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Ahriman (was: Huang Ti)

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  • elfuncle
    ... And I agree with you both. ... issue ... Christ ... Steiner. And this is Rudolf Steiner s message exactly: Be aware of how he operates, that his power and
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Kim" <kimgm@...> wrote:
      > I agree with you fully
      > Dottie:

      And I agree with you both.

      > I don't think it behooves us to name regions nor dates of this
      > incarnation of Ahriman. I am thinking he is already here in spirit so
      > the idea of him being in man really doesn't throw me as much as I am
      > thrown by the students of Steiner to not be prepared inwardly as good
      > human beings of heart consciousness to meet this moral dillema that
      > faces us now and in ever greater degree tomorrow. This is the main issue
      > for me. Where he is or will be and when is of little importance when I
      > look around and see not many with oil in their lamps to meet the Christ
      > in today's time with their fellow coworkers.
      > It's not Ahriman who is the danger, the danger lies in if we are not
      > prepared when he comes, and that takes some time yet, following Steiner.

      And this is Rudolf Steiner's message exactly: Be aware of how he operates, that his power and influence is on the increase while he is preparing his incarnation, And what I wanted to add to this in my previous post, was that we get easily sidetracked and also deceived if we exteriorize these things by emphasizing our focus on the outer world. We only have the proper ability to discern such things, say, in politics and economics, if we have first recognized thoroughly how Ahriman operates in our own souls, how he influences our own inner evolution. If we don't first recognize, now Lucifer is thinking through me, now Lucifer is in me, and now I experience the true Christ and so forth, we can be extremely deceived through ahrimanic cleverness, calculations and other headspins, about who is what in the external world.

      "For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect.  But take ye heed: behold, I have foretold you all things." ( -- Mark 13:22-23)

      This applies not only to false Christs and prophets, but also to false antichrists and Ahrimans. And when the real Ahriman finally arrives, anthroposophists may think it's the Matreya Buddha or something, because they're so hooked on their own cleverness and latter-day wannabe psychics.

      > Some years ago a computer programmer, David Black, wrote "The Computer and the Incarnation of Ahriman ":

      I remember reading about this work by David Black a couple of decades ago, and especially fascinating was the central theme of cold fusion. I haven't read the book itself, som I'm not sure whether Black tried to postulate an incarnation of Ahriman that would be reminiscent of the 1977 horror film Demon Seed, where the Devil becomes alive in a computer (similar to the Terminator story) and rapes a woman, impregnating her, or if he simply talked about Ahriman incarnating in a computer as a prelude to his future incarnation in a biological human being. But the fascinating thing about cold fusion is that Ahriman is coldness, and the lower freezing temperature (i.e. the more sub-degrees), the better for him. At the same time, experiments have been made to build an organic harddisk from living cells (greenhouse or something) to create a live, thinking computer brain. It would be difficult to combine such experiments though, because organic, active tissue can hardly be combined with deep-freeze.

      Ahriman is coldness, and he is the father of our intellect, which makes it necessary for the brain to maintain a lower temperature than the rest of the body. The head has to stay cool, thus the need for hair and hats. But the very idea that Ahriman thrives best in the lowest imaginable freezing temperatures lend credence to the notion that he comes from somewhere far outside our own solar system, possibly as far as possible for any star or sun, where darkness and coldness reigns.


      The higher hierarchies contain in their being the forces that have formed Saturn, the Sun, the Moon and finally the Earth. If the higher hierarchies had expressed their teachings amongst themselves, as it were, up to the Mystery of Golgotha, they would have said: We can form the Earth out of Saturn, Sun and Moon. But if the Earth were to contain only what we have placed into Saturn, Sun and Moon it would never have been able to develop beings who know something about death, and can therefore develop the intellect within them. We, the higher hierarchies, are able to let an Earth proceed out of the Moon, on which there are men who know nothing of death, and on which they cannot develop the intellect. It is not possible for us, higher hierarchies, to form the Earth in such a way that it is able to supply the forces which lead man towards the intellect. We must rely, for this, on an entirely different being, on a being who comes from another direction than our own — The Ahrimanic Being. Ahriman is a being who does not belong to our hierarchy. Ahriman comes into the stream of evolution from another direction. If we tolerate Ahriman in the evolution of the Earth, if we allow him a share in it, he brings us death, and with it, the intellect, and we can take up in the human being death and intellect. Ahriman knows death, because he is at one with the Earth and has trodden paths which have brought him into connection with the evolution of the Earth. He is an initiate, a sage of death, and for this reason he is the ruler of the intellect. The gods had to reckon with Ahriman — if I may express it in this way. They had to say: the evolution cannot proceed without Ahriman. It is only a question of admitting Ahriman into the evolution. But if Ahriman is admitted and becomes the lord of death and, consequently, of the intellect too, we forfeit the Earth, and Ahriman, whose sole interest lies in permeating the Earth with intellect, will claim the Earth for himself. The gods faced the great problem of losing to a certain extent their rule over the Earth in favour of Ahriman. There was only one possibility — that the gods themselves should learn to know something which they could not learn in their godly abodes which were not permeated by Ahriman — namely, that the gods should learn to know death itself, on the Earth, through one of their emissaries — the Christ. A god had to die on earth, and he had to die in such a way that this was not grounded in the wisdom of the gods, but in the human error which would hold sway if Ahriman alone were to rule. A god had to pass through death and he had to overcome death.

      ( -- Rudolf Steiner: Exoteric and Esoteric Christianity, Dornach, April 2nd 1922, GA 211)

      This is the interesting part: "We must rely, for this, on an entirely different being, on a being who comes from another direction than our own — The Ahrimanic Being." It's a paradox and an enigma, because if we take a look at GA 346, where RS calls him Satan btw, probably because he was talking to priests, theologians, with Lutheran backgrounds. For the same reason probably, he says "God" instead of "the progressive hierarchies" which is otherwise more typical of him. Here is a very interesting bit from Lecture 11:


      Satan is an exalted being who, however, treads another path than those that can be trodden on the earth. The Beast and the False Prophet are powers who seduce human beings, who have the will to tempt humanity on to the wrong paths both morally and intellectually. The power, dear friends, whom we mean when we talk of the fall of Satan, this power has quite other plans. He not only wants to throw humanity off course but he also wants to do this to the earth as a whole. From the point of view of human beings and of the earth this power is a terrible adversary of God.

      But, you see, we can say hypothetically—for only in this way can we do so without falling into intellectual sin or more especially into spiritual sin—we can say the following. We can ask: If we do not look at this from the point of view of human, earthly evolution, if we consider it from other, higher viewpoints—what, then, is the position of this power of Satan over against other spirits in the cosmos?

      It is not surprising that Michael, whose standpoint differs from that of human beings, has quite a different view about Satan. Human beings remain in the abstract and think that Satan is an evil power. But Satan is also an exalted power, even though he is in error as regards the directions that are suitable for the earth. He is an exalted power. Michael, who has the degree of an archangel, does not have the rank of Satan, who has the degree of an archai. Michael is `only' an archangel. From Michael's point of view Satan is not a power to he despised but a power to be immensely feared, for Michael sees this power who belongs to the hierarchy of the archai as being more exalted than himself. Michael, however, has chosen to go in the direction that is the same as that of earth evolution.

      A very long time ago Michael decided to work in those planetary orbits that are preordained by the sun existence. Satan is a power who for ever lies in wait in the cosmos. There is something eerie about the way Satan lies in wait. We can perceive this, dear friends, in those moments when we see a comet shooting across our sky, a comet that follows quite a different orbit from that of the planets.

      ( -- Rudolf Steiner: The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest, Lecture Eleven, Dornach, 15 September 1924, GA 346)

      The first sentence here corroborates the former excerpt from GA 211 above: "Satan is an exalted being who, however, treads another path than those that can be trodden on the earth." But then he describes him as someone with the hierarchic degree of an Archai, which would indicate that he originates from our own sustem of progressive hierarchies and is a fallen Spirit just like Lucifer, unless the same system of ranks may also be applied to "alien" hierarchies in remote corners of the Cosmos. Another source of possible confusion here is that Michael is described as regarding Statain/Ahriman as a Being to be immensely feared because Michael himself, says Steiner, has the degree of an Archangel [only], although we know him to be the present Spirit of the Age, which gave him a promotion so to speak from Archangel to Archai. We may deduce from this that although Michael holds the office and the task, responsibility, of an Archai, he only has the power of an Archangels, insofar as such power and rank is related to cosmic age. The Arhangels are two planetary evolutions ahead of humanity, the Archai are three evolutionary evolutions ahead and so on, just like the plants and the minerals are two and three planetary evolutions behind humanity with regard to the evolution of consciousness. (Steiner often calls these ranks higher and lower, which has become an inexhaustible source of abuse and misrepresentation in the hole btw).

      After the above excerpt, Steiner goes on to describe how Satan/Ahriman is using comets to throw the planets off orbit while Michael is struggling to keep them on course. But here is yet another riddle about Satan/Ahriman, especially in regard to his increasing influence in preparation for his incarnation: John the Apocalyptist wrote that Satan would be bound for a thousand years, and Rudolf Steiner said, in Lecture 10 (same volume), that this time is the present -- or at least it was the present in 1924:


      In a certain sense Satan is bound at the present time. But he will become unbound again. Satan is bound, and those who see what matters in evolution know that he is bound. For if Satan were not bound at present, then all those things would come about that could mean the full outpouring of the phials of wrath. If Satan were not bound, there would be seen in the external world in the most horrible way how this is connected with the materialistic attitude and way of life on earth. Profoundest inner cynicism would proclaim materialism to be the truth, and this would arouse such greedy desire in the unbound Satan that one would see this materialistic attitude and way of life and the way ahrimanic powers seize on it, as the most horrible, the most frightful diseases.

      If Satan were not bound, one would have to speak of materialism not merely as an attitude and way of life but as being the most evil of diseases. Instead of this, people make their way in life with the cynicism and frivolity of materialism, even religious materialism, and nothing befalls them. That nothing befalls them is due solely to the fact that Satan is bound while God is still giving human beings a chance to find their way to the spirit without falling prey to Satan. If Satan were here now, there would be many a teacher in one creed or another that had fallen for materialism who would present a frightful, a terrible sight to humanity. The inner picture pointing to the possible disease of materialism, the leprosy of materialism that would be here if Satan were not bound is indeed a most terrible one.

      ( -- Rudolf Steiner: The Book of Revelation and the Work of the Priest, Lecture Ten, Dornach, 14 September 1924, GA 346)

      So the question is: Will Ahriman still be bound when he incarnates? Were Lucifer and Christ bound when they incarnated? If not, the gods are not playing a fair game with Ahriman it seems. Maybe it's time for Sympathy for the Devil or something >:)


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