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  • val2160
    Dennis Klocek An artist, scientist, biodynamic gardener, and alchemist, Dennis Klocek received an MFA with a thesis on Goethe s Color theory. Currently, he is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2009

      Dennis Klocek

      An artist, scientist, biodynamic gardener, and alchemist, Dennis Klocek received an MFA

      with a thesis on Goethe's Color theory. Currently, he is director of the Consciousness Studies

      program at Rudolf Steiner College. He is an international lecturer and the author of:

      Bio-Dynamic Book of Moons, Weather and Cosmology, Drawing from the Book Nature, and

      Seeking Spirit Visions.

      The Easter Mystery:

      Resurrecting the Salt of Thinking Workshop

      The Easter Mystery is a profound celebration of the eventual transformation of

      what an alchemist would call the corpse into a new spiritual existence. For Rosicrucian

      alchemy, the corpse of the human was intimately linked to the patterns of

      sensation and thinking that created the fall of man. The deed of Christ at Easter

      teaches us how in future times, humans will extract from the corpse of their

      sense bound thinking the salt of eternal understanding. When that happens human

      beings will become what the Rosicrucian adepts called the Fourth Hierarchy.

      In this workshop, Dennis Klocek will present a series of exercises designed to

      illustrate the corpse-like nature of fallen sensation and contrast that to a Rosicrucian

      approach to the redemption of the senses. This eventual redemption

      is a recapitulation of what Rudolf Steiner calls the transformation of the human

      phantom which was the central motif of the sacrifice of the Christ on

      Golgotha. We will work with several different approaches to the task of loosening

      and fixing the astral body. These approaches will involve working to move imaginative

      pictures through the neurological pathways by following an image process inwardly

      from the retina though the crossing points in the optic nerve eventually approaching

      the kidney. We will then work to find the image of the kidney in the orbit of Venus.

      This approach can be referenced in Rudolf Steiner's book: Anthroposophy, a Fragment.

      Friday, April 17th,

      7:30 PM- opening lecture

      Saturday, April 18th,

      9:00-10:30 PM- 2nd lecture

      10:30-11:00- break

      11:00-12:30- lecture

      12:30- 2:00- lunch at local restaurants

      2:00-3:30- lecture

      Sponsored by the Denver Anthroposophy Society, Denver Branch

      All lectures will held at the Denver Waldorf School, 940 Fillmore St. in Denver on the second floor.

      Admission is based on a sliding scale:

      $20 - 25 per lecture or $75 - 125 for entire event (amount in excess of $75 is a tax donation).

      Contact Judith Weaver (303.861.0825) or Kirk Mills (303.456.8064)

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