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  • ottmar12
    Human encounter Frank: I was in the (U.S.) army in Frankfurt and years later, a civilian, I was visiting and in the neighborhood of a bar I used to frequent
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      Human encounter



      Frank: I was in the (U.S.) army in Frankfurt and years later, a civilian,
      I was visiting and in the neighborhood of a bar I used to frequent
      there, so I stopped in for a potent German beer and to see if it had
      changed. Not much had changed, except there were fewer Americans and
      more Germans. Why? "It's the exchange rate, stupid." I got to talking
      to an American Indian - a sergeant who also acted as bouncer for free
      beer. He told me some Indian stories and I asked him if he'd read the
      Castañeda books. He said he had, I asked if he thought they were true.
      Yes and no, he said, and didn't seem to want to say more, but I
      insisted. He said what Castañeda wrote was true, but that he had
      participated was not true. "No white man could have survived that."
      He said he was the tribal chief's son, but that didn't make him chief
      automatically, the elders or maybe he said the medicine man, or both,
      decided that. And the chief should be a warrior, which is why he'd
      joined the army. He'd been to Vietnam, but hadn't been wounded the
      first time, so he volunteered for a second tour and was wounded - all
      of which made his election as chief a sure thing. He only had a year
      or two till retirement, when he would return to the tribe. And with
      his retirement pay he wouldn't have to depend on the tribe's meager
      resources.(This was a long time ago, so I don't remember which tribe
      or many details of the conversation.) Being chief wasn't easy, he
      said, there were many problems. I told him about Steiner's threefold
      society idea and he thought it was great. He offered me the position
      of chief adviser, something like secretary of state. I was on my third
      beer, so I think I accepted, or at least said I would seriously
      consider it. Maybe I missed a big chance.


      Ottmar: A nice story –a piece of literary miniatur  -the content, the plot and talk  and –the human encounter.  I know from experience that we are often not awake enough when we meet another person, we are not aware what karma, what the spiritual world wants to tell us.


      Gerhard von Beckerath gave me a good example of how to live the mystery of human encounter. When I said that I didn't consider the Chr.Conf. as the 3 rd call he reacted very openly. He obviously had never thought of it that way (I know I'm pretty alone with this idea.) but he listened, he didn't agree or disagree, he just listened openly, he was the living example of the attitude: what does the spiritual world want to tell or show me through this person.

      Most people react in this way: Even before you finish your sentence the other side already thinks of arguments against, how to answer best, the mind isn't silent and doesn't really listen. A clear inner image can't be formed.

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