But we have all been victim of forcing ourselves to take sides in petty arguments that have been constantly insighted to divide and conquer even the Michael School.  And some fools fall right into it so we know that they are foolish.  One one side the divide and Conquer superficial battle that engages the weak minded is to pit Sergei Prokofiev. ... Against Valentin Tomberg.  Prokofieff is a prolific author, and an outspoken critic of Valentin Tomberg and both have stood in the service of attempting to explore deep regions of Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science.  It doesn't matter.  This isn't a political game.  This isn't an issue that we need to take sides about because certainly in point of fact none of our shit, none of our subjective crappy attitudes smells like the roses of and the lillies of the Sophia wisdom.  Sophia and the Beautiful Lily of the Sophia Wisdom. 

      One of the major realities we come away with, one of the take aways from this particular Tomberg research is the understanding of how Sophia and the Intellectual Soul and the Consciousness Soul and the forces that we are required to build in order to clarify our Imaginations, requires us to have  and work with Synthesis.  Antagonistic dualism and keeping everyone on argumentative sides of who's team is right is utterly wrong from the standpoint of approaching Sophia clarity and Understanding that lifts wisdom back into the realm of the flow of Sophia herself and Anthroposophia enables, or should enable, not weak minded nits who just want to hear their sympathies and antipathies played back in soothing echoes or creating drama where no little dramas should be because they remain emotionally in need of constant attention, meaning dysfunctional emotional immature wrecks...Anthroposophia can truly stand on the issue of overcoming immature Luciferic tendencies.

      Now all that is just the Luciferic issue and what has been discussed has nothing to do or had very little to do with our dear friend Ahriman. 

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