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Southern Cross Review Nr. 64

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Dear A_Ters, The new issue of Southern Cross Review has just been delivered to your cyber-doorstep. In the Editor s Page we have the honor of being the first
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2009
      Dear A_Ters,
      The new issue of Southern Cross Review has just been delivered to your cyber-doorstep. In the Editor's Page we have the honor of being the first to nominate Michelle Obama for President in 2016. Why? Read it and tell your friends and enemies.
      Current Events this issue offers an article by Tom Englehardt about Afghanistan and its reputation as a graveyard for empires. The British and the Soviets tried to tame what until now has been an untamable land. Now the USA under its new president is trying. Let's hope Tom is wrong. Gaither Stewart isn't happy either as he tells us how Europe is losing its anti-war spirit – recently acquired, I'd say. Sorry to be so negative, but Robert Freeman follows up comparing the present United States administration to that of the failed German pre World War II Weimar one.
      But do not despair, for in Features John Updike entertains us with an essay about Ted Williams' last at bat. What, you never heard of Ted Williams, the last baseball player to bat 400, an American hero? Never mind, go back to your boring soccer game. Then there's a biographical note about the great Argentinean writer Jorge Luis Borges, by Mateo Sancho Cardiel, and another one by Gary Lachman (remember him, of "Blondie" rock music fame?) about the great Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa.
      Roberto Fox fans will be overjoyed to note his return to these pages. And don't miss a gem by a new writer, Naomi Johnson, who claims to be not as old (89) as her protagonist. A couple of pizza stories, in English and Spanish follow. They appeared here a couple of years ago and since then have received over 15,000 "hits" (readers) with the Spanish version outnumbering the English by 3,000 (go figure).
      Under Anthroposophy, Keith Francis's lectures on the Evolution of Consciousness continue. Also a few pages from Friedrich Rittelmeyer's book about his encounter with Rudolf Steiner (in the flesh), along with an invitation to download the whole eBook free of charge. Rudolf Steiner: Continuation of his "Genesis" lectures, a lecture about the forces of darkness and his "Guidelines" continued.
      Science sees Steve Talbott's return with the first of a three-part exposition about the realities behind the genome phenomenon.
      Philip K. Dick's super spiritual science-fiction book – the last he wrote is reviewed and Poetry by Jorge Luis Borges Borges (bilingual) and Oscar Wilde with an essay by Borges about that poem (The Ballad of Reading Goal) bring up the rear – or the bottom line, if you prefer.
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