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Butts Roaming Wild was Wackos roaming wild

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  • val2160
    One of the real joys of having a child in public school is the really great literature that I get to read. Here s an excerpt from this weekend s reading
    Message 1 of 14 , Dec 6, 2008
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      One of the real joys of having a child in public school is the really
      great literature that I get to read. Here's an excerpt from this
      weekend's reading assignment:

      Zach's butt raised a butt-trumpet to it's mouth and blew a long,
      loud note.
      The whole crowd went silent.
      Then Zach's butt began to speak.
      "Brothers and sisters," it said quietly. "You know why I have
      called you here, so let me get straight to the point. For too long we
      have been forced to do the dirty work for the human race. For too long
      we have been laughed at, smacked, pinched, kicked, sat on, and generally
      regarded as figures of fun! For too long we have been denied our
      rightful place on top of the neck where we belong!"
      There was an enormous cheer from the crowd.
      Zach blocked his nose and wiped his eyes. When one butt talks it's
      bad enough, but when thousands talk at the same time, well, it's not
      pleasant, to say the least.
      After a few minutes the cheering died down.
      "But what can we do?" said a bony butt in the front row. "We're
      just butts."
      Zach's butt stepped to the edge of the platform the flashlight
      making it look more sinister than ever.
      "No, my friend," it said. "Divided we are just butts, but united,
      we have the potential to be the most powerful force on the planet. Right
      now, on an island in the Sea of Butts, butts from all over the world are
      working around the clock to fill an extinct volcano. When it is full, it
      will become the greatest buttcano in the history of the world. And when
      it erupts it will be devastating enough to knock out every human being
      on Earth."
      "That, my brothers and sisters," it said, "will be when we strike.
      We will swap places with the heads and assume our rightful position on
      top of the neck. By the time the humans come to, the Age of Butts will
      have begun and there will be nothing anybody can do to stop us!"
      The butts began cheering again.
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