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Newly Founded Anthroposophical Society

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  • dottie zold
    Dear Friends,   Once again I was surprised to hear  don t want anything from Prokofieff from someone who has not read him. I mean...well anyway it doesn t
    Message 1 of 242 , Dec 15, 2008
      Dear Friends,
      Once again I was surprised to hear 'don't want anything from Prokofieff' from someone who has not read him. I mean...well anyway it doesn't matter. What I want to share is that out of my want to find the Prokofieff book May  Human Beings Heart It!, I couldn't find it, I decided to look at The Fifth Gospel. I was surprised to see the book The Fifth Gospel as it is brand new. I mean that was my bible for over so many years in my beginning search for this Feminine Divine along with The Gospel of John. And its' brand new. I am thinking JoAnn must have sent this and it was in my library. I figured I must have given May Human Beings Hear It! away as I am known to give my books away and then I can't find them later on! Oh well.
      So, I decided to open up to a lecture given on January 6, 1914 in Berlin. And boy oh boy was I surprised. It seems I can see an exact parallel of the Temptations of Christ with first Lucifer, and then Lucifer and Ahriman, and then Ahriman himself, before the Christ can descend into the Nathan Jesus. Well, the same can be said for the path of Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy since its founding. It is also very very clear how this also relates to the Parsifalian journey as well. Why would anyone think that the development of Anthroposophia in the World would be immediate?  (And it would be in 3 25 year periods which correlate to three 7s if we add the 2+5 of the 25). If we add the years missing we come to 8 and this would be the 83 year which is the 11, the Fall number and also the Resurrection number when another 1 is added. That is the point where there are two there I am. Which we can also relate to John and the Magdalene at the Cross.
      Culminating in the year 2000 when with that next year we would find the Being Sophia, Anthroposophia making her appearance in worldly affairs in Imaginative form at the downing of the Towers.  The Towers is the significance of the Magdalene's name, the one considered the representative of the Earthly Sophia. This year was the beginning of the search for the Feminine Divine on the level that we have not seen since almost the Middle Ages I would think. I mean it was everywhere bursting forth. One can check the beginnings of this phenomena that took over the country regarding this search for the Feminine and the Magdalene as the one they looked to for understanding.  And she is no longer a being sought only by the Alchemist but by the every day woman looking for a mirror of their own experiences in the world and understand their way back past the Catholic Church and institutionalized religion.
      So, we are at age 83 relating to the death of Rudolf Steiner. Right in time for a resurrection wouldn't you say:) We were at 83 for the Society in 2006 when we offered the first conference specifically working to bring forth the Being Anthroposophia to the collective consciousness of its Members.
      So, unfortunately this lecture is not on line in the Rudolf Steiner Library, or I had not been able to find it. So, I will piece it together from this Fifth Gospel book and I think one can easily see that not only would Christ go through his temptation, an ongoing temptation for man, but also Anthroposophia, in the form of the community builder of the Society of the Michaelic Intelligence, would too have to go through the experience of this temptation but differently than the Christ. Don't know all the particulars as I am just looking at it in a way but in any case it is a true experience of this Being, this Society. We can see this.
      On Jesus' way to the Baptist at the Jordon:
      "First Christ Jesus faced an entity which was close to him because he had seen it w hen the desperate man had come to him. Because of that encounter he was able to sense that it was Lucifer. This is a highly significant combination of circumstances. And then the temptation by Lucifer happened which is put in words as: " I shall give you all the realms of the world and their glory if you recognize me as your lord'. The Lucifer temptation was repulsed.
      For the second attack Lucifer returned but also the spirit who had stood between Jesus of Nazareth and the leper, the spirit he had felt to be Ahriman. There followed the temptation which in the other Gospels is given in the words: cast yourself down; nothing shall happen to you if you are the Son of God. This temptation, in which Lucifer could be canceled out by opposing him with Ahriman and vice versa, was also repulsed.
      The third temptation came from Ahriman only. Christ Jesus was asked to make stones into bread, and this temptation was not completely repulsed vanquished, later events then took the course they did, as we shall hear. Because of this, Ahriman was able to work through Judas.
      You see, an akashic intuition has arisen concerning a moment which we have to consider  to have been tremendously important to the whole Christ Jesus evolution and therefore in the Earth evolution. It was as if the way in which Earth evolution is connected with the luciferic and ahrimanic element had to be gone through once again. Those were the events that took place between the talk Jesus of Nazareth had with his foster mother and the baptism by John in the Jordan."
      Dottie: It is significant to consider the 3, 25 (7) year periods and what it would mean for the Being of the Sophia, Anthroposophia, and Her ongoing evolution with the Michaelic Intelligence here on Earth.

      And NOW we are ready, the team is all here, for this Being to come into her fullness. The Society and the Movement must hear this call to come together as One so that this call will not fade from this Earth. Why would one want to argue its demise? Why? Why look into the past when the future is right here and now. A community that can now awaken to what Rudolf Steiner termed 'a harmony of hearts' is upon us. Please consider not to squander this time with old arguments and look backs into what was to prove its death. Be encouraged that we can create this community for Anthroposophia and this Being and her tasks will be carry the Michaelic Intelligence through to the whole of man.
      Let the debates over Tomberg go. Why try to prove anything regarding him and the Society. He left the Society and that is all. He was in the Society he was out of the Society. He joined the Catholic Church. And that was that. Why keep trying to prove his importance to the Society? Why? If there is good will let the debate go and enjoy his work if you are wont to. So what. Stop the push to put him in a place that others disagree with. Do this between yourselves. Unless there is some ulterior motive it makes no sense to keep pushing him as the next leader and so forth. Let it go. Let's move on.
      All good things,

    • dottie zold
      We made it!!! Yeah:)   All good zings, Dottie ... From: val2160 Subject: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: A (is still) for Ox (was: Newly
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        We made it!!! Yeah:)
        All good zings,

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