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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: sex

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  • Mike Helsher
    ... mike: Hi Dottie, I used to live with a friend that went way down that road. He used to sell dope to all the junkies in town and trade sexual favors for it.
    Message 1 of 58 , Apr 1, 2004
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      > Mike:
      > > Though I also think that an Alchemical castration might be better.
      > Hey Mike,
      > Funny how this thread seems to be working through many of us at the
      > same time. I have a long time friend who has been into porn since I
      > met him twenty years ago. I never felt threatened by it, when we were
      > in an intimate relationship, because I realized it was his thing to
      > work through. I remember him having a box of pictures and so forth
      > that he thought I was going to 'make' him throw away and he had
      > created this big fight of its me against him and his box. I just
      > took the heat away and said 'hey that's on you and whatever'. I had
      > nto judgement although I did keep my eyes open in case it seduced him
      > even further into that part of the world. He never did slide into
      > anything more although I did start to notice at times here and there
      > the girls were in their teens. What's interesting is that just as he
      > is growing out of this mode he has developed some sexual agitation
      > along with prostrate and so forth. Funny how it happens at the end of
      > a thing. Anyhow, now he is looking at what has led to this and
      > looking at the hiding of something and how it will turn up in the
      > body somewhere.


      Hi Dottie, I used to live with a friend that went way down that road. He
      used to sell dope to all the junkies in town and trade sexual favors for it.
      It wasn't long before I started to find bloody needles all around the house.
      At one point we had a girl fall of the roof of our porch, and break her arm
      trying to steal my buddies stash. He wound up having a long term
      relationship with a local prostitute, and he eventually started his own
      escort service running out of Boston. I hadn't seen him for a while, when I
      dropped by his house one day unexpectedly. He had turned a whole room of his
      house into a sexual torture chamber of sorts, and ran to shut the door as I
      walked in. This kind of shit freaks me out; and the eventual outcome of this
      life-style even more so...

      His Girl friend eventually got her face beaten to the point of permanent
      brain damage, in a drug deal gone sour. She was on heavy meds for years and
      finally died just a few months ago. She was in her early thirties I think.

      One of many sad stories. Remember the two brothers (played by the Sheen's)
      that got rich on porn, and how that story ended?

      Anyway, makes the two times over the past couple of years that I got caught
      up in that crap seem even more sickening. Maybe if I ever get done with the
      critics, I could go on an anti-porn crusade. I bet if I played my cards
      right I could even get some funding from some religious fundies :^)

      > Last night I was just checking a few things out on line when I hit
      > the whole soulmate, twin soul stream. And I can see in my life how
      > who I might consider to be my twin energy wise matches exactly how
      > this is explained in many writings. I have found that somehow we have
      > been pushing each other or rather inspiring each other to a wholesome
      > aspect of our relationship. And for us, true or not true as twin
      > souls, really is not the point. We are working towards our Christ
      > consciousness and that will lead to the Oneness that many people
      > sense within they are looking for or thinking on. I find it such a
      > great thing to aspire to within regarding soul mate and others as
      > well. For me we are all soulmates so in preparing my self towards the
      > Christ consciousness I find that not only is it towards my Oneness
      > but also the Oneness that transcends ones soulmate or twinsoul.
      > Gotta run, but I love that this is so right on time for me and I
      > think it is such an inspiring thought in truly becoming free.
      > Love,
      > d

      So right on time for me too Dottie. Through it all I can see that that is
      what is happening with my wife and I. I used to look for comfort and
      approval from her, and when I didn't get it...well, you know that story I
      bet. But through "looking for Love in all the wrong places" I had to first
      find it within me, which I have. But it has takin a while to find it in her.
      And you know what? I see it now. She is a beautiful soul. And all her
      animosity toward me stems from my own ignorance of the Christ within her.

      Funny how my attitude changed when I stopped wanting her to act like Christ,
      and realized that's what she is.

      All the best

    • elaineupton2001
      Hello Brad, Dottie, all interested, Thanks for your posts on Sex, Science, Parthenogenesis, the Copies of Christ (etheric, astral) body, and so on in light of
      Message 58 of 58 , Jul 1, 2004
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        Hello Brad, Dottie, all interested,

        Thanks for your posts on Sex, Science, Parthenogenesis, the Copies of
        Christ (etheric, astral) body, and so on in light of our sciences of
        gene manipulation today (that particular terror).

        Brad and Dottie, you speak of the need for discovery of the Grail and
        our inner connections (six degrees of separation, that we can
        discover among souls).--I agree, and yet am also concerned more and
        more about how the Grail legends are cast in European terms and
        epistemology. Europe is great. No problem. And yet Europe is not all
        there is. I've been incarnated in the Americas and wonder what is the
        equivalent (or different) way of knowing, understanding that comes
        out of the Americas (and within the Americas, of course, there is
        also great diversity...and that raises further questions for another
        day, perhaps).

        The Grail? The Cauldron? The Chalice? The Native American pot (or
        pots?). Blood? The feminine? Menstruation? (That instead of, or
        besides, war?) Blood and the Crucifixion?

        Also, the matter of generation? Through sex and sperm-egg, or through
        the lips, Word, Vulva. The Creative Word? The Matriarchal line
        (something for men and women)?

        Videotape? Ahrimanic Vulva? Ahrimanic lie?

        Lots of questions.

        I may be slow to read mail since I will be away for a few days, but
        will check in when I return.

        Be well!
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