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The Fifth Gospel

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  • dottie zold
    Dear Friends,   I have been reading and rereading The Fifth Gospel over these Holy Nights. I am just so stunned at what I did not see before regarding this
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 3, 2009
      Dear Friends,
      I have been reading and rereading The Fifth Gospel over these Holy Nights. I am just so stunned at what I did not see before regarding this Nathan Soul and then the Christ who would descend into this flesh. This force of Love, this Force that just comes to abide within us that we hardly recognize really past a few fleeting moments here and there and then this ongoing want to be more Christlike etc. and realizing this has something to do with the Consciousness Soul, but really not acting in a manner that actually helps to birth this higher Ego trying to come forth at this time of year. It's a difficult concept to take  hold of and to manifest it in the way where we can say the Word became Flesh within us as well. It's a long process but it really needs to be a little bit further along than it is. We need to really understand what this means not only conceptually but experientially.
      I have been living with a change since coming into my 46th year. And it seems to me that I can easily sense this in my very self, within my body, I can feel this new force within me, this new change. I have to wonder if it has to do with one of the spirit bodies and what that feels like when something has been gained out of perseverence and striving with all one has. It is as if one can tap into this place, this feeling, this Force that now lives within, even though it can be felt like a little sprout in a way...yeah, it feels like a tender shoot that is trying to make its way to the Sun, my heart as a reality, as a strength. Yet, it is only in my mind that it can be made a strength that then meets the thought in my heart. Whe it meets in the heart, there is this almost straigthening in a way, as if something pulls me up straight to meet whatever is trying to come from the outside to the inside... as if a shield, yeah, as if a shield. But not one that blocks, rather one that meets what is incoming with Love. And it is not me but it is the Christ in me exactly as understood from the words by Saint Paul. That is how Paul could say this, he could actually feel it in his heart and there he could know it was a shield, and one that no matter what would meet the other with Love, Christ's Love that now lived within.
      I had a dream last night, one that I usually wake up from and instead I kinda observed it. I had this dream about canabilism. And this man we kinda warned to be awake about this kind just went on his way. Well, once he got into the restaurant where this person who was the evil one was, he sat down, and then went to the bathroom...well when he tried to get out suddenly there were no handles to the door. And I guess I could see from above or whatever that magic is that allows one to see but not be there is how this occurred. Once he realized there were no handles I woke up.
      I had to think of what this had to do with me. When I went to the little dream book which always offers a little starting point for me if I can not figure it out, it said about being dominated or another dominating me. Well, I am in lots of fire around myway out of really ill intentions towards my person, but I am not in fear as this new thing born in me is really not allowing this to happen in any way...everytime I consider to be a little worried I meet this feeling in my heart, Love, with whatever is trying to come in. This is not theoretical rather it is an actual experience. And it is as if something goes out of me in a way to meet whatever thought is trying to come in.
      So, I had to think further because it didn't feel like it was about me personally. And I came to this thought a little bit later, five minutes or so, that cannabilism, as a purposeful act, is really the most inhumane thing. And then I had to wonder what the  most humane thing was. And so I came to in myself the words by Rudolf Steiner pertaining to the Force of the Nathan Soul now that this Soul has died, and also about this birth of this Soul in the world. And so I came to Love, a most humane Love. And then I thought about how in the past the Word became Flesh, and oh boy, we do not really consider what this Being felt like to die into the body of Jesus...and then I thought of the future where the Flesh will become Word again.... and I realized that this will be from the Force that will live within us to such an extent that it will be birthed full on straight up from the Flesh into Word again! It will have received into it what was most inhumane and from the journey that this first Soul will have endured it will rise in him that he will be able to return to Word out of his own self won Force of the Christ living within him.
      I remember how I wondered last year if Ahriman and Lucifer can enter into our dreams and control them...I wanted to know how it was purely me and my workings that was speaking or if they could infiltrate in some manner as they can in regular days...and I realized it is what I meet in the world that infiltrates into me that can be seen to be Lucifer and Ahriman, they don't originate within my thinking, it is us who allow this when we do not check every thought that moves our way...this is how they enter, and this is how they deaden the will...from the outside moving in...it has to be met in the outside world first in order for it to enter in. And we meet it and dont' realize it, we only realize it in others but fail to see it in ourselves...in our thinking it can thrive and affect every other part of us as it is through thinking we can consider and stop the thought from moving any further.
      Anyway, The Fifth Gospel, is just incredible and I think it has so many treasures and really should be on everyone's Holy Night list in a deep and intimate manner....so I think.
      All good things,

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