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Thought on Sympathy and Antipathy

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  • Sue Mohler
    ... sympathy or antipathy. ... Development_ an excerpt from Ch. V titled / General Demands Which Every Aspirant For Occult Development Must Put to Himself
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2009
      >Many of the thoughts expressed on the list are either teeming with
      sympathy or antipathy.
      >I would like to share with you all from Rudolf Steiner's _Esoteric
      Development_ an excerpt from Ch. V titled /"General Demands Which Every
      Aspirant For Occult Development Must Put to Himself" /..."In the fourth
      month, as a new exercise, one should take up what is sometimes called a
      "Positive attitude" to life. It consists in seeking always for the
      good, the praiseworthy, the beautiful, and so on, in all beings, all
      experiences, all things. This quality of soul is best characterized by
      a Persian legend concerning Christ Jesus. One day as He was walking
      with His disciples, they saw a dead dog lying by the roadside in a state
      of advanced decomposition. All the disciples turned away from the
      repulsive sight; Christ Jesus alone did not move but observed the
      animal thoughtfully and said; "What beautiful teeth the animal has!"
      Where the others had seen only the repulsive, the unpleasant, He looked
      for the beautiful. So must the esoteric pupil strive to seek the
      positive in every phenomenon and in every being. He will soon notice
      that under the mask of something repulsive there is a hidden beauty,
      that even under the mask of a criminal there is a hidden good, that
      under the mask of a lunatic, the divine soul is somehow concealed."
      >Yes we need to be awake and aware of Rome burning but what can we do
      personally about it?? Do we think the US doesn't have a big Karmic
      payment due viz Native Americans and the importing of slaves?
      >For myself, I believe that when The Christ said "It is finished" that
      he meant much, much, more than his physical task was done on earth. I
      believe time and space were both changed at that moment and the outcome
      of the desire of God the Father, God the Son and the slumbering God the
      Holy Spirit was guaranteed. We have Michael to lead us in courage and
      Rudolf Steiner's teachings as well as the Gospels to help us develop our
      own Michaelic steadfastness in the face of evil no matter who wears that
      All the best
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