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Re: Wackos and Holefolks Ballad

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  • Mike helsher
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 1, 2009

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle"
      <coolvibes@...> wrote:
      > Anthro-wacky space cadets arrive from astral spheres --
      > They incarnate as Yahoo nerds to peddle weird affairs
      > Like Egyp't plagues they're raining down like meterorites and hail,
      > and they blame it all on Moses and his Passover as they sail
      > across and past the AT that's immune against such souls
      > and then landing fully blast in the Abyss and nearby holes.
      > Anthro-wacky space cadets arrive from wacky stars
      > where groupsoul strife and anthro-curses are hurled from fruitcake-jars.
      > They're welcomed by the holefolks who consume their sewage gladly
      > and feast and burp and party with Asuras rather madly.
      > The rats join in and ask the wackos for some rotten cheese
      > And for desert they ask politely for some race-hate please.
      > Anthro-wackos roam around like lost in outer space.
      > I saw one in a Yahoo-bush with a funny-looking face.
      > The e-groups say they're coming from some counterfeit Michael School,
      > but I have seen a herd afloat in a public swimming pool.
      > A looney bin is closing down and patients are let loose --
      > Red alert is everywhere because who knows where they choose.
      > So if you see some wackos, show them where to find the Hole.
      > They'll receive them all with open arms, and each will play a role
      > where useful fools and suckers become rodents' favorite toys
      > and race-obsessed propaganda needs more stupid gals and boys
      > So if you are a wacko with some racist grudge to vent
      > You'll get your picture on PLANS' website and a cot inside their tent.
      > Cheers,
      > Tarjei
    • val2160
      You find your identity in the damage that s been done to you. Very, very dangerous. You find your identity in your wounds, in your, uhh, in the scars, in
      Message 2 of 3 , Feb 3, 2009

        "You find your identity in the damage that's been done to you. Very, very dangerous. You find your identity in your wounds, in your, uhh, in the scars, in places where you've been beat up and you turn them into a medal. We all wear our things we survive with some honor but the honor is in, is in, wear those things but also transcending them, and moving past them. Everybody has experience with those things but if you live in them, if you make them your life it's a very dangerous life to make for yourself and it's going to be a very hard and unsatisfying. And that's a daily choice and a daily experience."

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