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  • Kim
    What is True or Highest Self Animus in Aristotle/Steiner terminology? /Kim ... which ... Consciousness ... my ... partly ... The ... Persona ... mind ... to
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      What is "True or Highest Self Animus" in Aristotle/Steiner terminology?

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...> wrote:
      > Kim brought;
      > "The one which is the most interesting in this context is the one which
      > is described by Aristotle.
      > "Its split in three groups, the Body, the Soul, and the Spirit. Each
      > part can again be split in three, the body as Physical, Ether, and
      > Sentient body, and the soul as Sentient, Intellectual, and Consciousness
      > soul, and the Spirit as Spirit self, Life spirit, and Spirit body. In my
      > diagram I have placed the Sentient body partly in the Etheric and partly
      > in the Astral body, and with the Sentient soul in the Astral body. The
      > Sentient Soul and Body are nearly knit. But, of course, there is no
      > Guarantee of the correctness of the diagram.
      > The layers of ManSteiner AristotleFeminine associationsUsage In
      > DreamsManWoman1PhysicalPhysical Body
      > 2EthericEther or Life body ThreptikonLilithAnimaAnimusSentient body
      > Aesthetikon3AstralSentient soul
      > Orektikon
      > Maria Magdalene
      > Lower I
      > Persona
      > 4Ego NousIntellectual or Mind soul KinetikonMaria, Cleophas
      > wifeConsciousness soul
      > Dianoetikon
      > Virgin SophiaHigher I5Manas Transformed astral bodySpirit self
      > The Teacher6Buddhi Transformed etherbodyLife spiritThe World Mother
      > 7Atma Transformed physical bodySpirit body
      > The original is in "What are the feminine and masculine sides we all
      > talk about? <http://kimgraaemunch.wordpress.com/> ".
      > I see the Sentient soul as a main contributor to the Shadow, the Persona
      > is approximately the same as the Lower 'I' (Steiner) and the
      > Consciousness soul is approximately the same as the Higher 'I'
      > (Steiner).
      > I used Anim* as a short form of Anima or Animus where *= ['a', 'us'].
      > The Shadow (Jung) I see as debris flowing around in the unconscious mind
      > blocking the Chakras. They are the background for the plot of the
      > dreams.
      > The False Ego's are the persona's we set up when relating to other
      > people to hide us behind, protect our selves, or to impress other
      > persons. Their role in the dreams are to show that they are there and to
      > remove them you have to recognize them. There can of course be persons
      > in the dream which is only pure statists, but then they will be out of
      > focus, they will be difficult to remember.
      > Kind Regards,
      > Kim
      > Bradford comments;
      > Below are some cuts from my book, "Romeo's Guide to Love" for all those
      > unfamiliar with anything to do with Anthro concepts I try to develop
      > interior soul insights that delve into how we encounter each other and
      > depths that can be reached and what to look for in the encounters we
      > have - aside from gaining a larger customer base with more restaurant
      > bidness. So I was very interested awhile ago when you started presenting
      > the above chart, because I had already finished this chapter on Anima
      > and Animus and how same sex and opposite sex relations arise as soul
      > dynamics.Because it is our etheric body that is opposite to our physical
      > sex, a great deal of our specific attractions also have to do with what
      > we carry and what has been imprinted in our etheric bodies from the past
      > and also from the current incarnation.
      > "In Romeo's guide to Love our understanding of the mysteries of love
      > also requires us to `get a grip' on the actual mirroring
      > processes that no longer requires love to masquerade merely in the
      > flirtations of the opposite sexes but it now appears everywhere as an
      > equal opportunity educator for any combination of the sexes.
      > Dancing in the Shadows by Laura BryannanChapter 14THE WOMAN'S INNER
      > "Jungian psychology teaches that each man has his feminine side (his
      > anima), and each woman has her masculine side (her animus). In the
      > simplest terms, the anima in every person is in tune with Spirit. It is
      > the part of us which receives inspiration, knowing and guidance from the
      > Universe. The animus is the part of everyone which acts on these
      > inspirations. It conceives plans, creates, follows through, and protects
      > us from interference until the job is done. How the inner feminine and
      > masculine elements interact together in a woman's psyche often has an
      > impact on the quality of her relationships--an area of struggle for most
      > survivors.
      > "Our Highest Self contains the "blueprints" for our inner male in
      > its most balanced and positive form. At the day-to-day personality
      > level, however, we find that the positive qualities of our inner male
      > have been warped, changed or stolen through interaction with the men in
      > our lives as we grew up. Women who were abused by men, in particular,
      > often have a cruel, sadistic or perverted inner male that tells them
      > they're stupid, ugly, fat, they'll never amount to anything, etc. This
      > personality-level inner male I'll call the Programmed Animus (as opposed
      > to the True or Highest Self Animus).
      > "Since what we harbor inside of us we tend to attract to us, it is
      > no surprise that women abused by men when they were children often
      > continue to encounter abusive men as adults.
      > It is important, then, to seek out your inner male and make his
      > acquaintance. Discovering who he is, what he wants, and the kinds of
      > things he tends to say to you is the first step. Too often, women take
      > what their Programmed Animus says to them in their head as reality. For
      > example, a woman may be quaking in her shoes contemplating the prospect
      > of an important job interview. But instead of pampering and taking care
      > of that scared part of herself, a voice in her head screams at it to
      > stop whimpering, tells it that it's stupid and, for all intents and
      > purposes, kicks it down the basement stairs and locks it up. Just who is
      > the tyrant terrorizing this woman's inner child? Her Programmed Animus.
      > "One friend named her Programmed Animus Mr. Thor, after the Norse
      > thunder god, because he seemed to be throwing lightening bolts at her
      > all the time. Isolating his voice from your own true voice is a good way
      > to begin taking back control of your life. When you know more about him,
      > you'll be less likely to take what he says as reality."
      > The Ka – (also termed our etheric body) has traveled down the halls
      > of time and has become what is known today in psychology as our anima
      > and animus, in case you didn't catch that. These terms could be
      > grasped and understood in Jungian psychology schools and text studies if
      > it at all interested us. But Hey! With a hot piece of warmed and ready
      > nooky who gives a flying, ding-a-ling about Egypt, Jung or the physics
      > of the soul outlined by the Nobel Prize winner, Wolfgang Pauli.
      > Back to our regularly scheduled program: the anima and animus or our
      > individual Ka contains the secret that unlocks the riddle of our sexes
      > and sexual orientations. Of course nooky does play a small part in the
      > big picture of Romance. If we did the math on the amount of time spent
      > in the sack with great sex, on say a monthly basis, we would find that
      > most of us live and have lived for candy and treats like addictive
      > puppies and our lives revolve around getting some petting and having
      > love candy treats gurgling down our throats.
      > Our sexual orientations the history of the ancient Ka and psychologies
      > current Anima and Animus are, for Romeo's seekers, at this age
      > range, just a heads-up alert for what most of us have already
      > encountered while in the sexual predator jungle and the petting zoo.
      > Nobody learns, or takes seriously, the invisible lymphatic, etheric
      > designer in us, but it is this karmic etheric system in us that reveals
      > the stronger or weaker aspects of how male we are as women or how female
      > we are as men. This powerful invisible designer system can be traced
      > back to the Ka and to the current 20th and 21st century Anima and Animus
      > karmic disposition we have brought with us into this incarnation.
      > This specialized anima or animus disposition is here to help guide us in
      > this incarnation with all our new lessons we wanted to learn just how
      > universal love operates, how universal love is and how love arises in
      > everything, not merely in society approved stereotypical behavior.
      > We have brought our inner dispositions into life with us so there is no
      > actual gay or lesbian gene. It is rather part of our unique, immortal
      > and individual working blueprint or Soul/Ka. Certainly our dispositions
      > and tendencies can reveal themselves early or late in bi or both or
      > same-sex sexual encounters. No matter what the encounters the lessons of
      > love will be universal so we can't really cling to the idea that we
      > are some special marginalized, maligned group with special needs. The
      > lessons of love and relationships are universal and standardized as well
      > as wonderfully and artistically individualized just because of the
      > opportunity of bi-sexuality.
      > The fact is and there is no getting around the fact that Christ put our
      > immortality on the cross in a male form because the male form carries
      > the bi-sexual reality of the resurrection in the XY sexual chromosome,
      > that serves both men and women and serves both sexes. So therefore the
      > King of Love and the King of remaking a whole humanity and dispelling
      > the guilt and sin of the fall, has everything to do with XY chromosome
      > bi-sexuality relationships that instruct us in every aspect of love.
      > From brotherhood, sisterhood, to love of the sanctity of childhood, to
      > love of wisdom, love of both heaven and earth…we as humanity are
      > here on Earth to learn every jot and tittle of the whole gamut of
      > love's mysteries.
      > ...The secret mixture of feminine and masculine, our outward sex, has an
      > enormous amount to do with the true mixture of our inner sex. For the
      > most part, nobody figures all this out by twenty-one, rather it takes
      > from 21 – 28 + 28 – 35 + 35 – 42; all of which we will cover
      > later in Romeo's guide to Love. For the kicker here is that each of
      > us have a mirrored opposite to our outer visible sexual being and this
      > inner opposite sets up and calls forth from us our own unique sexual
      > orientations and emotional attractions.
      > Each of us carries a male animus if we are female and men carry their
      > own female mirror. And this is the answer to the riddle of Love that has
      > shown itself in same sex attractions. It isn't in our genes although
      > great sexual attraction can certainly appear in jeans. Science is too
      > busy blaming everything on genes when they should be blaming everything
      > on jeans.
      > It is the different mixes in each person of how strong their feminine
      > traits dominate or how strongly their masculine traits dominate that
      > unlock a deeper layer of the mystery of our sexual preferences. And this
      > does not depend on our birth sex; it rather depends on our inner anima
      > or animus, (etheric body) male or female domination.
      > Here the term dominating disposition can be the start of a whole, whole
      > lot of fun one way or the other.
      > Everyone gets all the bells and whistles and all the equipment of a
      > standard endocrine system, but what makes you so unique and so special
      > is how the whole package comes together with your unique spiritual and
      > personality traits and requirements. Yet the best-kept secret in
      > psychology and biology is that our unique soul-body directs all the
      > equipment and functions of our bodies; secretes the chemicals,
      > pheromones, hormones and juices and gives each of us our individual
      > scent, sound, walk, and STAR MAP.
      > The Ka, like the Charioteer or the Anima and Animus are the Animators,
      > the drives and all the stuff people don't see that make up the real
      > us. People have to get to know us before we feel at ease with revealing
      > all our stuff. Part of our stuff, are our bodies. But our bodies are
      > just the tip of a vast iceberg that hides below the surface our entire
      > karmic history and all our intimate potential gifts and scars.
      > Our bodies to some are some of the best parts of our stuff. Here-Here!
      > To others what is truly in the heart and character becomes the richest
      > treasure of all of our stuff. But we all got stuff and most of the best
      > of our stuff isn't visible to anyone but us and mostly not even to
      > us because we ain't bin educated to look below the surface.
      > In this same biographical time frame of our endocrine awakening, our
      > spiritual Ka's allows us to become open road warriors and get inside
      > our CARS. The secret of sitting inside a fast car with all the controls
      > comes from the same Egyptian word, KA, carried down through the
      > centuries and coming alive in the word CAR.
      > America has a profound and strange connection to ancient Egypt and one
      > of the most common windows to this strange little mystery revolves
      > around the word CAR and the Egyptian word KA.
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