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RE: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Lazarus & Mary Magdalene

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  • Kim Munch Michelsen
    Hello Dottie On my recent quest i think I found something relating to your quest. I believe that it has something to do with the splitting of the sexes, or
    Message 1 of 65 , Nov 30, 2003
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      Hello Dottie
      On my recent quest i think I found something relating to your quest.
      I believe that it has something to do with the splitting of the sexes, or rather the joining of the sexes in the soul, and that RS kept it hidden because people at that time wasnt mature enough. It is supposed to happen after the join with the I Am.



      In the GOSPEL OF ST. MARK, Dr. Steiner states that "the soul of John the Baptist, of Elijah, becomes the group soul of the twelve apostles; it lives and continues to live in the twelve", of course, after being beheaded by Herod. Then, "I have often maintained that the soul of Elijah-John appeared again in the painter Raphael." Thus, we see an evolutionary process of grounding of this great archangelic soul, first as the Hebrew group-soul/folk-spirit for the whole nation personified in Elijah; then, as the group soul for the twelve apostles and grounded further, in the individual souls of a painter and poet. His next incarnation should be as the third great teacher, grounding further in the last 1/3 of the 20th century.

      When Dr. Steiner spoke of the spiritual impulse descending during the end of the 20th century, he spoke of the Platonic stream that had been held back from incarnation since the school of Chartres. Between the 12th century and now, the Aristotelian impulse of Albert Magnus and St. Thomas Aquinas was to lead a Christianised ego impulse into the 20th century where it cumulated in the Spiritual Science/Anthroposophy of Dr. Steiner.

      Central to the spiritual impulse of Chartres was the Celtic cult of the black Virgin, the cathedral itself being built over the grotto of this ancient mystery center. It would seem most logical that the cosmic Christianity of the Celtic tradition, later revived by the Platonic teachers of Chartres, would incarnate at the end of the 20th century with an impulse dedicated to the Blessed Virgin. Thus, the third teacher would most likely be a woman teaching the wisdom of Sophia and founding a fourth new mystery stream dedicated to the Most Holy Trinosophia !

      In conclusion, our model of the 12 around a spiritual sun, geometrically expressed in the cuboctahedron, has historically appeared thru the epochs of civilization, guiding the spiritual evolution of mankind and has re-appeared in the 20th century to birth the new mysteries, particularly, those of the Sophia Wisdom.
      Hope you can use it.

      I will reread it again. I find Steiner does not speak
      of the female mysteries in a forward manner. I am not
      sure why unless the time wasn't ripe for such a thing.


      Today I am taking off and I will reread John and I
      will reread some of my old writings to see if I can't
      be clearer.

      I have to tell you, and most disagree with me, that it
      is through Steiner I found this mess. I say mess
      because it has been hidden and it is important in
      order to experience ChristSophia.

    • dottie zold
      Tarjei ... Apocalypse. ... written ... Lazarus. Dear Tarjei, I am inspired to write a scholarly :) piece on this today. In this I would like to say Magdalene
      Message 65 of 65 , Dec 15, 2003
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        > Lazarus-John didn't only write the Fourth Gospel, but also the
        > These most profound and sublime documents of all time could only be
        > by someone who had been personally initiated by Christ Himself:

        Dear Tarjei,

        I am inspired to write a 'scholarly' :) piece on this today. In this
        I would like to say Magdalene was also initiated by Christ. There is
        absolutely no way around it. I am not sure if your comment means that
        only Lazarus was initiated by Christ, does it?

        Not only this but this week the headline for the Christmas Time
        Magazine was Magdalene. Kind of interesting beings it usually is the
        Mother Mary and the Babe. My friend saw the cover on my desk and
        mentioned 'boy that looks like Mona Lisa'. And you know what, he is
        right. So, got to thinking which led me to Da Vincis Mona Lisa. Now
        reading the novel, The Da Vinci Codes something interesting it
        brought out by known art scholars and that is that the picture is
        actually considered a male/female painting. Magdalene: male/female.
        Now, obviously this does not mean that I am right regarding Magdalene
        however these little points will keep coming up till we get it about
        this Feminine Mystery that was hidden by the Church. Peter was the
        outer church and Magdalene represents the inner church.

        I am going to pull this together in a little paper. I do not believe
        it goes against anything Dr. STeiner said. I do believe that as
        students we are not to stop at his death with the things he shared
        with us. We are to go further or we are stuck in the mud. He hinted
        that the Feminine Mysteries are going to be unveiled and they are. He
        did not say who represented them although he did hint at it. If we
        read his works between the lines, like we do the Bible, we will come
        to this truth.

        Its funny because a thought just came to me about John/Lazarus
        writing the Fourth Gospel. Usually Mother Mary is not considered an
        ispirant yet she is considered to have lived with this John. Now
        suddenly people are starting to say John was inspired by living with
        the Holy Mother intimating that it is a book by both in a sense.
        People are starting to feel this Magdalene/Daughter intuitive energy
        because they are acknowledging her in a sense. It is so readily
        available to one who seeks.

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