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  • Mike Helsher
    Been thinking alot about the world at large lately, and so it goes that this little gem would come into my view: The human individual is the source of all
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 17, 2009
      Been thinking alot about the world at large lately, and so it goes that this little gem would come into my view:

      "The human individual is the source of all morality and the center of life on earth. State and society are there only because they result necessarily from the life of individuals. That state and society should then work back upon the life of the individual is just as comprehensible as the fact that butting, which is there through the horns, works back upon the further development of the bull's horns, which would atrophy through prolonged disuse. In the same way the individual would have to atrophy if he lived a separate life outside of any human community. Indeed, that is exactly why a social order takes shape, in order to work back again upon the individual in a beneficial way."

      I struggle with looking at this idea from an amoral perspective: "oh, it's all part of the plan." This has tended to create a conservative perspective in me: "Look at this sick sad world, its gonna burn, where's my gun and survival gear?" On the other hand, I have lost myself in the feverish self righteous projection of what I see as moral on others  "I'm gonna save the world, you people are stupid! Bush is an idiot and a puppet for the corporate cloning of america!" mentality.

      But now I find and experience in glimpses that I am the source of all morality, and so are you! A friend sent a quote back to me from a rough draft of a book that I've written, that I was surprised to read, and forgotten about.

       " ...what if we dare to believe in the unknown future that will grow naturally, and in accord with the life that is abundant within and all around us, out of the conscious  awareness of our connection to each other and to life itself? It's your choice. It's our choice. No doubt the cosmos will continue without us, as we believe ourselves to be today. But I cannot help wondering what it might be like, if we choose to pay attention to the unknown within us."

      So this intrinsic morality exists within every person that I see, and  can see it now more than ever before in this lifetime, yet we seem to have the wool pulled over our eyes. It is so deeply sad and so beautiful. And all I can do is what I Love. I Love being human, whatever that means.



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