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Re: Easter thoughts -- and beyond

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  • holderlin66
    I found this text The Human Heart A Lecture By Rudolf Steiner Dornach, May 26, 1922 GA
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      I found this text "The Human Heart " A Lecture By Rudolf Steiner Dornach, May 26, 1922 GA 212
      yesterday, and it's really interesting.

      " For, at death, what is gathered up and concentrated there in the human being becomes increasingly cosmic; and in our next earthly life it is incorporated in the human being once again out of the cosmos. Everything we do, accordingly, concerns not ourselves alone. Incorporated within us is something that comes from the cosmos and retains the tendency, after our death, to give over our deeds to the cosmos once more. For it is from the cosmos that the karmic laws work themselves out, fashioning our karma. So do we bear the effects of what the cosmos makes of our deeds back again into earthly life, at the beginning of our next life on earth."

      Bradford comments;

      The Human Heart lecture given in 1922 by Steiner gathers into focus many insights.  One such insight is something we have attempted to express for several years.  We bring with us a cosmic map, each person brings with them a picture of the stars, and karmic navigational tool.  Between the unfolding of the hereditary heart that links itself into the hereditary stream and the head and heart connection that tells us clearly that there are TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES, Steiner plots out clearly how the etheric and astral heart map becomes configured, and the navigational and individual birth and biography of our individual star forces are woven into the current karmic life scroll.

      We look upon the stars of entrance, where we entered and fixed our star configurations and we sink our karma, via the Lord of Karma into our hereditary stream, anchored in the etheric heart and gradually this first phase, like our first teeth, fall away and we gain for ourselves a more distinct field of our own heart capacities, more refined and integrated into our own karmic potentials.  It is here where in previous researches I sought this first Angelic Moon Node of approx. 19 years, where our heart and higher being and Angelic intention and soul forces have been integrated and intersect a star point where we re-transit that which inserted us into the karmic hereditary stream we chose on Earth.  At approx 19 and around 18.6 years our unique astral and star patterns and earthly personalities are form fitted, that is by the constellations we brought with us, that which has stamped our entrance into incarnation, that which we sometimes say is our first breath and we gather round a little cake and sing happy birthday, as another year of our physical incarnation is celebrated - obviously is only part of the equation of exactly how our etheric and astral bodies and finally our i am recover our thought and navigational star streaming and intentions and form our own emancipated karmic destiny.

      So as a preliminary research to the Karma lectures themselves, Steiner placed before us a picture of the Lord of Karmas technical activities within each human being as they mature, ripen and cast off the unneeded hereditary baggage and refine their own star intentions and karmic intentions for their incarnation.  Now certainly at age 14 approx we understand heart, love, sexuality and attractions to things that we become attracted to.  We get a taste for what our tastes and attractions will be.  By the first Moon Node at approx 19 years of age, the literal Moon returns to exactly the configuration it was in, when we first slid into incarnation and recalls, via our Angelic relation to our higher intentions, the cohesive star qualities we brought with us.

      This direction of research into the human heart supports what I have gathered and I am grateful to Kim and all the researchers for sweeping over the heart region.  For I had gotten to the point where I could understand the TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES as part of the mapping and star imprinting of our own unique region of thinking.  In other words we carry into incarnation via our astral nerve system and our TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES a field of potentials that reveal to us why each of us are unique insertions into Space out of Time.  Time might be spread out before us, all of those past incarnations, all of our memories in NDE or Near Death Experiences, reveal a sort of holographic death map of all our etheric and astral experiences laid out as a kind of spacial picture of Time.  A true Sun force system.

      But as we enter the research of the human heart that STeiner lays before us, we now grasp how etheric body forces, etheric habits, etheric temperaments and tendencies we carry with us from our previous incarnations merge into our hereditary heart and bodily etheric field like an overlay and how we outgrow and refine our parents patterns and come to the slow illumination of our own astral star configurations that were hidden in our etheric hearts.  Slowly our astral hearts and our TWELVE CRANIAL NERVES integrate and technically overlay just who we are and what we brought with us out of the stars, that now walks, talks, makes loves, finds love, works at unconditional love and thinks, acts and carries within ourselves our own unique star stamp that is monitored by the Angels every 18.6 years.

      Slowly we encounter our karmic Saturn forces carried through our entire biography every 29 1/2 years...These events are always specific to us and standard to all biographies and therefore the Christ weaves into all human biographies because the great I AM and the lesser i am's throb to the same Time sequence of the vernal points of the progressive Sun through the equinoxes.  But again, we are carrying the star charts of ourselves deeply imprinted and deeply laid in the foundation of our bodily, etheric and astral forces and these very star forces are linked directly to our hearts and our 12 cranial nerves.  How each human thinks and how they rid themselves of heredity domination and locate the strengths of their own star being and have their sympathies and antipathies, tastes in thought, poetry, films, relationships and etheric temperament tendencies brought under the shadow form of the Anima and Animus as well as the style we choose of Sanguine or Melancholic or phlegmatic or choleric out of the invisible elemental beings that came with us into incarnation from our starry companions where the constellations themselves tell of airy sylphs, air signs, earthy gnomes or earth signs, phlegmatic water or water undine style personality traits or fiery, salamandar and choleric traits, these appear in the style and direction of the physical and etheric sheaths.

      All the while our physical selves have an opposite mirrored karmic being known as our anima or animus that reveals previous incarnations where strongly feminine or strongly male forces direct our soul urges and our current political sexual games of same sex attractions.  But most importantly, are the refined constellation and thought tools, moral and ethically real forces, not phony or borrowed forces from our church or parents, all these hoops and hurdles that we as human beings accumulate as we go along our paths either obstruct or benefit our gifts.  In all the details that Steiner workds out in this heart lecture, we see the technical outline of just how the Lord of Karma harvests the forces of the stars we have alchemically transformed during our incarnations into new living courage to face the ongoing upward development of humanity.



      "The etheric body, as it forms and develops itself in the human being, is a universe in itself — a universe, one might say, in picture form. At its circumference it manifests something in the nature of stars, and in its lower portion something that appears more or less as an image of the earth. It even has in it a kind of image of the sun nature and the moon nature.

      This is of great significance. On our descent into the earthly world, when we draw to ourselves the forces of the universal ether, we actually take with us in our etheric body a kind of image of the cosmos. If we could extract the etheric body of a man at the moment when he is uniting with the physical, we should have a sphere — far more beautiful than has ever been wrought by mechanical means — a sphere complete with stars and zodiac and sun and moon.

      These configurations of the etheric body remain during the embryonic time, while the human being coalesces more and more with his physical body. They begin to fade away a little, but they remain. Indeed they remain right on into the seventh year — that is, until the change of teeth. In the etheric body of the little child, this cosmic sphere is still quite recognizable. But with the seventh year — with the change of teeth — these forms that we behold in the etheric body begin to ray out, in a manner of speaking, previously they were more star-like; now they begin to be like rays. The stars dissolve away in the human ether body; but as they do so they become rays, rays with a tendency to come together inwardly.

      All this goes on gradually throughout the period of life between the change of teeth and puberty. At puberty the process is so far advanced that these rays, having grown together here in the center, form as it were a distinct structure — a distinct etheric structure of their own. The stars have faded out, while the structure which has gathered in the center becomes especially living. And in the midst of this central etheric structure, at the time of puberty, the physical heart, with its blood vessels, is suspended.

      So we have this strange phenomenon of the star-ether-body drawing inwards. As etheric body it is, of course, undifferentiated at the periphery of the organism — very little can be distinguished in there. On the other hand, during the time from the change of teeth until puberty, it is intensely radiant, raying from without inwards. Then it gathers itself together, and there, clearly suspended within it, is the physical heart."

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